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With Love , Sanskar ( OS by Mona )


Swara Bose stepped into her house. Her eyes studying all the corners of the room and when proved of her solitude, she sighed with relief. She switched all the lights and dumped herself on the couch. She had a very long day. She was tired.


There was this sound coming from the kitchen. Swara was alarmed. She jumped out of the couch and her hand found something like a flower vase.

Holding it tightly in her hand, she moved slowly towards the kitchen. She switched on the light and peeped her head inside but she could find no one. She paced the whole place once with her eyes and when still the result was found negative, she proceeded back to her seat on the couch.

She fall down on the couch and stared at the dusty ceiling of her house.

‘Am I dreaming?’ Swara thought. Ever since she reached back she had a nerve saying that someone else is there in the house. It was like sixth sense feeling but she was almost sure about it. Almost.

But now after this much time she has concluded that it was just an illusion.


She was knocked out of her dreamland by something as fast as jet. She sat up straight and looked at that thing which almost knocked her out.

It was a box, wrapped with gift paper. Her eyebrows raised and her brain gets filled with questions. From where did it came?

She took it from the ground. She was about to open it but a sudden thought that it could be a trap or something stopped her. She turned it around and examined all nook and corners of it and at last she found a paper sticked on it.

Her eyes drew close to it and she found three words written on it.

With love, Sanskar.

Her eyes grew wide with surprise and a small smile formed on her lips.

She opened it tearing the gift paper smoothly to find another box inside, and again wrapped with gift paper. Her mind filled with curiosity.

This time she quickly took off the cover and to find, to her displeasure another box, this time smaller than the previous one. She ripped the cover off and there was an another little more smaller package.

And the process goes on. With each box the size grew smaller and the smile on her face gets replaced by anger and irritation.

At last she stood with a small box of the size of her small finger. She concluded that it would be the last one and she would find her gift inside it.

She opened it with full of prayers in her mind and she found inside a piece of paper kept inside it.

Is that it????

Swara’s face flushed with anger. He made her do this much hard work for just a letter. It would have been Sanskar’s if he did come in front of her then.

She opened the letter.


APRIL FOOL !!!!!!!!

Sorry my dear love I was just kidding. I know it’s not April, but you are always a fool, so I don’t think saying that is wrong.

With Love, Sanskar ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

PS:- You look really cute now and don’t crush the paper.


Swara was halfway through crushing the paper when she read that last sentence.

“BASTARDDD” She yelled, hell angry with her boyfriend. She kicked the nearby table in frustration and she groaned with pain. And that’s when she noticed another piece of paper lying on the floor. She took it and read it’s contents :

There’s an oinment on the table. I am sure that you would hurt yourself in frustration.

Swara’s eyes went to the table and she found oinment in there and went back into the letter shaking her head.

And don’t get more angry. I really have a gift for you. You just have to find it. And there’s one more thing.

I am here. In your house.

“He’s here.” She repeated the sentence to herself. “He’s here. He’s here.”

Now she understood why she had that sixth sense.

Quickly she ran out of the hall to her room, lounge, store room study room searching all the nooks and corners but she couldn’t even get a glimpse of Sanskar.

She sat on her bed, disappointed. Where he would be hiding? The question travelled through her head. She dropped her hands on her head to find something in there. Something on her head. She grabbed and there was chit :

You can’t find me.

It read. Even though she can’t see him now, she could clearly imagine the smirk on his face when saying those words.

She looked at the chit to find there’s some more written in it.

Just follow the clues and you would find your surprise.

“GREAT. Now he’s making me play treasure hunt.” She said sighing with irritation and looked back at the chit.

It goes up and down but never moves.

Her eyes grew wide. There’s no way she’s gonna solve these riddles.

Goes up and down. What is it? Aeroplane. No how can she find an aeroplane in my house. And it moves. andThen what ?

She moved out from her bedroom still thinking and clutching the chit. She turned the chit around and searched all its corners praying that she would find an another clue in it. But she didn’t. And that was when she slipped and almost fall down.

“Shit. This f**king stairs-“She snapped.

Stairs. It goes up and down and surprisingly it never moves. She grinned as she realised that she solved the riddle.

Swara climbed up 2 steps at a time and found another chit lying on the top stair. Another clue. She picked it up and read.

If you are able add t.

WTF! Add t. What t? Is it about tea?

She ran to the kitchen and checked the tea pot, bags and all things related to tea. But she couldn’t find a thing.

So it isn’t about the tea then what is it. She thought sitting on the table. She felt that she’s sitting on the something and she climbed down to find the next clue.

Add t to able table.

She sighed as she realised she couldn’t even solve this simple riddle. She read the next clue.

U rest over night and wake up on me.

This time she didn’t waste her time thinking. She took her phone and googled the riddle. And the answer was there.


She smirked on her boyfriend’s foolishness. Where there is internet there’s the victory. Immediately she ran to her bedroom and just stopped from crashing into the wall.

She searched all over the bed but she couldn’t find a thing.

How’s that possible? The answer to that is of course bed.

But there’s a problem she doesn’t sleep on bed. She sleeps on the couch. That’s her favorite sleeping area and her idiot boyfriend knew it.

She walked to the couch as she was really tired by running all over the house. She was tired of this stupid game.

A chit was lying on the couch and she took it sighing.

Ok. I am stopping it. Actually there’s no gift. I was just um kidding.

Swara felt like her head will explode. How the hell did she fall in love with this psycho?

“Are you coming out or not?” She shouted. No response came. “Ok. Then I will call the police.”


Sanskar Maheshwari came out of his hiding place and stood innocently in front of his love.

“I’m sorry.” He pouted.

“I am never going to forgive you. I have been working for the last half hour for this gift and now you are saying that there’s nothing. I HATE YOU.” She snapped.

“You don’t mean that.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No. You don’t.” He said and moved towards her.

“Yes I-” Before she could complete, he caught her lips with his’ and kissed her.

It was unlike the kisses they shared before. It was hot, fierce and demanding. All the self control she had went away and she melted in his arms. She could no longer think straight. She was seduced.

His hands flattened against her back and her arms came up around his neck kissing him as fiercely as he was kissing her.

She pulled away feeling something move across her finger. Her eyes widened as she saw what it was.

A diamond ring.

Before she could say a word, she found Sanskar sitting on his knees.

“Swara, I love you the same way I learned to ride a bike; frightened but reckless. Only you, you’re the only thing I’ll see forever. In my eyes, in my words, and in everything I do. I want to be with you forever and ever. I would rather spend a lifetime with you – than face all the ages of this world alone.

The day I found you., I found the reason of my smile. Will you let me be the reason for your smile? Will you marry me? ”

Tears rolled down from Swara’s eyes as she listened to his words.

“Yes yes yes million times yes.”

“I don’t need million times, I just need one.” Sanskar said raising to his feet.

“But I love you.” She said pouting.

“Really” He pulled her closer and trapped her between his arms. “You told you hate me moments ago.”

“Yes. I hate you but I also love you.” She smirked at him.He smiled seeing her actions.

“That’s why I love you.” He said.

“You and me”


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