Your Love Saved Me OS

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***********YOUR LOVE SAVED ME***********

2 Girls and A Bit is sitting facing each other like they want to convice the boy

Girl 1(Pleads) : Pls Rohit do this for me I will be very thankful to you for your this favor you are my little brother na plzzzzz

Girl 2 : Rohit plz help her otherwise she will do something unbleivleable

Rohit looks towards both of them with confuse and sad face

Rohit : ok tell what I have to do

Girl 1(Happy) : Yeeep Thank you so much Rohit

Girl 2 : Calm down Swara first tell him what he has to do

Swara : oh yah Parena silly me Look Rohit it’s the number of that Guy with whom my marriage has been fixed You have to call at this number and said that “Swara with whom your alliance has been fixed is your lover and we loved each other if you ever try to come in between us then she will suside” bass itna go kegna yah

Rohit was seeing Swara with wide eyes

Parents : But Swara what will you get with all this I mean the boy with whom your marriage has been fixed is handsome and he lives in Australia than what’s the problem

Swara : You are not understanding Parena if I do this marriage than I have to leave my Maa and go with that jerk I don’t want to leave my Maa alone that’s why I don’t want to marry to anyone

Parents ; ok I got it

Swara : Rohit will you do this for you Swara diddi plz

Rohit : ok give me number I’ll handle it in my way

He takes the chit From Swara’s hand and walk away from room

Note : Rohit is Swara’s friend Parena’s brother so don’t get confuse

After some days Swara’s marriage broke with that false news while Swara’s Mom try to figure out what’s the matter but they only said ” That they want any characters girl as their Daughter in law”

On listening this Swara’s mother becomes furious and said “I also don’t want to send my daughter in those people who don’t have any Sence of right and wrong ”

***********2 weeks later***********

Swara and Shomi both were sitting in drawing room while Shomi was cutting veggies and Swara was reading job articles in newspaper

Swara : Maa I want to do a job

Shomi becomes shocked listening to Swara and said

Shomi(Sternly) : No there is no need to do job your father’s pension is enough for both of us

Swara : Maa I don’t think so did you have seen the condition of house when ever rain comes the seeling of roof starts to dripping rain drops I don’t like this we need money to repair our house so I’m applying for job that final

Shomi(Tries To Resist) : But …

Swara : no but wat

Shomi : ok but be careful

Swara(Happy) : ok Maa

Days were passing like this and Swara got a job in an advertisement company she has to sold products by going house to house

At first three months everything went smoothly Swara got gathred his three month salary and repair her house and also bold the upper portion on house and now life was going smooth and steady

***********One day***********

Shomi : Swara I have asked Mrs Gupta to find a paying guest for upper portion

Swara : ok Maa.

Shomi : So I was thinking Now there is no need to do job I don’t k,pe why now a days I felt restless as something bad is gonna happened you please leave this job

Swara who was watching TV becomes shocked listening to Shmoi and said

Swara(Angry) : What are you saying Maa I can’t do that I want to continue my job and there is nothing bad gonna happened don’t worry

Shomi becomes silent listening to this

Days were passing and Mrs Gupta has find a paying guest for them he was a boy Shomi told this to Swara but she didn’t pay any heed to it

***********2 Months later***********

It was winter season and today Swara was at home she takes a warmth bath and goes on lawan and sat on a chair by keeping her legs on table she placed her head back at the chair and closed her eyes to feel the warmth of sun rays

A boy came from gate and becomes mesmerized to see the view in front of him He sees A fairy in white dress water was dripping from his long hair and her pink cheeks were shining in sunlight and her red juices lips he was standing there and stairing at her

As the boy was stairing Swara she feels someone’s gaze on her and opened her eyes and becomes shocked to see the person on front of her

She immediately stands from her chair and said

Swara(Shocked & Worried) : YOU What are you doing here in my house you cheapster how dare you to enter in my house

Boy who was shocked with his act as she was blaming him without any reason and tries to explain

Boy(Confuse) ; wait Miss I think you are getting me wrong I was just

Swara(Angry) : you were just what haa I very well know cheap persons like you first from last two days you are following me from my house to my office and now you entered in my house without anyone permission get out I said GET out

