“Love Sacrificed for Love” Rikara & Ishkara Weekend shots (SHOT-1)


‘chehre mein tera,
Khud ko main dhoondhun,
Tu ab hai iss tarah,
Khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile’.

A young woman is sitting beside the window, her back was taking support of the wall, lost in her own thoughts while seeing through the window with a ‘paining smile’.

‘yeh mausam ki baarish,
Yeh baarish ka paani,
Yeh panni ke boondhe,
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe,
Yeh milne ki khawish,
Yeh khawhish puraani,
Meri yeh kahaani’.

Soft drops of rainfall falling on the leaves of the trees creating a joyful moment, two young couples are together dancing in this soft rain, lost in each other’s eyes.

‘kabhi tujhme utrun,
Toh saanson se guzrun
Toh aaye dil ko rahat,
Main hoon bethikana,

Panaah mujhko paana,
Hai tujhme, de ijazat,

Na koi darmiyaan
Hum dono hai yahan,
Phir kyun hai tu bata

A long tears slide from the woman’s left cheek and drains in her mouth.

“Ishana……….” Voice comes.
‘Ha……ha…yes aunty’ she replied.
‘If you’re not busy, so can you help me in the arrangements’………’
‘Yah….sure…why not’ she answered and see through the window again but no one was there.
‘Ha….yes…yes….’ she leaves.

A big mansion is shown. An Audi car comes in the front gate of the mansion and stops. A man get out of the car with a box in his hand and go the stairs and climb on them when he was about to reach the door, he collides with someone.
“Oh sorry,” he replied

‘No problem’
‘Ishana are you fine Na’. He asked
“Yes”, but why did you ask? She smiled (she was fully trying to hide her pain behind her smile)
‘Tell me’ he holds her shoulder.
‘I’m fine! I told you Na! (She gets out of his hold and leaves)
What happened to her? He asks to himself. He takes the box from the floor and leaves

She sees him going behind the pillar, she closes her eyes and rushing tears started falling from her eyes.
“I’m sorry,” I’m sorry Om but from today, I have to be away from you, for me and for my sister’s future.

The man enters the hall and was going upstairs.
“Omkara”…..voice come
He get stops and turns back and see a old age woman seeing him with a polite smile.
‘Going to meet her?’ she ask
He nods down and smiles.
‘Go…..she’s in her room sleeping’
‘Thanks mom’ he replied and leaves.

A young woman is shown sleeping while hugging her pillow. She’s just looking like a new born baby without and tension, stress nothing. Om come towards her tiptoed and smiles by her cuteness
‘Now it’s my turn to tease you’ he smirks’
He holds her blanket and yanks it.
The girl still not opens her eyes and holds her pillow and throw on Om.
“Please Ishu”, ‘let me sleep Na’,

Om goes near to her and sits beside her and cares her hair. The girl holds his hand and pulls his hand towards her with a powerful jerk. Om gets fall by her sudden action. The girl hugs her tightly like her teddy.
‘ishu, I’m so much happy today, not because today is my birthday, because today dad will announce that I’m getting married to Om, ”my first love”.
‘Not last love’ Om asked
The girl realized that this is not her sister’s sound she hurriedly open her eyes and sees Om lying beside her.

Om stops her from saying more by putting his figure on her rosy lips.
‘shhhhhh…..’Don’t ask how I came here just tell me, ‘not last love’?
You are my ‘first love’ and will be my ‘last love’ too.
She holds his hand.

I’m so lucky that I’ve got you in my life. He replied while caring her face.
Ok! Now let’s stop this emotional topic and tell me, what’s inside that pink box? While pointing her figure towards that box which was on the bedside table.
This, you see it…. He shows the box
Tell me what you got for me? She asked

First of all happy birthday, my dear love, my life ‘Gauri’.
Thank you. She said
Secondly this is your gift for your birthday.
What is it?
If you will open then only you can find what it is

She opens the box.
Wow Om! This is such a beautiful dress and you know pink is my favorite color.
She hugs him.
I know that’s why I buy this for you.
I will sure wear this.
She stands but Om holes her hand.
I have given you such a beautiful dress
Yes, so she said
So, what so give me something

What do you want?
‘A morning kiss!’ She gets confused
‘Yes morning kiss’.
“No Om”. She said unwontedly
Please!!! He request
Ok babe! She sits on the bed and plant a soft kiss on his cheek.
‘Now ok!’
“What ok!” I don’t want this kiss
‘So? What you want?’
‘I want lip kiss’.

