LOVE AND IT’S SHADES….episode-23

HI, guys..hope u like yesterday’s episode………..


Pragya say’s ” Adhira is with her Father in these days!” Sarla looks some surprisingly and sit’s beside Pragya while Pragya sit’s sadly…THERE WAS A LONG SILENCE…..

Sarla broke the silence by placing her hand on pragya and say’s” Soo…. what u want to do now?” and looks in to her eyes……..Pragya looks at her and say’s” What can i do Maa? i just do my best to keep my daughter away from his Image..but my destiny makes me looser! My Adhu met him and likes him so much….I really don’t understand anything now…I just want to keep Adhu away from all this..”
By lisening to Pragya ..Sarla say’s” For how much time u will run from ur destiny pragya?” Pragya looks at her mother by widening her eyes…Sarla continues..” Abhi has hurted u..but why u r giving pain to ur daughter for his mistake? Have u thought about Adhu? What she is going through while seeing all her friends r happily playing with their father’s!.. I know..u gave her love of a mother and father too..but, she has a right to know about her Father!.. and though u hide this truth from her but, it never change that Adhu is his daughter…his blood… Pragya just forgot ur pain for a while try to think in Adhu’s mindset…. U know about her…Adhu wants Father’s love too… u can give her Father’s love but cann’t replace her Father in life..” by saying this, she goes from there…. Purab too pat’s her shoulders and went from there….. Pragya was in deep thoughts in all night………


Abhi takes Akaash home.. and all becomes normal now, Akassh is becoming normal by outmost care of his Sweet WIFE, and Bro ABHI… but, Abhi still thinks about Adhu..he really don’t understand how Adhu is attached to him so fast?

Soon, Abhi get’s a call and came to know about his imp Meeting at Delhi……..he just want to post pone it becoz, Akaash is still not completely fine..but, Akaash came to know, he just say’s Abhi to attend his meeting…After so much of argument’s Finally, Our Rock star get’s ready to leave for Delhi…….


Abhi reaches Delhi…and also attends his Meeting with a producer..After that, he went to hotel and talks to Akaash and all family… Abhi still thinks about Adhira..and want to meet her to say sorry…so, he just called Adhira’s principle and ask’s for her no…

Abhi calls to Adhira’s home no…after finishing his meeting… Soon, Sarla answer’s it ..

Sarla: Hello..

Abhi: Adhira there?

sarla: May i know whom i’m speaking ..plz..

Abhi: Abhishek Mehra….THE ROCK STAR..

Sarla is surprised and say’s : KK..just wait and runs towards Adhira’s room with phone…

Adhu is playing with her Elsa doll..while pragya feeding her soup..Soon, Sarla say’s Adhu it’s Ur Rock star uncle’s phone…and passes to her..

Pragya is surprised and calmly looks at Adhu… Adhu say’s “No..Naani ! I won’t talk to him becoz, he just left me in police station” and gives phone back to sarla and run’s into other room.and closes the door……..Pragya too run’s behind Adhu and calls her….

Abhi can hear some words… then, Sarla say’s” Sorry! i think she is sleeping…” Abhi say’s ” It’s kk..i will call later “and ends the call..he can understand Adhu is angry on him…. Later, Sarla too knocks door and call’s Adhu plz come outside ..along with pragya..Pragya just keep on knocking the door and say’s he ended the’s kk now… Sarla signs her to leave Adhu for some time…


Adhu is still upset..Pragya and Sarla tries their best to convince her…by saying ” Adhu! It’s beta.. leave this matter..u r back to” Suddenly, Purab enters and see’s Adhu upset..He signs pragya what happen…then, slowly talks to Adhu and say’s ” ADHU, COME WITH ME..WE WILL GO OUT AND WILL ENJOY FULLY…he then see’s pargya and say’s” ONLY MAAMU AND HIS PRINCESS…UNDERSTOOD! NO ONE IS ALLOWED.WITH US..”..Pragya and Sarla nodes with smile…

Later, Purab takes Adhu to MALL…. Adhu becomes some active and they both starts enjoying by playing Games , shopping …ect,..ect… finally after a long enjoyment they reached their Fav .spot , i.e; ICE CREAM SPOT…. Purab makes Adhu sit at a table and goes to get ICE CREAM…. Just then Abhi too enter’s MALL ,..becoz he gonna meet a producer…So, finally reaches nearer to ICE CREAM SPOT..where Purab and ADHU were there…………..

Abhi call’s producer and came to know..he will be, he just start roaming..near to ICE CREAM SPOT…just then, Adhu comes to Purab and ask’s him for a Black Current Ice cream……..and then, run’s towards her table…..

Abhi saw this and surprised to see Adhu with PURAB!!! ..Then, He slowly came to Purab and places his hand on Purab’s shoulder…Purab turns and shocked to see ABHI….

PRECAP: Abhi ask’s about Adhira….. Suddenly they heard Adhu ‘s scream and shocked to see her……..

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