LOVE AND IT’S SHADES….episode-17


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Pragya makes Adhira ready for her competition and Kisses on forehead say’s ALL THE BEST…..Adhira say’s ” U also coming na mumma?”..Pragya say’s “Ha…y ur asking like this? i have to see my princess performance na?”.. Adhira looks some what tensely and say’s ” Ha..mamma..u will see my rocking performance today…and winks at pragya…Soon pragya gets a call from Bulbul and came to know about an imp case…which is emergency…. Pragya say’s ” Kk..i will come..yaa..soon”.. Pragya feels so sad..for not able to attend Adhu’s program……..and sits sadly…Adhira notices this..and slowly places her hands around her neck..and say’s “Oho….Mamma…why u so sad? what happened now? my baby..Purab Maamu will record it na..and u can see in our home..kk now, smile my sweety”..and winks at her…Pragya too smiles and say’s ” Kk..madem ji”..and lifts her… Soon, Adhira get’s ready and Purab comes and say’s” Chotie! i will drop her”..Pragya about to say..but Adhu say’s “It’s kk..mamma..i will go with Maamu..” and Adhu and Purab winks at both….Pragya see’s this and say’s ” what’s cooking here?”.Adhu say’s nothing mamma…and waves bye to her..and leaves quickly with purab… After some time, Pragya too leaves for Hospital…..


Purab seated in audience seat..and keeps on looking at Adhu..and sign ALL THE BEST…Adhu too gives a flying kiss and murmers Thank u….Soon, Abhi enters school.. as usual All media surround him..and keep’s on asking..some thing..Abhi didn’t mind any thing..and shake hands with principal…He signs his secretary to take Aarav with her…. And slowly Seated in Judge seat…Purab get’s surprised seeing Abhi but still remains silent and waiting for Adhu’s performance…. Adhira keeps on looking at Abhi..but, Abhi doesn’t see her…. As students are performing , Abhi is not much impressed. Anchor announces , Next Contestant ,ADHIRA….Abhi get’s excited and surprised to see Adhira…..Abhi looks very excited…ADHIRA Strings her guitar n started to string her guitar n turns slowly …Abhi looks on with a smile..Adhira sings Marez-e-ishq…with stringing her guitar..Abhi was impressed and Adhu finished her performance with a base pose….

Abhi mesmerized by her performance..and say’s to himself , For a minute,I thought that I was seeing myself on this stage…Abhi gives a Hard clap n standing ovation…Adhira feels very Happy….As all kids performed..It’s time to Announce results..Abhi was keep on looking at Adhiraa..As the result announces, ADHIRA got the first prize….All her friends hugs her…Abhi goes to Adhu and say’s ” U d winner my lill girl…” Adhira say’s Thank u..sir…Abhi takes her in his arms and say’s ” U r my Rock dear..u know I thought I was seeing my self in stage..U rocked it my baby… U really deserves this..Adhira smiles…As the prizes r distributed and Adhu was showing the prize to Purab..and smiles…Abhi was keep on looking at her..but missed to see Purab’s face…At last, Abhi finds Adhira is pampering by her teachers and call’s her…Adhira runs towards Abhi..Abhi lifts her and ask’s ” u came alone?”Adhira replies” No..sir my Maamu came with me..i think he is busy in some call…” and looks for Purab… Abhi says’ ” can i drop u home”? Adhira say’s “It’s kk..sir.. i will go with maamu..and also we have a special work to do.” Abhi smiles and say’s ” kk..but i have a special gift for u”..Adhu looks on with a excitement face..Abhi takes his fav Guitar and gives it to her….Adhu gets that and say’s ” Wow..i cann’t believe this..My mamma promised me that she will present this type of guitar on my B’day…Thank u so much sir..and Kisses the Guitar… Abhi smiles and kissed on her forehead… Soon, Adhira see’s Purab and get’s down from Abhi..and waves bye to him..and runs towards Purab…Abhi smiles seeing her and see’s purab from backside… Purab happily hugs Adhu and kisses her… Soon, they start leaving..Abhi still looks for her..just then, Aarav runs towards him and ask’s for Adhira.. Abhi say’s she just left..Aarav gives a sad expression and say’s ” Oh..No…i want to congratulate her..Chaachu…” Abhi smiles and lifts him and say’s “We will meet her again..and congratulate her..kk?” Aarav happily nodes and they both leaves from there ……….


