LOVE AND IT’S SHADES….episode-21

Hi, guys..i know u all r waiting for this episode…



Abhi get’s ready and see’s Adhu still sleeping..He slowly cares her face and tries to wake her up..but, soon recall’s how much she cried in Midnight and how much he struggles to make her, he decides to not to disturb her……..and slowly, leaves from room…….

He comes to living room..and say’s to Rachana that he is going to Police Station to file complaint about Adhira…Rachana say’s ” It’s kk..Abhi u go.i will take care of Adhira”..Abhi nodes in reply and leaves to police station in car……


Pragya reaches hurriedly with Purab..and enquirers about Adhu..but, after hearing their response she can’t control her tears and starts crying..Purab scolds police..and slowly takes Pragya out and consoles her..

Abhi reaches Police station and goes inside to file complaint..He receives a Warm Welcome from them…….Later,Abhi makes excuse say’s that he had came for an official work…All nodes and goes to their respective works..Later, Abhi ask’s constable about Inspector…constable say’s” Sir, Inspector sir is in an imp meeting..if u having any emergency and go to head constable and files the complaint…Abhi get’s convinces and goes to meet Head constable and Explains the Whole situation to him and also tell’s details of Adhira..[Name,Age, Features..etc,..] While constable note down everything….Just then, Rachana calls Abhi and say’s” Abhi! i really don’t know..why ? but plz come fast to home..plz”..Abhi could not understand anything and ask’s her to tell clearly..Rachana explains Abhi that Adhira is crying hard..she didn’t even told me anything…i’m getting panic seeing her ..plz come fast Abhi…!” Abhi get’s panic and starts to leave..he stops and say’s to Constable that”I’m sorry..but i have to leave, plz make sure to reach this complaint with details to Inspector after meeting….i will talk to him…later..” by saying this, Abhi hurriedly runs towards his car and leaves from there… he missed to see pragya…and leaves………

After sometime, Abhi reaches MM..and runs towards his room…. Adhira is still crying..Rachana tries her level best to console her..but, Adhu is not at all in listening mood….Abhi reaches his room and see’s Adhira..Adhu see’s Abhi and runs towards him and hugs him tightly……..Abhi slowly cares her..and seated her in his lap..still Adhu is crying and resting her head on Abhi’s shoulder…..Abhi slowly talks to her and ask’s why she is crying? Adhu slowly replies that ” Uncle! i had seen a Bad dream ..Very Bad dream…and starts crying again..Abhi slowly consoles her and ask’s her to say ..Adhu continues and say’s ” Uncle! in that dream i saw Mamma searching for me…she is crying for me…but, i cann’t see her…After sometime, I saw her and runs towards her but, Mamma is going away from me..she is not looking at me…” and starts crying…Abhi has tears in eyes but, tries to control it…Adhu slowly looks at Abhi and ask’s him” My Mamma will come to me na Uncle? when ever i will ask for my papa..Mamma used to say if i ‘ll be a Good girl then, papa will come soon to me…..I’m a good girl na? then, why Mamma is not coming to me…??”and continues crying..Abhi really doesn’t understand how to console her..For the first time, he is getting Angry on himself for not getting Adhu meets her parents..Though he is a Rock star..but, His money, Fame… is not at all helping him to find Adhu’s parents… He slowly hugs adhu and say’s ” Hey my baby girl…U r Rock star hey na…Does a Rock star cries like this? and slowly wipes her tears…..and continues ” See my baby girl! U r a very very good girl..definitely I will find ur Mamma…it’s my promise… but, for that u have to be really good girl..u have to eat food, u have to stop crying..becoz, when u will meet ur Mamma..then, by seeing u like this ur Mamma get’s upset..” Adhu slowly wipes her tears and say’s ” Uncle! If my Mamma will cry by seeing me..then, i will not cry..i cann’t see my Mamma crying..” Abhi smiles and hugs her…

After sometime, Inspector comes from meeting and constable gives him Abhi’s complaint file…Inspector notices the same factors in Abhi and Pragya’s complaints..and saw Pragya coming towards him and say’s ” Ms.Pragya..can u show me ur daughter’s photo? Pragya nodes and shows Adhu’s photo …Inspector absorbs common Features..and again listen to Whole incident……he then, sends Adhu’s photo to Abhi…and call’s him..Abhi answers the call and came to know about Adhu’s mom..he see’s the photo and confirms it…

Inspector say’s pragya that we found ur daughter….! Pragya and purab are on cloud nine…soon, .her eyes her filled with Happy tears…

Inspector calls Abhi and say’s Adhu ‘s parents found…u plz come fast to station ……. Abhi is really happy hearing this..his eyes r filled with happy tears…for the first time, he thanked God for finding Adhu’s parents and share the gud news with all…….. Soon, Abhi notices a big smile on Adhu’s face which he missed the most in her face..He hugs Adhu and say’s ” My Baby girl! finally u will go to ur Mamma..soon..” and kisses her..Adhu too kisses him and starts running here and there with lot’s of happiness in her face…All r just Admiring Adhu’s happy face……..

Adhu get’s ready to leave and waves bye to all..Abhi is some what sad..becoz, he wanna miss Adhu now, but by thinking Adhu will go to her Mom…and feels happy for her.

Soon, Abhi starts his car but stops listening a voice..that is her secretary NAINA…. Naina tells about his meeting and appointments..Abhi say’s he is going on a imp work..But, Naina insist him so, he take Naina with them………


Abhi reaches police station ..when, he is about to enter..His phone ring stops him ……………..He is hell shock after listening….

Screen freezes on his Shocking face…….

PRECAP: Pragya meets Adhira

I’m really SORRY guys..i know i disappointed u..but, this step is essential for my story line..

I have to follow my story, that u enjoys lot’s of Surprises and Twists… So, sorry..Hope u like this episode…Thank u..

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    I am restless for abhigya’ meet

  4. what is this yaar please unite abhigya as soon as possible

  5. omg…….my prag going to misunderstand abhi…… sad……its ok hope soon u ll unite them. keep smiling dear

  6. Make it also abigya meeting he want to know she is his daughter…
    Nice ff 2day…

  7. When thy vl meet yaar when abhi comes to know tat adhira s his daughter

    1. Arey..what is this yaar. .pls unite them soon. ..

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  10. Ohh dear wen u wil unite them i cant wait?but lovely epi da superb???

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    thank u so much friends…i know u all r little bit upset with this episode..but, i promise u will enjoy next episode….

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