“Lip kiss!” She gets shocked
‘Yes, that lip kiss which you gave to me when I purpose you’.
“No Om!” Not now, what if anyone come.
‘No one will come’.
‘You na….’ see come closer to om to kiss him.
“ah……………….”sound come from behind. Om and Gauri both get frizzed in the same position.
Gauri see and get shocked and gets apart from Om. Om turns back and also gets shocked.
“Rudra” Gauri said shockingly
“Bhavya” Om said shockingly

Rudra and Bhavya slowly remove their palms from their eyes and slowly open them. Om and Gauri gets embarrassed.
“HAPPPY BIRTHDAY BHABHI!!!!”they both go to Gauri and hug her tightly.
If you will leave me then I can talk to you. Gauri said
Ok!!!Both get apart from Gauri.
Now tell why you came here? Gauri asked
Sarita aunty has called you both. Rudra said

Ok we are coming you both go. Om said
Both rudra and Bhavya stand
Om and Gauri get embarrassed.
‘Now you also go to mom’s room I’m coming in some time’.
“We can go together”

‘Om please go and see what mom wants to say I’m coming na’.
Ok,(he stand and paths Gauri’s cheek) again happy birthday!
Thanks now go! She pushes him. He smiles and leaves.

A dark room is shown; a girl is crying putting her hand on the bed at the same time someone on the light. That girl wakes up. That person close the door and go to her and sit on the bed that girls puts her head on the person’s lap.
Why are you crying sweetheart?
Mom…..I have lost him! Girl said while crying
(so she is ishana’s mother Kaveri Pratap Singh khanna)

You don’t have lost him….he is now also yours ishana…
But mom how, he loves my sis and she also loves him…ishana said
He is now also yours and if not I will get him for you..
But mom, Gauri loves him I cannot snatch his love for my wish.
You can snatch Om from Gauri like the way your chote maa snatch your dad from your mother.
But mom….ishana said
Do you want Om?

Ishana nods positively.
Then do what I will tell to you.

Om opens the door
“May I come?”
‘Come here Omkara.’ Woman sitting on the bed said.

“What happened mom?” Om said
‘Where is Gauri?’ Woman said
‘She’s coming in some time.’
‘Ok, when she will come then I will tell you both together till the time come here and see this.’

She shows him a album
“Album?” Confused Om asked
‘Om you know who is she?’ woman asked while pointing her figure on a girl standing in a picture.
No!! Om said

See it carefully
He sees the picture carefully and smiled.
Now you get it.
Om nods
“Mom you called me!!” voice comes from the door. Gauri enter the room and see the album and go to them and snatch the album and close it.
“Mom, I told you na, not to show this to anyone”. She shouts

(so she is Gauri’s mother sarita Pratap Singh khanna)

“Me also!!!!” Om said in the cutest way.
“Yes, you also”. She growled at him.
‘But, I want to see my wify’s childhood photo’
But, I don’t want to show it. She tries hides the album.
‘Ok…ok fight afterwards now listen what I want to say’. Woman said.
Om and Gauri nods.

‘Come to me’. Om and Gauri sits beside to the woman. Woman holds Om’s hand
‘I have three lovely daughters but I always dreamed to have a son too, but now I have a son, that son who is even better than a real son. You are more than my real son and I’m so glad to get you as my son in law. My daughter is very lucky to get a husband, a best friend, a life partner like you.’ She holds Gauri’s hand and put on Om’s hand
‘Om now she is your duty now you have to take care of this storm’”. Gauri blush
Yes mom, I will take care of this storm.” Om said
‘Now you have to do me a favor’.
“Favor?” ‘You order us mom we will do that’. Om said
‘After you marriage I want a baby to pass my time’.
“Mom you na”. Gauri said. Om and Gauri blush

‘Now you both talk I have to leave’. She leaves.
“Now show me your album, I want to see my love’s bathing pic”. Om asked teasingly.
“Om….no….you are shameless..”
What shameless ? show me the album he tries to snatch that album from her hand and holds her waist. Gauri gets shocked by his sudden move.
“What are you doing om?”
“shhhhhh….”om puts his figure on her lips and slowly slip his figure from her lips to his neck.
Gauri started to lose herself at the same time Om snatches the album from her hand.
Gauri get shocked
“Om you play with me!!!!”

‘Everything is fair in love, and war. He winks at her.
Gauri tries to snatch her album from his hand but fails suddenly she get startled and falls on him and Om also gets falls. Now Gauri is on the top of Om. Gauri sees him mishciviousely.
What are you doing? Om said with creeping face
Gauri go closer to him and kiss him on his cheek and slowly take her album from his hold without his knowledge.

Gauri!!!!! Om said shockingly
Gauri sees Om and show him the album
What!!Om sees his hands and say
How? You….
“everything is fair is love, and war’ babes. I’m coming in sometime Gauri said while turning her face.
To hide this from your eyes. Gauri turns and leaves
You na…..om said while smiling.

Ishana ready……Kaveri said
Yes mom…….
Kaveri goes to the door and sees someone coming and fastly goes to ishana
He’s coming….kaveri said
Ishana holds the knight.
“What are you doing ishana please don’t do this”kaveri said while shouting so that the person going across the corridor could hear.
That person gets stops with the voice and go to the room and sees ishana holding knight.

“Ishu, what are you doing”, man said.
Kaveri goes to that man.
“Please see your daughter is killing herself”.
‘What are you saying and ishu stop this’. He goes to ishana but ishana steps back
“Dad please let me kill myself”.
(So he is ishana’s dad Pratap Singh khanna)
Pratap holds her wrist but at the time ishana cuts her wrist’s vein.
Pratap and Kaveri get shocked. Ishana gets faint.


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