love between sanchi & dr kabir! episode 6

So guys as i promised i will post my story soon, here i start kabir while sleeping in his home thinks about the man who tried to record sanchi video, and thinks tommorow i havd to stand him below sanchi and punish him as soon as possible due to his misdeed. and murmurs how can i find him, i think i can see the footage in cctv, and find out with whom he previously talked, he sleeps.

In sanchi room, sanchi thinks all might say him khadoos but he is not khaadoos but all are seeing his external beauty but i am seeing his both sides, He is strict doctor but he is being like that for interns due they dont listen his words. She smiles to herself♡★♥♥

In hosipatal kabir arrives fast and sees the cctv before all comes. there he finds out that the man is talking to ria previously and giving him money and saying all the best and also he saws ria giving him same camera which is having in his hands, he then thinks today i gonna teach a lesson to ria but why did she pretended to do like that. Ok guys i will post next story also fast.

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  1. Again short and sweet ;). But loved it…Just a bit longer is needed. Pls…Jus a bit only. I hope u will post ur next part soon and longer one too..Love it. Post soon?

  2. Nice episode dude… Please post next episode asap yaar…

  3. Nice episode but so small
    Please update nxt ff soon

  4. i really miss ur updates …but now after reading this i feel double happy.waiting for more updates

  5. I loved it when Saachi thinks that he is beautiful from outside as well as inside?

  6. Awesome.Keep writing dear.

  7. Awesome
    Take care of yourself

  8. Swetatitli

    The episode was really nice. And I like kabir
    taking saanchi’s side.hate that ria

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