Love saga of raglak in 1980 short story by princess part 1

Ragini was in her mothers lap sleeping. Her mother was patting her head.

She rethinked about raginis words to want to study.she was thinking about the village people.No one has ever let their child to learn higher classes.Her mother made her sleep on mat.She went near a old trunk n opened it.She saw raginis trophies n caressed.she wiped her tears with determination.

She smiled looking at her princess daughter,who is not a princess of wealth.but a princess of her heart.

Ragini was smiling in her sleep.She rolled n slept peacefully.

Sun shines through hut of ragini,she wakes up with a cute yawn.she is still closing her eyes.

She kept her palm before her face

Karagre caste Lakshmi karamadheye saraswati
Karmule tu govinda prabhate karadharshanam.

She slowly took her hands n smiled cutely.

She saw her mom extending her a paper.she took it from her n tears if happiness flooded in her eyes.

It was admission form of her school.Now she’s going to study again.Ragini hugged her mom so tight.

Other side

Dadaji said prepare everything soon.My grandson is going to come here.

In train
A boy of sweet 16 sat on train resting his head back n smiling widely.He saw green fields n blue crystal of river that shine on sunlight.
TTE asked the boy his ticket. He extended it.So laksh Maheshwari here’s ur ticket n a happy journey.

Handsome boy is revealed to be laksh.

Will laksh n ragini love each other???

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