LOVE AND IT’S SHADES….episode-18


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Abhi and Aarav reaches MM… Aarav gets down the car and jumps on Rachana and kisses her…Abhi, Akaash and all.. smiles and see’s them lovingly… Aarav say’s ” My cutie Mamma..u know how much i missed u?”by pinching her cheeks… Rachana too kisses Aarav and say” Dramey baazz.. u keep on talking with me on phone na?” and smiles…Akaash say’s ” So..nobody missed me?” ..Aarav jumps on him and say’s ” Hoo.. My papa! i just say that but, i really misses u so much “.. cutely winks at him.. Akaash smiles and say’s ” U r just Dramaey baaz as ur Chaachu..” and hugs him… Abhi gives him a stare..and say’s” Wow Bhai! u always taughts ? and also not saying I miss u Abhi…! how rude..”..Akaash laughs..” u just behaves like a kid ….still fights for my” and hugs him… Later, all reaches living room.. Aarav just tells so many things to his mamma..and also gives her his lots of shopping bags…. seeing this Abhi say’s ” Bhabhi ur son…makes so much shoping..even girls cann’t make that much shopping.on few days…”.. All smiles while Aarav stares at Abhi..Abhi gives a opps! expression and smiles…..


Adhira get’s ready for school…and thinks about Abhi and say’s ” That Rock star uncle helps me so much..but i didn’t even thank him.. i have to thank him…”Pragya see’s her and ask’s what happen Adhu? ..Adhu looks at her and say’s ” That uncle helped me so much..but i didn’t say thanks to him mamma..”pragya cares her face and say’s ” Soon we will both meet him and thank him..kk?” Adhu nodes happily and huigs pragya…. Later, Pragya gives some tablets to Adhu and ask her to have it.. Adhu stares at pragya confusingly.. Pragya say’s ” Arey! kya huaa? my friend Doc .aunty said na..u have to have this vitamin become ELSA..”, Adhu nodes and have it… Pragya signs thumbs up to sarla…Later, Pragya and Adhu leaves.. Pragya drops Adhu at her school..and left for her hospital….

Later, Sarla enters Adhu’s room and finds full of Elsa ‘s dolls every where…she slowly cleans the room and smiles seeing how much Adhu is mad at ELSA”S DOLLS..”


Adhu reaches home and saw Pragya packing her stuf… Adhu ask’s her about this sudden packing while Pragya replies” She is having an an urgent and important meeting in Mumbai..with in 3 or 4 days so, she’s going for this..”.. Adhu feels sad.. and ask’s ” Ma.. take me with Mamma… ” Pragya say’s ” No..Adhu.. Mamma is going on work na? plz we will go some other time and will enjoys alot”…Adhu sadly goes to her room and locked the door… Sarla notices this… and felt bad for Adhu..

Later, Pragya completes her packing and ask’s for Adhu… Sarla signs her… Pragya slowly knocks the door and calls Adhu… but no responce….
Pragya keeps on calling..but no responce from Adhu… Pragya see’s the time and get’s more worried and continuously knocking door…. But Adhu is not at all opening door… Pragya hurriendly tries to break the door with rod… Finally after trying hard..she opens the door and get’s shock seeing Adhu…

Adhu was fainted and laying on ground…. Seeing this, Pragya immediately checks her heart beat..and pulse..Immediately takes her to Hospital……… Later, Purab and Bulbul too reaches Hospital very worriedly….and consoles Sarla… Pragya keeps on walking and trying her best to hide her tears… Purab notices this, and slowly supports Pragya by his hand……Pragya collapsed on purab and crying vigorously ..


Doctor comes out and say’s ” Adhira is alright now… relax… she just had breathing problem ..that’s it ..nothing to worry.. Sarla thanks god..Bulbul too feels relief and wipes her tears… Pragya and Purab went to doctor’s room..and talks about Adhu…

Later, Adhu is shifted to room and all surrounds her and waiting for her conscious…Pragya sit’s beside her and trying hard to stop crying….slowly cares Adhu’s hair……… Slowly, Adhu opens eyes..and saw pragya with tears… She say’s “Mamma..plz dont” Pragya immediatly wipes her tears and looks Adhu lovingly… Adhu ask’s ” what happen Mamma? why i’m here?”..Pragya slowly cares Adhu’s hair and say’s “Nothing beta… u r not taking vitamin tablets on time na..that’s why u r weak…that’s it…Nothing to worry”.. Soon, Purab and Bulbul talks to Adhu and say’s some jokes to her… Adhu laughs by lisening them….. Pragya smiles seeing her………

Screen freezes on Adhu and Pragya’s smiling faces………..

Precap: Pragya get’s a call asking her to attend Mumbai meeting….Pragya get’s thinking….

Thank u so much..Vaishali, Riya, Aasthu, Sana,Sugan,Di, nirmala, Saranya,Monesha, durga,Krish…..

Got very less comments…guy’s I’m not at all dragging …my story.. ..if I make u boring with my episodes..i’m sorry for that………

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  1. what is problem? 2 adhu…………………..

    interest yaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. im really vry sorry….im telling it wholeheartedly…..i didnt had tym to cmnt…….after my parents slept im typing…….actually its really a vry good episode……but lil poor adhu , wat will she do……also guess prags will take adhu with her…..keep updating

    1. Adhya

      Hahh..Thank u so much for ur comment..but, now, i’m cool..and never feel for late, just sleep well my dear

  3. Superb episode yaar

  4. Don’t make us to irritate by asking silly question this ff very interesting all like ur ff but sometimes they will not comment bcoz of work so I hope you will understand don’t worry by the way today episode was awesome I loved it waiting for next episode eagerly I loved it soooooooo muchhhhh

    1. Adhya

      I’m sorry Monesha.. i just in some dilema regarding my episode..and due to some negative thoughts..i just said like that…But, really after reading ur msg…i just felt very happy..thank u so much for ur support.. love u too

  5. wow…its superb…but this is short episode…pls make it big…and pls unite abhigya soon…i am just waiting for ur ff eagerly…pla update next episode soon…

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Sana.. will upload soon..dear

  6. hey my doll im sry im lil busy thats y im unable to cmnt in last part. u r an awsm writer. u r not dragging. its really good keep smiling dear.
    scl n clg opened so many became silent so dont bother abt it. ya i accept less cmnts made our whole day sad but be cheer up. awsm epi. waiting for abhigya meeting

    1. Adhya

      I’m sorry Asthu.. i know we all r busy in our sckl and clg’s ..but just said like that in some thoughts… soon, i will unite them…stay dear..Love u..

  7. Please unite them yaar

  8. Wow it’s awesome bt plz make it long it’s too short
    N plz unite abhigya soon

  9. Awesome dear unite them soon baby???

  10. sheerapthinisd

    No ono it’s nice write yaar it’s nice

  11. Krish

    superrrrb yaar but wat will hpn to adhu…………..egarlyy waitng fr te nxt epiiiii…………

  12. Riyashri

    Waiting for the next part adhu …….Don’t worry for the less comments as many would hav been silent readers…. But I would surely support u !!!

    1. Adhya

      Thank u..Riya..after reading ur messages i just relaxed my dear… i know u will support me..always

  13. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome episode adhu i read it in morning i was keep on thinking of it in my skl superb waiting eagerly fr ur next episode dear..

    1. Adhya

      Thank dear…i know u will there for me…hahh..keep smiling..

  14. Superb episode..

  15. Adhya

    Thank much Guys,… for ur huge support….Stay tuned for more twists..

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