Hi. guys..i know u r all so angry on me..for late update..but, I’m again hospitalized…but know i’m kk..



I know that i lost very precious movements of my my Life….But, know i really doesn’t want to loose it for even second….I don’t know whether i have to think It’s my Right on my DAUGHTER?? or have to think I want to Gain that 5 yrs of Happiness whom i lost it with PRAGYA…that day….. I know May be I’M SELFISH…But i know, my Daughter’s every smile means to be lot for me….So, i don’t want to think What all r thinking about this……

Abhi’s thoughts r broken by his call…he see’s and attend the call…It’s Akaash!! ..Akaash scolds Abhi for not evening informing any thing about past 1 week…. Abhi smiles seeing his bhai’s concern and say’s”Bhai! i know u r so angry on me..but, Bhai! i have a wonderful news ..for u..Bhai! ”
Akaash smiles and ask’s Really?? Abhi say’s ” Really! Bhai..but i cann’t tell this in phone..plz come for me..Bhai..plz..” Suddenly lisening Abhi’s emotional voice…Akaash say’s ” Don’t worry..yaar i’m coming..kk” and ends the call…he can guess some thing is there for sure..and leaves to DELHI…………

By ending his call..Abhi slowly reaches to Adhu’s room..and find’s Adhu is talking something to her Naani…. Abhi smiles and sit beside Adhu…later., some time sarla to leaves from room…for Food… signs abhi…Abhi signs don’t worry he will be with her….! Adhu and Abhi starts their chiot chat…afetr sometime, Abhi ask’s Adhu can i ask u something??.. Adhu smiles and say’s sure! Abhi smiles and ask’s ” ADHIRA! Inever heard this name…? who suggest ur’s quite NEW Name naa?” Adhu say’s ” U know? i really love this name!! becoz, My Mamma kept me this name! ADHIRA =LIGHTENING…papaa! and Mamma always say’s that “i’m lightening of her life..!.” Abhi eyes get moist …he once again heard Adhu calling him Paapa… ! He slowly smiles and ask’s Adhu to call me again..? plz..Adhu loudly call’s Paapa..! ,Paapa, Paapa, PaPa I Love u so much….!” Abhi couldn’t control his happy tears……….and hugs Adhu and kisses her and say’s ” Papa..loves u too Adhu !” Both smiles and hugs each other…..

Suddenly Abhi heard some big sounds..and slowly see’s from window… He was shocked to see..All media is trying to enter the Hospital and say’s ” WE WANT TO MEET ROCK STAR ABHISHEK!” ” hospital staff trying hard to control them… Abhi ask’s a nurse to be with Adhu and quickly leaves from there……..he then, reaches ground floor and see’s All media people chanting his name…He then, see’s Pragya is troubled by them….and runs to rescue her..Pragya stares him and leaves from there…Abhi slowly went to media and all surrounds him and ask’s ” Mr.Abhi we heard that u have 5yrs Daughter ! though u unmarried?” and keeps on asking same question to him…Abhi get’s angry and say’s” I don’t want media to interfere in my life..! “and tries to leave from there…But, another reporter question raises his angry…” MR.Abhi so, u r telling indirectly that ur having an affair..with this girl’s mother..and this girl is symbol of ur illegitimate affair?” Abhi anger rises and beats the reporter…and warn him…….. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice and find’s his Bhai Akaash infront of him…Akaash quickly stops Abhi from beating that reporter..and takes Abhi inside………


Akaash takes Abhi to side and ask’s ” What they r saying Abhi? ” Abhi downs his head… Akaash make Abhi see’s into his eyes and ask’s same question…………Abhi explain whole incident to Akaash..! which SHOCK’S AKAASH!!

After sometime, Akaash slap’s Abhi and say’s ” why u never told me about this?” Abhi looks silently..Akaash ” Abhi! answer me…why u never told me about this much big thing?” Abhi say’s how can i bhai? hw can i face u with this big mistake? Akaash ” Soo! now, how u r facing me? u thought if u didn’t told me about this..will solves all ur problems? right?” hw can u think about it? abhi! listen to me know! it’s not only just ur take any decisions u want…Now, u have to think about the girl…Who trust u..and gave up happiness in her life.for u.. Did u think once, about Pragya? hw can she tolerate this? hw will she face everyone tommorrow? ” Abhi it’s time to give your Love and Respect to Pragya! think about it….

