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Abhi , Pragya and Adhira received a warm welcome from all.. All r so happy for Abhigya….! After having some chit chat…Akaash say’s” Soo…will do preparations for marriage…? ” Pragya was surprised and smiles seeing all… Abhi say’s ” Sure..Bhai! know i can’t wait further to get my beautiful wife..” and stares at pragya with naughty smile…Pragya slowly pinches him..and Abhi shouts with pain…. All laughs at Abhi…

Adhira ask’s Marriage? ..Akaash takes her and make her sit in lap and say’s ” Haa..Beta… Actually, it’s just for u…u haven’t seen their wedding na? so, to make u happy …we thought about this…r u okay with this?” Adhu smiles and hugs him..and say’s ” I’m so happy ..badhey papa! i’m so excited… I’m so lucky naa..? i’m going to see my parent’s wedding..” and get’s excited…. All smiles seeing her… Soon, Adhu hugs Abhi and Pragya and say’s ” Thank u…Mummy ..Paapa…thank u so much” and kisses them… Abhi too kisses her and Pragya cares her face with happy tears….


Abhi makes Adhu sleeps ..and when Pragya came to their room and saw Abhi is in his Swing chair cares Adhu hair with smile…and Adhu is sleeping by holding her papa’s shirt tightly and placed her head on her papa’s chest….. Pragya admires them lovingly..and Abhi see’s her and signs her to come…Pragya closes door..and slowly goes to Abhi… and say’s ” R u free? will talk for some time?” Abhi smiles and say’s ” I’m totally free…and I’m always obey’s my wife’s orders u know?” and smiles at her…Pragya smiles and tries to take Adhu from, that she can sleep comfortably on Bed…. But, Adhu holds Abhi’s shirt tightly..if pragya tries to removes Abhi’s shirt..she is getting disturbed in sleep…By seeing all this..Abhi say’s” Pragya! leave her..yaar let her be like this…we will talk like this only..kk?” Pragya nodes with smile… and both reaches their Balcony… Abhi holds Pragya’s hand with one..and carries Adhu in other hand…. Both happily enjoying Full moon…. and after some time, Both sit’s down on floor and see’s Full moon…smilingly… while Abhi lay’s Adhu in his lap… he then slowly smiles looking her and cares her innocent face… Pragya looking into moon and say’s ” U know! when Adhu was born..i just saw ur features in her..and feels very happy!” and turns to Abhi with smile… Abhi say’s” I know…U always Loves me… ! But my 1 mistake had ruined everything… I missed my fatherhood… I missed my daughter’s first step, first word..and mostly missed to hear the word PAPAA..from her mouth for first time..!” slowly tears r coming in his eyes..Pragya notices this and slowly wipes his tears and cupped his face and say’s” Plz..don’t think like that… past is past…Now, it’s time for a fresh start…na? then, why r u remembering this all? though u never see’s her first step ect,.. but, i will make u see this all..i will show u that movements .!” Abhi looks confusingly and ask’s How? ..Pragya smiles and left from there..later, she bring some DVD’s and signs Abhi to come…she play’s the C.D’s…

Abhi is looking with excitement…. and smiles seeing the clips in the C.d…. That r clips of Adhu…when she was Born…and Pragya holds her in hands and see’s her lovingly… Next one is.. Adhu’s Naming ceremony …. Next one is Purab and Bulbul were fighting like kids to hold Adhu…first..!. Next one is…. Adhu starts crawling … Next one is When Adhu ‘s first step… and she goes to Pragya by her li’ll steps .. Abhi is having happy tears in eyes seeing tis all…Pragya smiles looking his Excitement… .Later one is.. Adhu calling Mamma! and Papaa!…Pragya is happy but had some tears in her eyes…. Abhi smile vanishes and slowly see’s pragya..Pragya is somewhat sad looking..but, she just smiles seeing him… Later, Adhu’s silly act’s with her Naani..and maami…and Adhu play’s with Purab… later, Adhu’s first day at school[play school]..Later, some pics with Pragya, Sarla ..Purab and Bulbul………. Abhi slowly wipes his tears and is very happy to see this all… he then slowly holds Pragya’s hand and say’ thank much Pragya!..Pragya gives a smile..and cares his hand… Slowly, Abhi ask’s ” I’m soo happy after watching this all… and i’m so happy that Purab took my place and fulfill every wish of Adhira! Pragya say’s ” I’m so lucky to have a brother like Purab… he had done everything to us…Mostly Adhu..he took Father’s responsibility and made her every wish true… U know Abhi? i sometimes think that i’m not so successful mother to her..becoz, i always be busy in studies and practice.. some times in ur thoughts……but, for me Bulbul and Purab were Adhu’s real parents…though bulbul haven’t given her birth..but she had done everything for her. and Had done a Big Sacrifice for Adhu.!…. After their Marriage… Bulbul get’s conceived ..but Purab and Bulbul doesn’t want baby..becoz, they thought they might be busy with their own child..and will become selfish and ignores Adhu..! Just for Adhu..they become childless… up to know! Hw can i thank for their great love and their Scarifies…? Abhi is having tears after listening this..and notices Pragya is crying..he just takes her near and tries to console her…

