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Abhigya reaches to Adhu’s room and sit’s beside Adhu holding her hands and lost in thoughts.. After sometime, Adhu slowly get’s consciousness see’s abhigya beside her with tears… Adhu slowly call’s Papaa! Abhi came to senses and get’s happy seeing Adhu conscious ..and hugs her emotionally…Adhu slowly ask’s why u both r sad? Abhigya quickly wipes their tears and say’s that it’s just some tension becoz of her sudden unconscious…!and talks for sometime..After sometime, slowly trio gets into sleep…


Adhu wakes up..and finds she is still in hospital and starts crying…Abhigya get’s panic seeing her and ask’s what happen? Adhu say’s” Papaa..plz i want to go to our home..i can’t stay here..plz Paapa..i’m feeling sick and alone here..i’m vexed to stay here..plz mamma..take me to home..plz ..plz ” and start crying…. Abhigya tries to convince her but Adhu is not at all in listening state..Slowly Adhu starts to breath heavily Abhigya get’s shocking seeing her…Pragya immediately wears oxygen mask to Adhu While Abhi runs to call doctors…..

After 2 min:

Doctors hurriedly comes to Adhu and starts to check her..While abhigya stands worriedly. Doc examines her and say’s ” Her lungs are having problem to Respire…! Abhigya get’s shocked hearing this…..Later, Abhigya explains whole incident to Doc..and he slowly went to Adhu and say’s”Adhu! u r my gud girl naa..plz don’t do like this…kk..i will send u home..kk now, plz calm down and sleeps for sometime…kk ” and slowly leaves from there…While Abhigya follows him…Later, Doc say’s ” See.. now, Adhu’s condition is some we have to deal with love and, u can take her, she will be kk..and i will call u when i found something remedy..don’t worry…”.

Abhigya didn’t have any other choice so, they to left from there..and takes Adhu home…


Adhu reaches Home while Abhi carries her in his arms and walks with pragya…. All r so happy seeing Adhu fine…Aarav is super happy by seeing his DI fine..and hugs her..and all talks for sometime…and Akaash & Rachana notice Abhigya is worried and thought to speak to them..Later, All ask’s Abhigya to make Adhu rest..

Abhigya reaches there room and slowly, Abhi lay’s Adhu on bed and sit’s beside her caring her hair…Soon, Aarav arrives and have some chit chat with Adhu… Abhi smiles seeing them and later, get’s fresh up…Pragya went to kitchen and helps Rachana…


All have their Dinner..Later, Abhi makes Adhu and Aarav sleeps and covers them with blanket and goes to garden… He then finds Pragya already seated on bench and lost in some thoughts…he slowly sits beside her and slowly say’s” Ur still thinking about Adhu naa?” Pragya nodes and say’s” doctor key sath maa bhi hu na isliyeh sochna padrahahai..mei ek acha maa hai yaa nehi..? Abhi looks at her face and finds tears and slowly hugs her and say’s” plz don’t say like that pragya! u r a best mother..yaar..i know we will save our Adhu..plz be strong..pragya..!” Pragya didn’t respond and say’s” what i have to do? hw can i can be strong ? though i’m a doctor ..i can’t cure my daughter..then what’s the use of my education? what’s the meaning of my life…why i’m still alive after hearing Doc words? ” Abhi sense hw much she broken from inside after learning Adhu’s condition…hw can Pragya live her life..with out Adhu…? Both lost in some heavy thoughts..and cries silently…..

Their heavy thoughts were break by Akaash and Rachana entry… they quickly wipes their tears and act’s to be normal..but, lastly, both breaks down ..and tell’s about Adhu’s condition..and hugs Akaash & Rachana… Akash boost up’s Abhigya and consoles them…


Abhigya reaches their room..and see’s Adhu and Aarav sleeping peacefully by hugging each other..Slowly, Abhigya sit’s beside them and smiles seeing their bond and cares them….later, slowly get’s into sleep….


Pragya get’s call from Doc..and answer’s it… Doc say’s” i want to talk to u personally. meet me morning..” Pragya say’s” this about Adhu’s treatment?’ doc say’s “yes..Pragya i just found a root..” Pragya feels happy and say’s” I can’t wait anymore..i will come meet u..plz doc..plz ” Doc..say’s” kk..if u doesn’t have any problem come to hospital..i’m here only !”and cut’s the call.. Pragya thanks god in heart..Finally, now she’s getting some hope about Adhu’s recovery…she see’s Abhi sleeping peacefully beside, didn’t want to disturb him, she slowly closes the door..and leaves in her car…


Pragya hurriedly rushes to Doc cabin..and ask’s about treatment..Doc gives Pragya water and ask’s her to calm down..he then slowly goes to her and say’s” Pragya! i know u r very happy about this..but, it’s too a doc i just hope it will work…i think u understand the situation” and looks at her..Pragya say’s “Doc..plz don’t worry..i’m ready to face anything for my Adhu..plz i can’t loose her..She’s my LIFE…plz ..just tell me what i have to do..that’s it..plz” and cries.. Doc slowly pat’s her and say’s Now, i just have only one way other than Chemo therapy…that is BONE MARROW TRANSFORMATION…! Pragya tensely looks at Doc…and say’s R u sure? Doc say’s” Yaa..! this is our last hope..i know it’s too risky but we don’t have any other choice…!” Pragya say’s”I’m ready Doctor!” with determined face…Doc say’s”Pragya! plz don’t take decision in hurry…Bone Marrow not so easy..u have to learn about this..becoz, it will effect mostly donor…Donor takes a lot of time for recovery! Pragya! just take some with Abhi..Pragya cutts of and say’s” Time? i didn’t have time only Doc..i cann’t risk my Daughter’s life for my safety..plz Doc..i cann’t think anymore…My daughter is struggling to live..plz take my D.N.A samples..plz” Doc couldn’t say anything seeing Pragya determination so, he collect’s her blood and D.N.A samples..Later, Informs pragya he will inform her about results…Pragya nodes and leaves to MM…..

She slowly reaches her Room and slowly went to Adhu and kisses her and say’s “I will save u..Bacha! U can’t go away from ur Mamma! If death comes to u then, it has to cross ur Mamma! That’s my u”and cares her and slowly sleeps ….


Pragya get’s Doc call and shocked to hear something…!

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