Hi, Guys…I’M Back!..i know u r all extremely waiting for my episode…but, i’m so sorry..for too late episode… becoz, i was stuck up in heavy works..becoz, of my sister’s marriage…i’ very sorry…friends… and i’m completing my story with in this week…don’t worry.. from now, i will upload regularly… sorry for everything…..plz… And i’m soo happy This is my 30TH EPISODE…It’s just becoz of all ur support…



Abhi is really enjoying his fatherhood…. He spends his most of time with his cute li’ll princess…Abhi sit’s beside Adhu and tell’s her many stories…Slowly Adhu keeps her head on her Papa’s chest..and hugs him…and slowly get’s into sleep…Abhi cares her hair and smiles seeing his cute daughter… he really misses this movements..with Adhira…Pragya enters the room..and see’s this… but, she didn’t say anything and left the room…..slowly she sit’s in corridor and think’s about Adhira…..


Abhi wakes up and finds Adhu is still sleeping by hugging him… he slowly cares her hair and kissed her..soon, he found Pragya is missing in room…slowly he get’s up and goes out and saw Pragya is sleeping in chair……he slowly goes to her and cares her face lovingly and cover’s her with a blanket……After sometime, Pragya wake up and get’s fresh up… she finds Abhi is playing with Adhu… Soon, pragya makes Adhu fresh up and gives her break fast….. After sometime, Adhu slowly sleep’s becoz of medicines… she call’s Abhi! and say’s “I want to talk to u!”

Abhi nodes and follow’s Pragya ….


Abhi and Pragya r standing …Along silence for a while………….Pragya breaks the silence and ask’s ” So u want to be with ur daughter?”
Abhi say’s ” with my wife and daughter …Pragya!”

Pragya say’s ” With ur wife? Wow! u remembered her after 5 yrs?”.. and looks at Abhi…. Abhi say’s ” Not now! i’m living with u in this 5 yrs…in ur memories…!” and looks at Pragya emotionally… Pragya quickly wipes her tears and say’s “See Abhi! i really don’t have any objection..if u want to be with ur daughter…. u can be with Adhu as her father..! ” Abhi stares her and ask’s ” Only as Adhu’s father? not as Pragya’s lover?..ha?”..Pragya looks at him and say’s ” It’s useless to talk about past things Abhi !” and tries to leave but Abhi stops and comes close to her and holds her shoulders..and say’s “Past things? really? just say this again by looking into my eyes..Pragya!” Pragya couldn’t say, she just ignore his eyes…Abhi ask’s [some what loudly]” What happen? why u can’t see into my eyes..ha? tell me? ” Pragya stood silently …. Abhi makes her face to face and say’s ” U just can’t say this..becoz U loves me…. u loves me now! he then touches his finger on her cheek and say’s ” This tear drop..proves me that U still loves me… ” Pragya slowly looks into his eyes with tears…Abhi also having tears in his eyes… Abhi continues” Pragya! i know i have broken ur trust….but, I know OUR LOVE…Can’t be broken that much easily!… u have accepted Adhira…though she’s having my Blood..then, why can’t u accept me? Plz Pragya i’m begging u..plz give me one change to prove my LOVE.. in these 5 yrs… u have suffered a lot..becoz of me..but, trust me..i’m equally suffered like guilty…In these 5 yrs.. I just living with u..u r in my heart..Pragya… i couldn’t thought any other girl than u..ur my LIFE..pragya! and just remember one thing! If u don’t accept me know too..don’t think i will go away from u..i will be back for u… for ur LOVE..for ur FORGIVENESS…. I want my Life back…My Pragya Back! plz Pragya just for 1 time..plz give me one chance..i will prove that I can be Best Husband to u…A Best Father to Adhira… ! more than this , i didn’t have anything to say further..and starts leaving… Pragya holds his hand and stops him… she then goes near him and say’s ” Abhi ! In my life..i just expect True LOVE from u… Now, when u came seeking for my LOVE…how can i say u?”ha?” and hugs him with tears…Abhi also hugs her and cries …. After sometime, they slowly broke there hug and Pragya cups Abhi’s face and kissed on his forehead and hugs him…. Abhi hugs her back with Happy tears…….Purab, Sarola and Bulbul see’s this and Hugs each other with Happiness….


Adhu is Discharged from Hospital..and Abhi takes Pragya , Sarla and Adhira to MM….There, they received A GRAND WELCOME…by all… All r so happy for them.

Screen Freezes On Their HAPPY FACES……………..


Thank u so much Friends for ur huge support and love towards me..but, i will promise..last episodes will entertain u all… hope u all like this episode… from next episode onward…u will receive a long episode..keep smiling…

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  1. Nice episode yaar…

  2. wow this is a awesome epi..
    love each lines that abhi say…
    continue writing..

  3. very nice epi…lovely…and update regularly…

  4. Riyashri

    Congrats for your 30 th update Adhu di !! U hav written it as Superbly as possible !!???! This was sooooooooooooooooooo Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!????? My Best Wishes for your sister’s marriage di !! ???And I would seriously miss u & this FF sooooo sooooooo much !! ?????Take Care di !!?? Love u Loads !!!?????

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Riya… thank u for ur wishes dear….love u too

  5. Awesome epi

  6. wow superb epic but feeling sad that u r going end this ff….

  7. Superb yaar I loved it

  8. please yaar try to update regularly

  9. Angita

    Superb I’m jumping on my bed u know

  10. Nice episode.happy that Abhigya r united but sad that u r ending this ff by this week.we want cute Abhigya moments with their cute daughter Adhira.plzzz try to continue ur ff yr.

  11. Awesome darlu feeling sad tat u r gng to end it but lls atleast end it aftr gvng some cute abhi adhu and pragya scenes love u dear???

    1. Adhya

      uff…Saranya…my darling…i’m happy ur liking my ff soo much..but, the fact is it’s just a short and sweet story..if i will prolong it..u guys will feel bore…but don’t worry dear i will be back with OS…or with New FF…

  12. wow super yaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Reshma Pradeep


  14. superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ahh finally adhu dii posted u know what I was waiting fr urs desperately Fr many days awesome episode abhi adhu scenes and abhigya s cenes were awesome but little bit sad that my fav ff is gng to end… But toll that I will be the one who is gng to enjoying a lot and congrats Fr ur sisters marriage dii love u dii take care..

    1. Adhya

      Thank u so much ..Vaishu…. Actually i’m soo sorry dear…becoz of this marriage work i couldn’t comment on ur BABY DADDY SHOT….. i’m so sory for that ..but must say’s it’s an super shot episodes..hahh i really loved it…. keep rocking with this new thoughts….Love u my sis…

  16. Super…

  17. superb and very swt

  18. Adhya

    Hi friends..Thank u so much for ur wonderful support and love..but, friends plz don’t get sad about ff end..becoz i will be back with other stories or OS…kk so, plz be happy and enjoy ..

  19. Awesome episode yaar

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