As swara was screaming and blaming him not becomes angry and said

Boy(Angrily) : ENOUGH now you lists in to me first my Name is Sanskaar Meshwari second I’m your paying guest third I didn’t follow you as in which office you do job I’m Marketing Manager at that company fourth I came here to have you Shomi Aunty’s Medicines which she ask me to bring and fifth don’t blame me ever without any reason

Saying this he leaves from there leaving Swara shocked and Furiouse at him

Swara(monolouge) : How can he talk to me like that at first due to him I was in tension from last two months and instead of saying sorry he left by giving me lecture I hate him

Days are passing like this only whenever SwaSan comes face to face they have angry glared to each other

***********One Evening***********

Swara was sitting in louge when Shomi came there and said

Shomi : Swara please go and bring dishes from Sanskaar’s room I had given her knees in that you go and bring them as I can’t walk much sir to pain in my legs

Swara becomes angry but didn’t say anything she goes upwards and knocks Sanskaar’s room

Sanskaar : come in

Swara open the door and see Sanskaar is laying on the bed she silently moved towards dishes and picks them when she was about to leave she heard Sanskaar’s voice

Sanskaar : Wait Miss Swara I want to tell you something someone is ploting against you on office so he careful

Swara(Angrily) : I can take care of my self u don’t need to take tension

Saying so she leaves from there

***********Next Day In Office***********

Shaina(the CEO of company) sends Swara to a colony to sell products

When Swara enters the colony she becomes confuse to see but mentions

Swara (monologue) : why Shaina Mam has sent me here to sell products I don’t think so that people here will be interesting in buying thing from an advertisment c9mapny but what to do if Shaina man has sent me so let’s try

Swara entered in a house and said to guard

Swara : Is your madam is at home?

Guard: Yes mam you plz sit I’ll call her

Swara : ok

She sat there and starts to explore the drawing room just than she heard someone’s foot stepss and stand up seeing a man in front of her

Swara(Nervouse) : I was waiting for madam

Man(Smiles Evilly0): it’s ok can I know your name beautiful?

Man wistfully sees Swara from top to bottom she feels uncomfortable and said

Swara(Feeling Uncomfortable) : Swara My Swara Gagodia

Man comes forward and gives a hand to Swara for hand shake

Man : I’m Sahil

Swara hand shake with him and when she was about to free her hand he didn’t let her go

Swara(Worried) ; plz leave my hand

Sahil(Evilly) : oh come on baby let’s have some fun

Saying this he pushes her on couch and comes on her

Sahil tries to kiss her but she didn’t let him do that and remember her Maa and with full force she pushes him and runs from there while leaving her dupatta behind

Sahil holds her dupatta who was on the floor and smells it

Sahil : I will make you mine Miss Swara hahaha

***********Next Day***********

Swara goes to Shaina and said

Swara : Shaina mam I don’t want to go that area plz send me somewhere else

Shaina : ok sweety today you go to middle class area ok

Swara nodes and takes the a dress and leaves from there

Sge enters the house which Shaina has told and goes inside a female sarvent sees her and said

Servant : Mam you plz sit I’ll call the Madam

Swara : ok.

Swara was feeling very uneasy just than she turns and becomes shocked to see Sahil

Sahil : Hello Swara

Swara stand up and tries to run but he runs back and holds her

Sahil(Holds her in his arms) : where do you think you are going sweety

Swara(Tries to free herself) : leave me I’m not that type of girl

She frees herself and again tries to run but Sahil pinned her to the wall and dogged his face in her neck while Swara was moving her head here and there

She sees a case at a distance and with much diffculty she holds it and breaks it on Sahil head and runs from there

***********AT NIGHT IN HOME************

Swara was very scared due to incident she told her Maa everything and was crying while Shomi was very worried and calls Sanskaar and tells him all iincident

Sanskaar sees Swara who was crying

Just than someone knocks the gate

Sanskaar : Aunty you stay here I’ll see who it is?.

Sanskaar goes outside and sees the police and said

Sanskaar ; Yes what you want inspector?

Inspector : we are here to arrest Miss Swara Gagodia I, attempt to murder of Sahil sengupta

Sanskaar talk to them and they leave when he came back Shomi was sitting on couch in living room while Swara was in her room

Shomi(Worried & Crying) : Now what will we do I’m very scared I have already loose my husband now I can’t loose my daughter plz do something Sanskaar .

Sanskaar sees Shomi and becomes worried.

