love between sanchi & dr kabir! episode 9

Here i start, Kabir leaves the place by saying i love sanchi not you, there ria gets angry and decides to hurt sanchi in any moment. meanwhile kabir enters the party and sits behind sanchi chair and listens her words to pragya and isha, isha says i think all the doctors attended the party right then pragya says abhiyo all attended then isha says oh then in want see dr kabir♡♥ where is he? ghen sanchj says are you guys not having any matter to say every time kabir kabir kabir just stop it guys if you want to see him go and ask dr malhotra he will give answer to your question thdn veer enters the scene and says okay miss golppa are you not getting bored talking all the time see me how charming and handsome boy cant you just propose me☆★♡ then sanchi says just shut up veer dont distrub me she says

Then he picks up pragya phone and runs away, pragya also runs behind him they both go out and accidentlyfalls in swiming fall both have a eye lock mean while veer says how romantic scene i think lip lock is right in this scene then pragya shouts him and picks her phone and goes away with wet clothes then veer says go go but you cant go so far from me

In party sanchi thinks oh god i think i forgoted my phone in car then isha says there here the keys go fast and pick the phone its time to cske cut meanwhile in way also bring pragya

Then sanchi goes and picks her phone meanwhile she listens someone calling her namd she goes out of the house and sees there a car immediately dashes sanchi she falls with injury on her ldg and head there kabir enters and sees ria in car he shouts i am not gonna leave you! you gonna pay for it ria he says

And picks sanchi in his arms and make her to sit in his var and do immediate first aid to her he wakes her up by poring water

so guys i hope you like it

precap: kabir throws ria infront of every one and marries sanchi infront of pragya, isha,and ria

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  1. Swetatitli

    Ooo wow.thank u thank u thank u so much for bringing such a kind of twist in ur story.just love it yaar.

  2. Awesome episodw
    Precap is interesting

  3. Wow what a episode I thoroughly enjoy it
    Waiting for the next epi ???

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  5. Good

  6. Aws epi but jab maja aane lagta h to finish ho jata h pls yaar length badhao. Wait 4 nxt ep

  7. Sree Nandana

    wow…waiting 4 marriage….

  8. Nice episode but story very short plz story KO long likha karo . I hope kabeer marries sanchi.plz next episode updated soon plz plz

  9. Plz next episode jaldi update karo

  10. waiting for kanchi romance

  11. Post nxt soon waiting for it

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  13. Please post the next episode I’m eager

  14. Upload more updates of fan fiction love between sanchi and kabir

  15. Hey where are you, please post the next episode fast, please, im begging…….

  16. Kriya agarwal

    Hey where r u we r waiting post nxt update today itself pls

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  18. Plz Plz Plz update ep 10 soon…I have been waiting for this episode since 5 days…Plz update it…can’t wait anymore…

  19. Kriya agarwal

    Updat 10 epi today itself waiting yaar plz plz

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    Plz update ur 10 episode fast i am eargily waiting for it plzzz update fast plzzzzz

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