LOVE AND IT’S SHADES….episode-24

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Purab turns and is shocked seeing Abhi… Abhi greet him..but, Purab just remembering what he had done with Pragya and get’s Angry…Abhi notices his Angry face ..and tries to calm down him…Then, by talking..he ask’s “How Adhira is with U?” Purab say’s” why? u have any problem?”.. Abhi say’s” like that yaar…Plz tell me Is she ur daughter?”..purab looks at Abhi and say’s ” She is not my Daughter..but, she is more than my Daughter…Mr.Abhi”.. Abhi notices his angry..and just talk for sometime… Lastly, with a lot of hesitation…he ask’s about Pragya…”..Purab! how is PRAGYA ?”.. Purab angry rises and say’s ” U doesn’t have any right to know about her….and by the way.. It will be not at all a news for u..becoz, U just don’t care about her..” and starts to leave..But, Abhi stops him and say’s ” See Purab i know u r angry on me..but, plz don’t say that Pragya is not matter to me,…” Purab stares Abhi and say’s ” Really! that’s why u just left her…Right?” Abhi downs his head.. he doesn’t have any answer for this..question..becoz, he still feels guilty about his act on that day…by leaving Pragya alone.. Purab again ask’s ” Tell me Abhi ! why r u silent”? Abhi tries to explain purab and say’s ” See purab i know what i have done that not at all gud..but, i really don’t have any other option…Purab cuts off and say’s” If u really love her..then, automatically u can find a way Abhi..but, u didn’t do that..” and turns to leave..Abhi remains silent… Purab again turns back and say’s ” U don’t deserve her Abhi..that’s why u didn’t have any right to know about her…” Both r looking at each other….

Suddenly, both heard a scream….ya it’s none other ADHIRA.’s… She screams Maamu!!! …listening this both turns to see her and shocked to see… Blood is bleeding from Adhira’s nose…she feared seeing blood….By seeing this, Abhi and Purab rushes towards her…Purab takes Adhu in hands and runs to wards car…. Abhi drives the car while Purab places Adhu in lap..and cries… Abhi doesn’t understand anything…. Tears r flowing in his eyes… Soon, Purab call’s Pragya and tells about Adhu..and reaches to Pragya’s hospital…………….

Soon, They reaches Pragya’s hospital and runs to wards O.T..with Adhu in hands… Doc takes Adhu inside O.T…Pragya sit’s like a life less body…with out uttering a word… Sarla and bulbul cries seeing Adhu ‘s condition…Purab tries to console them…

ABHI finds PRAGYA outside O.T and is surprised to see her… he really don’t know how to react. Wither.He want to be sad for Adhu’s condition or want to be Happy by seeing Pragya after a long time…………He just stares Pragya …but, Pragya is not in a stage to see Abhi…..

After sometime, Abhi slowly comes to reality and find Sarla and Bulbul crying for Adhu..he really didn’t get why they r worried this much for ADHIRA….Slowly, he recall’s Adhira calling Purab as MAAMU!!!!!!!! ..Slowly smile with happy tears comes on Abhi’s face by realizing”Adhira is his Daughter!!..his and Pragya’s daughter..!! Adhira is symbol of their LOVE..!!”…….

Abhi eye’s r filled with happy tears..he slowly recall’s His and Adhira’s he feels some unconditional Love towards her..??? how he is always thinks about Adhira… how Adhira spends 2 day’s in his home……….How he consoles Adhira….slowly, all movements r just comes in front of his eyes’s……he couldn’t understand DENSITY GAMES …How they met each other…how he keep’s Adhira with him and searching for her Parent’s…. ect, ect,… his Happy tears r not at all controlling…

After some time, Doc.. comes to Pragya and say’s “Pragya! Adhira is fine!.”.by lisening this, Bulbul and Sarla hugs Purab with happiness….but, Pragya ‘s face is li’ll bit tense becoz, she know doc want to tell her something…and looks deeply in to his eyes… Doc continues” Adhira is fine now….but, can’t say anything about future…becoz, u already know about her condition….!! I know as a doctor..i couldn’t say this..but, as Adhu’s uncle i have to inform this to u….. Don’t loose hope dear…” by saying this, he slowly pat’s Pragya’s shoulder and leaves from there……….Pragya’s eyes r filled with tears…she just sit’s in shock…although she expects this…. Slowly, she see’s Adhu from outside…and cries seeing her…. Slowly, Purab sarla and bulbul surrounds her and consoles her…

Abhi couldn’t understand anything… his mind is filled with lot’s of Why doc said like that? about Adhira?.. What happen to Adhira?….soo..on…

Pragya wipes her tears and turns ..She is surprised to see Abhi… Abhi also see’s Pragya..both shares an emotional eye lock…..for sometime [Saiyyara vey saiyyara song from Ek thi play’s in back ground]

Pragya slowly broke Eye lock and leaves from there…. and goes to Doc..cabin …

ABHI stops purab and ask’s about Adhira’s condition…Purab ignores him and tries to leave from there….but, Abhi stops him and say’s ” Purab..plz plz tell me what happen to Adhira..??”Purab ask’s ” Really? it will be matter to u?” ABHI get’s angry and say’s ” Purab! what’s wrong with u? She’s my Daughter! I care about her! do u understand??” Purab say’s ” Wow! so, MR.ABHISHEK MEHRA getting so much love on his Daughter..suddenly??”..Abhi angrily stares him…. Purab say’s ” Donn’t look at me angrily..becoz, We only have right to do that..Mr.Abhi” Purab continues say’s” Where ur soo called LOVE went that time, when u ask’s Pragya to abort ur child ?? when u left her alone? when u broke her dreams about ur Marriage? ha..tell me Abhi..” Abhi stares Purab silently…Purab continues” U just never care about Pragya nor her BABY…but, now suddenly , when u have came to know..that Adhira is ur Daughter…suddenly u feel affection , Love towards her..Right?”..Abhi tries to say..” Woh..Purab ….My problems…. Purab shouts ” Hell with ur problems Abhi….! Have u ever think about Pragya’s state when u left her alone??? My sister might have died becoz, of u… She plans to attempt ..SUICIDE…Did u get that..?????” Abhi is HELL SHOCK hearing this…….


PRECAP: F.B begins

Hi, friends hope u will like this episode…. and now, It’s twist time..u will know about Pragya and about past things…so, just stay tuned …

Thank u so much Riyashri, Vaishali, Varsha, rutu, nannu, Sana, anu, smiley,di, lakshmi,Priyamvada, durga,sheerapthinisd, rajesh ,sugan,mukund raj, sry if i missed any one….


  1. Riyashri


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    Thanking for this ah?? Adhu Darlu Di U desevre more than this !!! I am just doing the least that I can do to appreciate you and your writings by my comments…….So no thanks here after ok!! Awesome update !! Waiting for your twist to be revealed !! Keep Rocking !!

  2. Vaishali


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    arrey adhu awesome yaar superbbbbbbbb Superb episode sema twist…U desevre more than this !!! dont tell thank u yar quinki u make me enjoy and forget all the worries while reading urs love u darling

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