Sanskaar(Assures) : Don’t worry aunty nothing will happened to her Aunty I have a solution you should do swara marriage than no one will be able to see towards her

Shomi : But where will we find groom that to so hurridly

Sanskaar sees towards Shomi and said

Sanskaar(Shyes) : Aunty you know me very well I’m orphan I have one uncle and now I’m setting my business and I really like Swara if you don’t mind I’ll marry Swara

Shomi becomes happy after listening to Sanskaar and immediately said yes.

***********Next Day***********

With all rituals both Swasan got married In marriage only some neighbours were present

Swara tried to refuse from marriage but Shomi disnt listen to her and now she was sitting on the bed and waiting for Sanskaar

Just than door open and Sanskaar came in he sees Swara she was wearing red crystal bangles in her wrist and small earring in east and a smile gold chain in her neck

She has not woren much jewels but still die Sanskaar she was looking like a fairy

He slowly moves towards her and lay beside her while she was still sitting and feeling very nervous

From back Sanskaar kept this hand on her back and caress it and said .

Sanskaar(Huskily) : will you sit like this whole night ???

Swara becomes shocked on Sanskaar behaviour and stands up from bed while Sanskaar sits on the bed looking towards her who was playing her fingers nervously

Swara(Nervouse) : I’m feeling sleepy so I’m going to sleep in my room .

Saying so she leaves from there and goes downwards in her room and sleeps there

**********Next Morning***********

Shomi was setting table and Swara was helping her

Shomi : Go Swara and calls Sanskaar grow breakfast

Swara(monoluge) : how can I go in front of her after last night what if he do something wrong ni no I can’t go

Shomi : why are you standing like this go and call him

Swara came to sences and said

Swara(Fakely Shies) : Maa wo wo I’m feeling shy plz you go na

Shomi sees towards Swara and than says : ok I’ll go you sit here

After sometime Sanskaar also comes there with Shomi and sees towards who was sitting vending her head so that she will not see Sanskaar

Trio sat and starts doing breakfast

Sanskaar(In Normal Tone) : Swara from tomorrow you are coming with me office as they have you documents so for doucumenys you have to do this job one week more after that you can resign

Swara simply nodes her head

Note : as in which company both Swasan are doing job that have a rule that you have to submit all your real documents and if u want to resign than you have to do one week work more than only you can get your doucumet back

***********Next Day***********

Both Swasan got ready and goes out

Swara was very nervous as she was thinking she has to sit on bike with her but when she come out from gate she become suprided to see Sanskaar standing with a car

He opens the door for her and she sat in it silently while way none of both talks

Sanskaar’s aura was effecting sawara she dreams that Sanskaar will tries to hold her and than she will frees herself than he will forcefully take her to their room and she will also melt like ice in his arms

But she came to sences on listening Sanskaar voice

Sanskaar : we reached listen Swara if someone said something or some problem come than call me immediately ok and yah hide this mangalsutar and sindoor don’t tell anyone that we are married

Swara nodes her head and hides the mangalsutar and sindioor and both came down from his car while Shaina sees this and said

Shaina(Shocked) : Swara what was you doing I think he forgot to pray anti girls sprays that’s why you are with her today

Saying so she leaves from there

As Shaina has many times tries to attract Sanskaar but he didn’t pay any heed to her neither to any other girl

Next six days passed very happily without any problem daily Swara comes down when Shomi sleeps and she sleeps in her room while Sanskaar never said anything to her and this thing was bothering Swara very much

Today was the last day of Swara’s job and she got ready with full attention

She was wearing a pink and white frock with net dupatta she applies k

Kajal on her big black eyes and pink lip gloss on her soft lips she wear glass bangles in her both wrists and lastely she let her hair open

Sanskaar who was coming from upwards becomes mesmerized to see Swara wholes Swara was feeling shy due to his gaze but she instantly hides her shyness and said

Swara(Happily) : Chalein??

Sanskaar came out of his trance and said

Sanskaar ; Yah let’s go

Both sat in car and starts to drive towards the office

Sanskaar stops the car at signal just than so,e bore came and said

Boy : Bhaiya plz bye there flowers for bhabhi

Swara who was sitting becomes shy listening the word bahbi

Samskar bye the Jasmine flowers and keep then on dashboard and starts to drive again

The fragrance of Jasmine and Sanskaar’s aura were attacting Swara towards Sanskaar she was melting but she instantly pic that Jasmine flowers and throws 6hen out from window

Sanskaar : why you do that

Swara(Angry on herself) : I dony like its fragrance I was feeling pain in my head that why I throw them.

