‘Their Love (sequel to The diary letter, A Shivika OS)


Please read these first: Diary Letter
Part 2

So thank you so much for the previous responses. Please ignore any typos & mistakes, I didn’t properly proof. Happy reading…

POV: Jhanvi Tej Oberoi
I was the one who ran away from my own wedding to marry him, I loved him. And I believed that he too did the same. I felt the need to support Pinky & Tia, because Shivaay wasn’t willing to accept Anika as his wife. That is when ‘Mummyji’ made sense, even Tej had gone closer to Swetlana, she was never given the identity of an Oberoi ‘bahu’, as I was the one who completed the ‘saat pheras’ with Tej, it was to me to whom he vowed to be with in happiness & adversity. How could I turn my face to that poor girl, who had only brought in warmth. As a mother, I can understand what she is going through, now. She never had anyone to support her, even in the worst encounters of life. I took her head in my lap, transferring her to my shouldergently soothing her back calming her tensed muscles,giving her some motherly love that she needed badly.Pinky stood at the entrance with guilt written all over her face. I signed her to come inside. Anika opened are eyes slightly..
A: Ma…don’t leave me alone…Ma..I’m afraid..
With this, Pinky took her unacceptable daughter in law in a bone crushing hug, pouring out all her love and emotions..I could understand all of them, but her, she surprised me, again!

POV: Tej Singh Oberoi
Shivaay stood at the entrance of the room, staring at his only piece of interest.For me, being ruthless, insensitive, was just being me..But for Shivaay, it was a choice, a deal he made with me for his brothers’s freedom. A look at my nephew made me flinch, he looked tortured, his eyes sunken, jawlines precariously projecting out, his hair & clothes messed up, he looked completely broken. I somehow felt guilt gripping my heart, he had sacrificed his life and almost his ‘love’ for the family, I had torn apart. I had broken the woman who stood with me all through my life, and proved the most insensitive son & father too. And now, Shivaay had broken the heart of poor orphan girl, even though his was beating for hers. He swayed back and was about to fall when Om & Rudra held him. His heart problem?? O god why didn’t it happen before, when he tirelessly managed the Oberoi business & its worries. What happened in these 3 months…she happened…yes it did!

Entry 1: Returning..
As I ditched Chandu with sso..and Ru couldnt find her eventhough he tried, bear with me chakor..I am a bit overwhelmed by the acceptance of ‘Pinky Aunty’ sorry ‘Ma’ and everyone else including the great TSO..’baade papa’. The family had really helped me to come of the trauma of being Daksh’s hostile for a week. Why in the earth, did he have to keep me in a dark room..he could have afforded some lights na?. Yes, I did disagree to marry him or move in with him. So, he kidnaps me, puts me in scary mess…Eeeh, this blue bloods, why can’t they ever think straight. I’m insane, I’m…I’m still not getting the gravity of things happening with me, yes he was my stalker I told Om, he told me that Rudra kind of punched him to death. It had been five whole days since my re-entry into the Mansion. ‘Ma’ told me many stories of her ‘phind’, ‘badi Ma her kaafi tumultuous(Oye..bb language) love story. Dadi made me special dishes, Omru, Prinku, Soumya..they cheered me up so much, that I’m joking about my own kidnap..O My Mata!!

Entry 2 :Being mad
I have really fallen in love with this whole diary thing, thank you Dadi. In these five days, I have not seen him, a single time, its not that I want to, but I do..Ouch!! Thinking of the devil, my ankle is hurting again and because of this fracture, I was kind of tied to my bed for the past 96 hours..sheey!!

POV: Anika
As I walked past his room, I felt tension spreading up everywhere. A doctor approached me.
I was staring quizzically at him..
D: Mrs Oberoi, his condition is worsening..
Before he could complete, Om signed him, held my hand and pulled me with him.
A: What was he saying Om..is it about Mr.Oberoi, is he sick.
O: Don’t call him that Anika, he doesn’t like it..
I looked at him, as he had not answered my question. He held my hand softly and made me sit beside him.
O: Anika, shivaay used to have this problem since childhood. But because he was well treated, and took proper care of himself it didn’t continue to be one.
A: What..problem?
O: His heart, there was a hole in his heart and the cente wall was very thin. But it was kind of cured…but when you left him, he broke internally, he loved you Anika, even though he never had the courage to speak out loud. Then Tia’s truth and everything together was too much for him to bear..he was guilty of hurting you, losing you..and he hurts himself for that, he doesn’t have proper food or medicine…so it just got worse..

Anika went numb, I called out to her, no response, I shook her, she gently moved her head and rested it on my shoulder.
A: Did I break him Om, did I hurt him too much…will he be fine??
She asked softly, Oh this woman..he broke her, hurt her more, tortured her, his sins were abhorrent and unforgivable, but here she was feeling guilty of he hurting himself. I kept my hand on her shoulder.
O: Oh Anika, its not your fault, its his…and if you help himhe’ll be fine…I know it’s difficult. .to forget & forgive certain things..I was also angry with him, but we will just help him now..ok?
She nodded her head in agreement…and walked towards his room.
O: Its is Anika Om, and her heart is made of gold…

POV: Anika
I entered his room when so many incidents flashed in front of me, some painful & others funny, the last one, me signing the divorce paper. I wondered whether we were legally separated or not. The doctors removed the various devices that were connected to him. They gave me some instructions on what to do if he gets a sudden chest pain.