Akash enter’s adhu’s room..and find Pragya is in tears…. he slowly went to pragya and introduces him as Abhi’s bhai.! Pragya greets him ..they both sat infront of each other…Silence for long time… Akaash broke silence…and say’s Pragya plz don’t worry about this mess… I and Abhi will sort out this issue…u plz don’t worry..!” Pragya say’s ” Akaash ji! why u r worrying about this? What they were asking is I made a Mistake…in my Life..A Big Mistake! which can’t be rectified….but, Now, i don’t want any thing in my life ..I just want my DAUGHTER’S HAPPINESS…I brought up Adhira with my hard work …i fulfill every small wish of her…I can’t bear if my daughter came to know …she is…i cann’t able to face her..Akaash ji…U want to give happiness to then, plz take Abhi with u…plz leave us alone…i’m sufficient to give my child a best future …but, i cannot bear if someone blames her for my Mistake….so, plz Akaash ji..plz… saying this, Pragya broke down in tears………Akaash couldn’t control his tears and stands helplessly….he then, slowly cares Pragya’s hair and leaves from room…and Finds Abhi is listening their conversation……………Akaash just left from there….

After sometime, Abhi goes to Akash and sit’s beside him with tears…Akaash slowly patt’s his shoulder and say’s” Abhi i think now, u have understood about her pain?…Abhi! now, it’s ur responsibility to make Pragya free from all this… Abhi i know u can do it!…. just once again, recall hw u convince Dad for ur goal…! Now, U have to prove ur love and have to support Pragya in this tough time….Just think about, it..i will be their to support u….” Abhi cutt’s of and say’s” I ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT THIS..BHAI..NOW, I IT’S TIME TO TAKE DECISION…!! .he slowly tells about his decision to Akaash which is muted….. Akaash hugs Abhi and say’s ” I’m happy about ur decision..i’m proud of u.Abhi!..” and happily leaves from there……..

Guys, i know…it’s too short..but i will give u a big update..soon..once, i get discharge….so, plz forgive me..for this inconvenience….Love u all…

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  2. Nice!!!!!!! Take care of your health :):)

    1. Adhya

      Sure divya..don’t worry dear..i will be kk..

  3. super waiting 4 next but u takecare pls my request ok……………..

  4. Nice episode yaar bt sooooooooo sad 4 our abhigya coz of tat reporters really how can thy ask lk tz questions… Excited for next episode thn take care of ur health

  5. Oh dear y u uploading wit ill health frst take care of ur health ma get well soon love u???

    1. Adhya

      Thanku Saranya…i will be fyn yaar don’t worry…

  6. Angita

    Nice onr

  7. Riyashri

    Awesome update adhu di !!! Take Care di !! Love u Loads !!!

    1. Adhya

      Thank u Riya..darling..don’t worry yaar..i will be fyn

  8. super….

  9. Vaishali

    awesome adhu dii i think i am choti to u but u r the best dii coz u make me smile always feel alwsome as well as sad not for the update but for u how can u be so careless dii u should be careful na aaj se priority health tk aur dont forget dont forget i will be there to give achi achi foods made by me and it will make u again go to hospital ok dont forget take care of urself i will pray fr ur well being love u dii take care

    1. Adhya

      Thank dear Vaishu….yes, hw i will forgot to take care about by health jabtak tum jehsi choti merey saath ho..hahh…don’t worry dear…i will be fine..kk love u too darling

  10. OMG….!! U will give long update after getting discharged?? which means u r still hospitalized????? Pls yaar first take care of ur health pls…!! .And ya today’s update was fantabulous.loved it.what is Abhi’s plan?? .waiting for the next update(after ur recovery ok??).

    1. Thanku…Rosy..hahh..i will be fyn..don’t worry dear….

  11. Fantastic take care of ur health dear

  12. wonderful epic.. adhya… take care of ur self…. waiting for nxt epic too…
    Get Well Soon….

  13. please unite abhigya yaar in next episode

  14. Trisha

    Superb epi Adhya! ?… Take care!

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