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Abhi and Pragya wake up and find themselves with children…Adhu in Abhi’s lap and Aarav is in Pragya’s lap…Abhigya smiles their innocent kids..and with out making any disturbance slowly get’s up and get’s ready for break fast……….

Soon, Pragya get’s involved in her Bahu’s duties and enjoying her duties as well….She slowly understands her responsibilities and tries to fulfill it with Rachana’s help…Soon, Rachana and Pragya became close as sisters…and manages their house well… Abhi spends his time with Only kids..he just take a break of 1 month and want to spend some Quality time with family so, he arranges A Family vacation to simla…! All r so excited with trip..and enjoys so much…. Pragya also get her 2 kids..ya Now, Aarav becomes soo attached with Pragya and Pragya too shares her Love to Aarav with Adhira..!


Sarla get’s ready to leave to her home..But, Abhi and Pragya stops her and ask her to stay with them here… Sarla tries to convince them but all her efforts r going vain…. Then, Aarav and Adhu came to know about this..they run towards Sarla and pleads her to stay with them…Adhu say’s ” Naani! plz na..stay with us here..we all will be together and happy…and if u went then, who will tell us stories? who will tell us about god? plz ..Ur My Pyaari Naani hey na..plz..stay here plz..if u went i will never talk to u..i will never eat the food and never sleeps in time and i don’t have my medicine..promise!” Sarla becomes emotional and cares her face with happy tears… then, Aarav continues” Plz..Naani! u r my naani plz stay here with us..or else i will miss u very badly..plz naani..u know na? i didn’t have my Mom’s maa and Paa’s mom too..then who will say me about good things and bad things? plz naani..stay here only..I promise i will never trouble u.! and me and Adhu didi will always be friends and plays with u..plz Naani ..agree to stay here..plz” After hearing their conversion Sarla hugs the kids with happy tears..while all r having tears in her eyes by seeing kid’s love…. Slowly Pragya places her hand on Sarla’s shoulder and say’s ” Maa..upto now.u had became my Armor and always always supports me in my tough, did u think ur responsibility is done? no..Maa..ur responsibility never ends until my last breath..u have to guide me always…in my life..plz stay here Maa..!” Along with Pragya..Abhi, Akaash and Rachana too pleads Sarla to stay..Lastly, Prem mehra say’s” Behenji! plz stay here..i know why u want to leave from’s just becoz of our tradition that Mom never stays in Daughter’s Sasural! but, Pragya is Daughter of this House…then, what’s the problem now? It’s ur home plz agree for this..” By lisening all requests..Finally, Sarla get’s convinced and agree’s to stay with them in MM…..All r happy hearing her decision and hugs her…


Pragya joins Adhu and Aarav in School…she is so busy with her responsibilities..Now, She really feels she is completed as Women! she handles all her responsibilities of Bahu, Wife and Mother too….and Abhigya also spends their time together ..happily..Now, her daily routine became ..she have to get ready her kids to School..and Abhi drops them..and picks them from school..In weekends they 4 went to any new place and enjoys so much…!

Abhi know’s Adhu and Aarav r some what uncomfortable ..becoz, it’s their new, he slowly went to school at Lunch time to feed them..with out knowledge of Pragya..becoz, he knows she will not permit for this..becoz she say’s kids have to learn slowly.we have to encourage them…! But, Abhi can’t see them like this…so, he continues his usual..Like this 2 months..passed like this…

Pragya as usually makes Kids ready for school…and Abhi drops them and leaves to his Work…It’s around 11’O clock now, Pragya and Rachana finishes their Work..and sit’s to have their Break fast with Sarla….Suddenly, Pragya receives a call and get’s shocked hearing…It’s call from Adhu’s school Principal! he say’s that Suddenly Adhu get’s unconscious and they had admit her in hospital…! Pragya starts crying and immediatly call’s Abhi and informes him about Adhu… Abhi, Pragya rushes to hospital with all family members….


Abhi and Pragya see’s Adhu on bed..and cries seeing her like that..then, they found Aarav cries sitting alone..Pragya rushes to him and consoles him and ask’s ” What happen beta?” Aarav say’s he too don’t usual we went to our classes and teacher told that Adhu di get’s un consious in her class room..and ask’s .How is she now? Pragya hugs him and say’s ” she is fine..don’t worry”..Later, she requests all to go home as Aarav wants them..and sends them home……


Abhi and Pragya goes to Doctor cabin and ask’s about Adhira!.. Doc say’s “Pragya i already told u ..not to loose hope..!” Abhi get’s angry and holds doc.collor and ask’s ” why he is saying like this? i will kill u if anything happen to my Daughter!” Pragya makes him calm down and ask’s doc to say clearly…Doc shows her Adhira’s report…and say’s ” I know! In this past 3 months she is alright…but suddenly know she get’s unconscious..that’s why u r all worrying for her..but, Pragya as a doc.. u can understand seeing her Adhu is attacked by Cancer..A Rare Cancer! she looks alright to u all..but, her condition is getting worsen…! Abhi and Pragya sit’s numb with tears…it’s very shocking for them. by seeing them like this…Doc say’s Pragya ! Now, we just have only 1 option to save Adhira!..Abhigya tensely ask’s what’s that? Doc replies” Chemo-therapy!” Pragya get’s shocked and say’s ” No..this can’t happen..Adhira is just 5 yrs old..she can’t able to bear that much horrible pain! no..doc..this cann’t happen! she breaks down saying this…she just behaves like Mad..and just repeats her words…. Abhi and Doc..tries to control her and after some time, Pragya sit’s silently lost in thoughts with tears… Doc say’s it’s kk..Pragya i can understand ur pain…k. plz relax..i will find some other route..kk plz don’t loose hope..slowly pat’s her and went from there…… Abhi slowly supports Pragya and hugs her and say’s ” Pragya! no..plz don’t be like this…our Adhu will be fine…see na! she will be fine ..” and cries seeing her….

To be continued………..

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    Will prags accept for ct???r will d doc will find some new remedy.????it was an unexpected scene……keep goin

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    Sad I cried .loved it

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    nice but plz make cute adhu well

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