Love saga of raglak in 1980 short story by princess

In 1980,a love saga.

Meet ms.ragini who is a bubbly girl of sweet sixteen who falls in love with Laksh Maheshwari on the day,she promised her single mother she won’t love anyone,there was no Facebook ,twitter chat so let’s see their love story..

Ragini was bubbly girl who never fears of anything, she never fails to raise her voice against inhumanity. One day,she was cycling through her favourite mountain,when she saw one man was trying to misbehave with one lady.Ragini stopped her cycle,she got down from it.She went near them n dragged that guy n pushed him.She said bhaiya u r doing a mistake bhaiya.

Every woman must be respected as a flower on god in temple,not as trampled flower on path.She gives us all happiness.God made men stronger to protect her not to cause danger to her.

He was looking at girl,who was younger but advising him.He felt ashamed and asked sorry to that lady n said to ragini beti i promise i wont misbehave with anyone.

Ragini then took her cycle n went to her hut.she saw her mom cooking food.She slowly sat beside her .Raginis mom said what problem have you brought today dr?she narrated events.Her mom hugged her .

She said i dont know from where you get this courage at a young age.Ragini smiled as her mother patted her head.

Screen freezes over there.
This is a small story of raglak.hope you will like it. I will slowly make raglak meet guys will you support me??

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