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By listening about Pragya’s past…Abhi not able to control his tears……he feels more guilty and ashamed for his act on that day……..He slowly walks towards Adhira’s room..and found Sarla is weeping while pragya support and consoles’s her mother and signs her not to cry..but, he can find tears r rolling from Pragya’s eyes……..

Abhi cann’t see them like, he slowly went to corridor and sat like life less body…he just remembering how he scold’ s pragya and how he broken her trust… all…Tears r continuously rolling from his eyes……………


Doctor informs Adhira gain’s conscious and All r rushing towards her……Abhi cann’t see her in that condition..but gather’s some courage and enter’s the room……she saw Adhira holds her Mamma’s hand while pragya emotionally kisses her with happy tears…..Slowly smile cames in Abhi’s face seeing their bonding…. Adhira see’s Abhi and call’s Rock star Uncle!! Sarla cutt’s off and say’s ” Not Uncle! He is ur Papa! beta!”..Adhira is surprised and signs him to come… Abhi comes to Adhira and see’s pragya didn’t uttering a word. ..and looks Adhira silently…he then, goes to Adhira and cares her hair…soon, his eyes r filling with tears………Adhira slowly ask’s U r my Papa? my Rock star Papa? Abhi nodes yes…. and kisses her.. Adhira is surprised and ask’s ” Why u didn’t came to me…before? Am i not a good girl? Abhi kisses her say’s ” it’s my mistake beta…U r best daughter…but, Ur papa is not best…!!. he slowly removes Adhira’s teddy bear from her and say’s ” From now on wards u don’t need to talk with ur teddy bear ..Now, u have to talk to ur Papa..only ! Adhira smiles slowly…..

Small f.b shows:

When Adhu was in Abhi’s house…one day, Abhi finds Adhu is talking with her teddy bear and ask’s about it..Adhu say’s ” Uncle! i don’t know where my papa is…and My Naani say’s if children misses their parents , then if they talk to their fav .toys…then, automatically .their talks will reaches to their parents..” fb ends……………..

Abhi slowly kisses Adhu’s forehead and smiles…. for sometime, Abhi talks with Adhu …..

Pragya went to doctor’s cabin for reports While she came out she saw Abhi is waiting for her…she just want to ignore him..but, Abhi stops her holding her hand…… Abhi slowly makes Pragya looks into his eyes and ask’s ” Pragya! why did you lie to me? Pragya stood silently…Abhi holds Pragya’s shoulders and say’s ” Tell me dammit..plz why u lie to me? why u lie about our can u tolerate this much of Pain?? that to alone? Pragya slowly looks at Abhi and say’s ” Pain? This pain is so small to me when compared with that Pain which u have given to me..Abhi!” Abhi downs his head …Pragya continues.. ” I Loved u to the core….i want to find my happiness in ur happiness….But, u? u didn’t care about me…then, how can i expect u will care for my Baby?” Abhi cutt’s of and say’s ” She’s my Daughter too !pragya”..Pragya get’s angry and say’s ” U don’t have that Right! Abhi… u didn’t become Father just by producing a child!! ” ..U know! when u left me… i was alone… but, Now i have my family who really love’s me…. and Purab and Bulbul ! Bulbul didn’t have blood relation with me..but, For my Daughter…they both remains childless… becoz, They consider Adhira as there Daughter and want to give every happiness to her….and leaves from there……..

Abhi eye’s were filled with tears and guilty…. He slowly reaches Adhu’s room..and find’s Purab telling stories to Adhu….he remains happily by seeing their bond…

Two day’s passed like that….Abhi is with Adhira and spend time with her………..but still he finds Adhira some what upset.. and slowly ask’s her.. Adhu tell’s that she was angry on him..becoz, he left her alone in police station …that day……Abhi remember’s and say’s Sorry! by holding his ears….Adhira laughs and say’s” I want a gift from u..” Abhi say’s ” Papa will do anything for his Princess ..u just ask me..i will do it for sure..beta!”
Adhu say’s ” i want to see ur Live performance..” Abhi smiles vanishes and slowly say’s ” Adhu..but, in this condition..?” Adhu act’s to be sad..and waiting for Abhi’s reaction…Abhi tries his best to convince her….

Pragya hears their conversation..and say’s ” Adhu..u r not going anywhere understood? i’m not allowing u for this!! Adhira eye’s r fillled with tears becoz, Pragya didn’t behaves like this with her till now…. Slowly Adhu starts crying……..Abhi tries to console her… Pragya realizes what she said..and hugs Adhu tightly and slowly wipes her tears and say’s ” Sorry”.. But, beta ,U loves Adhu nodes..Pragya continues” Now u r not fine..right? so, when we will go to our home…u can go for sure..kk !!” Adhu agrees and hugs Pragya and say’s Love u Mamma…Pragya smiles and kisses her….. Abhi smiles seeing them……….

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