Sanskaar(Teases) : I think you are unique piece girls mostly loved the Jasmine and you are saying you hate it well we reach office

The whole day passes peacefully as today was Swara’s last day so she was talking to her colleges and was not doing any work just than peon came N said that Boss is calling her

She excuse with her colleges and goes to Boss cabin when she enters the cabin she bocmoes shoked by seeing police there

Boss : Miss Swara police has came to arrest you in aatempt to muder of sahil

Swara panicks and picks the phone which was on desk and calls Sanskaar

Swara(Worried) : Hello Sanskaar plz come to Boss cabin instantly

saying so she cut the call and starts to wait for Sanskaar

Shaina(Attitude) : Why are you calling Sanskaar?

Swara didnt reply and waits for Sanskaar

Just than Sanskaar entrs the cabin and sees a panick Swara and than towards Police

He Comes Infront of Swara And said to police officers

Sanskaar(In Strict Tone) : Yes what you want inspector?

Inspector : Listein Mr we are here to arrest Miss Swara we have her arrest warent

He shows a paper to Sanskaar

Sanskaar : How can I Belive you that you are here to arrest Swara or you want to take her to Sahil

Listeining to this both Inspectors becomes worried and said

Inspector ; Listein Mr Its Our Matter Who are you to interfare

Boss : Sanskaar let them do there work

Sanskaar : I didnt expect this from you Sir(to inspector) show me Your paprs from which statin you have come than ill enquire from DSP who is my friend

Shaina ; why are you interfaring in this matter

Sanskaar(Loudly) : i hav full right to interfare Because she is SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESWARi MY WIFE

Shaina and Boss both becomes shocked

Shana(Shocked) : You Marry her

Sanskaar put a envlope on desk and said

Sanskaar(Angryly) : This is my resignation sir I dont want to do any work at that plce where my WIFE has no respect

Boss(Pleads) ; Plz Sanskaar dont go you are my honest employ and this all was Shaina idea

Shaina(Shoiuting) : What are you saying you bl**dy man you have taken 15 laks from Sahil to sell Swara and now you are blaming me

Swara becomes shocked and Sanskaar holds her hand and they both come out from office hand in hand

Both sat in car and Sanskaar starts to dive

SWara : Thank To Maa whose prayers save me

Sanskaar ; And My Love too

Swara : Love???

Sanskaar : Shania is married but she has illegal relations with Boss she lives with her just because of money

Swara becomes furiose on Sanskaar for changing topic

Swara(Monoluge) : Kanjoose how can he change the topic i want hear about his Love and here he is talking about that Shaina and Boss

After somethime Swara notice that they are not going home

Swara : Where are we going?

Sanskaar : Home

she didnt say anything just there silently After sometime car stops infront of a beautiful and small house

Both Swasan came down from car

Sanskaar : Come this is our House and this is our Room

The Room has a king size bed and there were swasan pics and the walls were painted with blue colour while Swara was examining the Roo Sanskaar hugs her from back

Sanskaar(Hugging her) : And From Now On I Will Not Tolerate Your Room Changing Habit You will sleep with me on this bed

He truns her towards him and saw that she is blushing

Sanskaar(Huskily) : Swara Do you blieve in Love at first side? You Know when i saw you first time that day in sun light i was mesmerised but before i say something you missunderstood me Than when i got to know that someone is plotting against you in office i try to warn you I ask to myself Is it Love Sanskaar than That day whwn i Saw you crying My Heart Winches in pain I LOVE U SWARA I REALLY DO


Sanskaar sees towards Swara’s lips and than to her eyes she clossed her eyes and they kiss pasionately

After breaking the kiss Swara becomes shie and hide herself in his chest ahile Sabskaar chuckles

While the were walking back towards the gate

Sanskaar(Points towards a room) : And This Will Be Maa’s Room

Sanskaar : Will Maa LI\ive With Us

Sanskaar : Yes How Can I Leace her in that old House

Swara becoes teary eyes

Swara : I M really Blesse To have You As My Life Partner I LOVE YOU Plz Never Leave Me

Sanskaar : I Promise I Will Never Leave You


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