Later, they had some chit chat..and get’s into sleep slowly… Abhi is sleeping by leaning to bed..pragya sleeps on his shoulder and Adhu is in his lap…..!


MM :

Marriage preparations have been started..and preparations r on full swing…Everyone is excited for Abhigya’s Wedding!..


Marriage starts… Pragya wears a red lehenga..she just looks stunning..! and Our Abhi is wearing a cream colour sherwaani..with nice stone work….and looking Dammit Handsome.. Adhu is wearing a beautiful Gagra…looking like a real princess… .! Both Abhi and Pragya begins to do rituals… Both exchanged their garlands…Later, Pandit ask’s for Kanyadaan…Pragya and Abhi call’s Purab and Bulbul to do Kanyadaan… Purab and Bulbul were surprised and Purab ask’s me? Abhi smiles and say’s ” Why not? u had done everything for Pragya and Adhira!..It’s just only ur right..purab!”..Pragya nodes happily and Purab and Bulbul feels so happy and does their Kanyadaan….! Later, It’s time for 7 PHERES….! Abhi and Pragya stands for Pheres.. Abhi call’s Adhu and ask her to hold his finger… he say’s ” Now, I WANT TO GIVE 7 PROMISES TO MY DAUGHTER TOO…ALONG WITH MY WIFE” Pragya and all feels soo happy… Pheres starts…Adhu is walking by holding Abhi’s finger besides him and Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and does their Pheres… Later, Abhi fills Pragya’s maang with Sindhoor…and ties her Mangalsutra… Finally after seeking blessings from every one..ABHIGHYA’S MARRIAGE completes..successfully…


Abhigya room is fully decorated with flowers..becoz, it’s their first night…and Abhi stands in balsony and smiles seeing Moon.. Pragya slowly enters she was looking beautiful and she slowly came near to Abhi..Abhi hugs her tightly and say’s “Pragya! this day is a wonderful day to me..i got my Pragya back! my Love back! ..Now, we don’t have any troubles…! Pragya too hugs him tightly and say’s ” I’m also so much happy! Now, we united…!..and will stay together like this till last breath!” Both smiles and hugs..each other……. Suddenly they heard some sounds..and slowly goes out and see’s Rachana is troubling by Aarav and Adhira…! Pragya call’s ‘Adhu! what happen? why r u troubling mausi?” Aarav comes and say’s ” See na chachi! we want to sleep with u..but Mamma is not allowing us..Even i missed my chachu so much…plz..chachi we want to sleep with u..” and ask’s with innocent face.. Adhu also ask’s them with innocent face..Abhigya smiles seeing them and say’s sure! Rachana tries to stop them but Pragya say’s it’s kk..bhabi..even Aarav is my! don’t worry..u go.. Abhigya takes Aarav and Adhu to room… soon, Abhi lay’s and took Aarav and Adhu beside him and cares them happily…Pragya smiles and starts to tell stories to them while caring their hairs… After some time, Abhigya and Aarav and Adhu slowly get’s into their sleep….!


I’m so happy by reading ur comments… and feel’s blessed.. hope u like this episode… stay tune my friends

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