Abhi and Aarav reaches hotel…but, Abhi still remains in Adhira’s thoughts…. Aarav calls Abhi..but no responce..Aarav shakes Abhi…Abhi get’s out from thoughts and say’s ” Ha..baba ..tell me!.”. Aarav stares at him..and signs.. Abhi couldnot understand..anything..and ask’s what.. Aarav say’s ” take out my shirt..” Abhi changes night ware to Aarav…Slowly, Aarav lay’s on him and Abhi tells about Adhira… Aarav feel’s jealousy and say’s ” Chachu! don’t say she is Rock star… u always call’s me as a Rock star naa ..then, why u suddenly change and takes her side?” Abhi smiles and say’s ” It’s not like that ..Aarav…. kk tell me,” how’s Adhira’s performance today?’ Aarav say’s ” really superb “with Excitement ..Abhi say’s so u to agreed for that’s why I calls her Rock star… It doesn’t mean ur not my Rock star..but, u should show ur talent naa? Aarav nodes yes..and say’s” surely i will show to whole world…chaachu..then, U too call’s me Rock star…” Abhi smiles and kisses him and say’s That’s my boy.. so, u shouldn’t feel jealousy..kk.. if u practise well sure u will be Rock star oneday..kk” and see’s Aarav falls asleep on him… Abhi smiles seeing his innocence and slowly he too get’s into sleep………


Pragya enters home lately and see’s darkness… she call’s Maa.., Adhu..but no response….she slowly walks towards switch board to switch on lights…Suddenly, Lights get on and hears” SURPRISE……………….!” Pragya shockingly see’s Full of decorations… and see’s Sarla maa, Purab , Adhira and Bulbul…..with happy faces….Soon, everybody shout’s ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY”..then, Pragya realizes it’s her B’Day..and smiles seeing all……..Soon Purab makes her sit in sofa..and Bulbul, Adhu Brings Cake.for her….they make her to cut cake…Pragya feeds Adhu first then, Sarla, Purab..and Bulbul… Suddenly, some small hands closes her eyes from back..Pragya know’s it was her loving daughter…………Adhu say’s “I have a gift for u..”. Pragya say’s ” No..Adhu..I already have a Wonderful gift..i.e; My Princess …” and tries to open her eyes… Adhu say’s ” plz mamma..for me.. u have to see this…plz na..” Pragya say’s kk and still remains closing her eyes.. Soon, Adhu handover’s something in her hands and ask her to open her eyes.. Pragya is surprised to see her gift..Ya, that’s Adhu’s Prize…..Pragy’s eyes r filled with tears and see’s Adhira lovingly.. Adhu wipes Pragya’s tears with her small hands..and say’s ” It’s really U r’s Prize…Mamma.. becoz , u only support me in all ways for practicing .na.. With out ur support..I cann’t win this Mamma… Thank u..Mamma.”.Pragya just amused seeing her daughter’s love towards her and Hugs her tightly and kisses her… While Purab, Sarla and Bulbul see’s their bond..lovingly…

Later, they feed cake to each other..and enjoys party for Adhu’s success…They all get into sleep at late night….slowly…


Adhu reaches school and talks with her friends…… Abhi and Aarav too reaches there..and meet’s Adhu.. Aarav say’s congrats to her.. and talks for sometime…Later, Abhi say’s ” we r leaving to mumbai, just thought to say u..” and cares her face lovingly……Adhira smiles and hugs Abhi. and say’s ” U r Bestest ROCK STAR in world ..Sir… U r My INSPIRATON..” Abhi smiles lisening her… Later, Adhu hugs Aarav and say’s Abhi and Aarav…….Soon, Abhi and Aarav leaves in car…Abhi feels some connection with her..and misses her.. Adhu too feel’s some bad and misses him..and returned to her class…

PRECAP: Pragya tells Adhu.. she has to go Mumbai for an imp work…

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