This man lying in front of me is neither the beasty baggad billa or the cute billuji I knew, he was someone else (wait, did you say cute? wrong adjective Anika, but he used to be cute). He looked like a broken ‘Shivaay’, ahh!! his name makes my head spin. As I took his hands in mine, he woke up with a jerk. His Anika meter would be beeping loud. I flinched as I wasn’t it expecting him to wakeup so soon. He looked at me as if I had grown horns. He cupped my face, tears filling in his almost dead eyes which were now slowly turning coral blue. The next moment he rested his head onto my shoulder, a shiver passed through me, I felt him breathing heavily and his heartbeats went awry. I shrieked out Om’s name, he rushed into the room and gently rubbed at Shivaay’s chest, he immediately gave him some medicines and water. After Om left, I stared at Shivaay, his pale skin, bluish pink lips, he was sweating badly. I gently took him back in my embrace until his body completely relaxed. After he fell asleep, I rested his head onto a pillow and pulled up the sheet & immediately crawled off the bed.

Entry by Stupid Singh Oberoi
I’m a fool, neither did I trust you nor did I doubt on Tia. Being a business man, I should have been able to distinguish between people. So I’m an idiot. But I hope I’ll get to you see once more Anika, to apologise for all my mistakes..Please come. No need to forgive me, I’m not forgiving myself either..Another thing is that ‘I’m in love with you’, it happened long ago. Maybe that day you were crying in rain, I felt bad. I couldn’t see you hurt. But being a fool I didn’t realise, I believed in Daksh’s accusations & doubted on you…I can’t be forgiven.

I wokeup earlier than usual, I was feeling a bit off balance due to those medicines. Anika is sleeping on the couch, but the couch is too smal for her. She is shivering, why didn’t she cover up. I picked her up and made her lie on the bed and covered her with a blanket. My chest is hurting, I’m not supposed to lift anything, but she seems lighter, did she lose weight. I’m feeling guilty all over again. I walk towards the pool.

POV: Anika
I woke up with a start, I was on a bed, his bed. I was covered by a blanket. Reading what he had written in my diary, me emotions were going haywire. I looked around, he was sitting near the pool, he looked better than yesterday, but he did look sick. I silently exited the room without catching his attention, but his Anika detector will beep. Should I forgive him, no, not this soon, but I kind of already did. He is really sick, what if he falls sick again, O, I’m not telling him that I’ll forgive him, final.
S: Anika..
Me: See its still working not broken(to herself, but loud enough)
S: What?
Me: Nahi, Your sense.
S: Anika I..
Me: You put me on the bed, you were advised not to take strain..
S: You were not comfortable on the couch..and you can sleep on the bed, I’ll shift to Om’s
Me: I’m comfortable being uncomfortable Mr.Oberoi
With that his face fell, should I regret for what I said, now his shoulders slumped, O he has become too very sensitive. I held him by hand and made him lie on the bed.
A: I think you should rest for sometime more..I’ll fetch your americano.
S: I drink tea, with milk & sugar.
Fhat the wuck!! Ok, this happens when you try to get civil with your almost ex-husband, specially when the feeling is mutual. Note the point that I drink ‘kaali coffee’ oops territory change ‘its Americano’.

As days passed, the relations started changing again. Anika was surprised when the couch in their room went missing, only to be replaced by a bright orange sofa bed with a night lamp, Mr. Husband was getting sensible. With her presence Shivaay recovered instantly and soon resumed office. She couldn’t hold back her tears when Sahil came running towards her, Shivaay had taken him to Singapore and his operation was successfully done. Moreover, she was now included in the Obros team, she even substituted Shivaay when he went away on business trips. Everybody had become really fond of her. Tej, impressed by her work ethics and talent had motivated her to start her event management business, which was going on pretty well. Shivaay & Anika weren’t yet like a couple but they had become almost like before with cute fights, omru’s teasings, dadi takkar sessions and some Oh Jaana moments…

After a couple of months, Shivaay had finally found the courage to tell his feelings out loud. He had came a day earlier than said from one of his businesses trips and had OmRu’s help to keep her awake till midnight. He got the kitchen decorated beautifully and proposed her with water, aloo poori & gajar ka halwa..
S: Anika if you have completely forgiven this bhaggad billa..will you marry him??
OmRu’s eyes popped off the sockets seeing this completely incredible scene, their brother and such a cute proposal?…Oh No!! …not again cute is not the word for sso…

So this it guys, sorry for not giving a proper ending!!…Did you like it?? So today seeing Shivaay in the pool has completely made me insane. So lets do same paani waala pyaar..coming soon!!

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