love between sanchi & dr kabir! episode 8

Hi guys hope you liked my previous story, As you all suggested me to write a bit longer, I am writing this for you

In dr.malhotra house ria gets ready with a beautifull orange salwar to impress kabir by her looks, She thinks now kabeer you cant avoid from me today, In kabir house, kabir gets ready and goes to party there he sees ria wearing heavy dress and all jewellery, He thinks i dont understand whg this girl weared a huge model dress for a simple birthday party i think she is trying to impress some one and laughs, he murmurs to himself i havd to know who is that unlucky guy.

Ria sees kabir and says: hi sir come in i am waiting for your presence
kabir says: what! you mean dr. ria
Ria: i mean we are waiting
Kabir: Okay now go and enjoy yourself i want to meet dr malhotra
he leaves

Ria: what a man such a boring, he dint appreciated me atleast.Oh my god!

Kabir thinks: I think i am that unlucky alone fellow eho is loved by a physco, didnt she finded any one to love, why only me

There he sees sanchi and all interns coming

Sanchi is wearing a green and pink panjabi with light jewellery
kabir eyes falled on her until she goes and sit in a chair
this is noticed by ria and gets angry she drinks alot and decides to confess her love to kabir, then kabir is alone in outside picking some thing in his car there she sees him and falls on him, he feels uncomfortable and says ria what are youndoing just getvaway from me or else i gonna teach you a lesson, the ria smirks and says oh then teach me how to kiss come on just teach me there is noghing wrong in teaching a lesson to wifd come on baby! she says then kabir says are you out of your mind, then she says yes i was 22 years when i first see you i think then i met first sight of love with you,
He gets short temper and pulls her away and says so you wanna listen whom i gonna love. i love sanchi she is my dearest and you know one thing i was felt in love with her while doing her interview, so mind it ria and he goes away

precap: ria in angry hits sanchi with her car and she falls away with bleeding on her head and leg. then kabir comes there and notices this that deed is done by ria and he lifts sanchi and rushes to car

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  1. Very nice episode . Update soon dear

  2. Can anyone tell me if these stories are real or just for fun. ???????

    1. Just for fun dude…. ???

      1. Kiran Sharma

        But I love this more than the actual one?

  3. Loved the episode dude… Nice… Please post next episode asap yaar….

  4. hi guys at least kabeer ne Riya se kah diya ki vo usse pyar nai kata sanchi se pyar karta hai I hope ab riya ko samaj aa gaya ho ki kabeer usse nai sanchi se pyar karta hai. I love sanchi and kabeer pair plz next episode updated soon plz.

  5. Awesome.Keep writing dear.☺☺☺☺☺
    Ria u will never change.

  6. Swetatitli

    Just love this episode yaar.It was so nice.

  7. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi this ria would remain the same… such a cruel person anyways update asap eagerly waiting for the next one……….

  8. Awesome next part will be interseting it soon. THIS WAS ALSO GOOD. KEEP IT UP ☺?

  9. Awesome story waiting for the next epi

  10. Eagerly waiting for the next epi

  11. It’s a very nice fiction

  12. It’s a very nice fiction…….

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