I hope you all liked the first shot. Thank you so much for motivating me. I know many of you didn’t like the story theme but thanks to those who liked and after reading they commented. And sorry for late posting actually my exams are going on so. I hope many of the understand. As I mentioned in the first short POSITIVE and NEGATIVE comment are most welcome.
So Sorry for this much BAKBAK and also thanks for giving your precious times to my one shot.

They come out of the house and Swara gives a sigh of relief and thinks that at least I will stay away from him for 1 week.

While on the way Guruji start talking to Swara….
Guruji :- Swara don’t worry dear… Actually I wanted to talk to you.
Swara :- Yeah, So Guruji speak…
Guruji :- Haaaan Woh……
Suddenlu the car stops and Guruji gets hurt on his head.
Guruji :- Aie Chamche can’t you drive properly…
Chamcha:- Guruji it is not my mistake… A boy came in front of the car…
Guruji :- who is this mai ka laal ???
Guruji comes out of the car and sees a handsome boy standing in the middle of the road with a killer smile.(ummm If most of you guessed Sanskar then you all are………………….Right)
Guruji :- hey Boy who are you ?
Sanskar:-I am Sanskar Can I meet Swara Please….
Laksh :- Sanskar Bhai let’s go back.. Please Bhai..
Sanskar :- Yaar just once Please……
Guruji :- Aye First answer my question………….
Sanskar :- I am Sanskar.. No Surname only SANSKAR
Swara comes out of the car and is shocked to see Sanskar and…
Swara :- Guruji who is this…..
Sanskar :- I am your one and only Lover.. Sanskar.
Swara :- Shut up and Guruji let’s go….
Guruji :- So want to meet Swara… (to Sanskar)
Sanskar:- Yes.. Please lemma explain this to her…
Guruji :- no.. You aren’t allowed…
Sanskar:- So you won’t allow
Guruji :-Nope…..
Sanskar :- So let’s see how..
Guruji :- Challenging Not that bad OK………..
Saying this guruji sits in the car and goes to his School. (guys SWARA learns BHARATNATYAM)
At Sanskar’s Place,
Laksh :- Now what to do now… Why you always take challenges…
Sanskar :- I have plan OK…..
They do some Whisperings and show each other their thumbs up to each other..

Guruji is practicing bharatnatyam and suddenly..
Voice :- Someone save please someone save…
Guruji :- Such a sweet voice whose voice is it..
Suddenly a man Oopss… a lady comes running and a man is also running behind holding a alcohol bottle… It is revealed that the man was Sanskar but the woman was Handsome oopss beautiful, hot and wearing a very hot saree…( he he he she looks very Funny)
Gruji:- OMG this lady is too hot.. Ib need to save her so that I can becomes her Hero.. (he said this to himself)( to Sanky) Hey you boy why are you chasing the girl haan…
Sanskar:- (to the lady) Laila Bhabhi please stop I want to have some fun with you Please listen to your devar (winking at the lady)
Laila Bhabhi :- How dare you haan? Guruji please save me from this animal..Uhhhahh (fake crying)
Guruji:- (he was in his dreamland of living with laila Bhabhi shook with a sudden jerk) Aww Laila don’t worry my dear..
Laila :- Save me… please you are so cute and handsome dear..
Guruji :- (again in dreamland) hey you stay away from her .
Sanky:- no Guruji you are not allowing me to stay with my Swara so what should I do I need to enjoy with my Laila Bhabhi.. Now get lost and lemme go near her…
Guruji pushed him which also slightly pushed laila and she got hurt on her sensitive part of her head and she died….
Guruji was Shocked that what he had done..
Sanskar :- Laila Bhabhi……….. You killed my Bhabhi…I will tell this to everyone
Guruji :- No no no you won’t tell this to anyone..
Sanky :- Only on one condition…
Guruji :- Okay fine… I will agree all your condition
Sanky:- First listen.. to my condition i.e. you will allow me to meet my Swara without any restriction.. OK…
Guruji.. Okay Okay….
Sankay :- Fine I will bury bhabhi’s body somewhere in a secret place and you shold not follow me after burying i will show her grave to you.. OK..
Saying this he goes out and a little far from the school and a very shocking thing happen i.e. the dead body gets up and starts laughing along with sanky.. It is revealed to be our sweet lucky and cute Sanky.. They talk and guys just imagine lucky as a girl…..
Recap :- Guruji’s Birthday and lots of Masti…

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    Ufffff !! Guruji hee is not Mai ka laal…. He is our heart beat Sanskar….
    don’t u know this little thing…*shooking head*…Buddhu,, Bhoondu Guru… hahahaha…
    Thnk u Madhu for ur hilarious chappy…

  8. This is from a Telugu movie….dharuvu

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