Guys, this my OS with five parts or maybe four parts. Actually depends on all your response. Please Comment Either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE comments. But Please do comment. SO.. NO MORE BAKBAK LET’S START…..

It starts with the Engagement of Girl and Boy. Everybody is happy except one pure soul….. She is crying miserably and her mother is consoling her with teary eyes. Just then her sister comes with a pale face and calls her for the engagement.
Mother: – Don’t cry beta… please don’t cry at least for your Papa You know his condition naaaaa……Please don’t cry….(actually Swara’s papa condition is like dp in the show…. I will tell the past in maybe next or 3rd Shot)
Girl: – Ma I don’t want to get married now that to a Goon Maa Please….
Mother: – I know beta I also don’t want you to get married to that Goon but beta if you do not do this he will kill your father… (Almost crying)
Another Girl comes and calls Her for the engagement……..
In the Engagement Hall,
She comes down but with a pale face with tear marks which is not that visible to others.
Boy :- How are you feeling my dear jaan….
Girl:- (teary eyes) Please Sahil leave me what wrong I have done to you..
Sahil :- (laughing) Aww… My Swara Darling your mistake is that you made me fall for you.
Yes guys it’s Swara’s and Sahil’s Engagement. Sahil is a goon of the town.
Sahil goes to meet his friends and asks Swara also to mingle with everyone and show them that she is happy with the Engagement. But suddenly a boy comes and says:
Boy :- (giving rose to Swara) Swara I LOVE YOU.
Swara :- (Shocked) But…. Who are you?????

Suddenly one of the goon of Sahil sees this and…..
Goon 1:- Sahil Bhai… See a boy is proposing Bhabhi….
Sahil :- Catch that bl**dy man who dared to propose your Bhabhi.. (Bhabhi MY FOOT)
They start running behind him and a point comes when there is a wall and…
Goon 1:- You bl**dy man.. How dare you propose Bhabhi… Haan
Boy:- (laughing as the goon was bald) NO abusive words Taklu I am SANSKAR.
And our hero jumps and switch off the main switch. And whole place becomes dark and
Sahil:- Someone go and switch on the main switch.
Goon 2:- Yes Sir
And You know what happened as the light was off so they weren’t able to see to whom they were beating and when they saw the face they were literally shocked to see that they were beating the Pandit who came for their Engagement Ceremony and our hero escapes….
Then the Engagement Ceremony takes place.

(Actually he is an Orphan so he lives in a old house. He is not a business man or any known personality. He is Just a Rowdy)
Sanskar :- ( Drunk) Yaar Laksh I love Swara very Much.
Laksh :- Shut Up.. You Idiot Duffer.Why are you going mad for that Girl haan. There are so many girls in the city. You will more better girl than her
Sanskar:- No Luckky.. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
Laksh:- Are You Mad or something??? She is the fiancé of one of the biggest goon in Mumbai.
Sanskar :- So What…………… I love her very much..
Laksh:- So for a girl whom you met yesterday you are ready to kill your best friend with whom you are living for past 20 years.
Sanskar :- LAKSHHHHHHHHH………….
Laksh:- (Angry Tone) SANSKAR… I won’t talk to you.
Sanskar :- Chal Bhai Aaja Gale lag ga Bhai.. Hamari Dosti ki Kasam
Laksh :- Sanskar….
Sankar:- (dreamingly) Swara……………
Laksh:- Do I look like her.. 
Sanskar:- Opus… (biting his tongue)Sorry Yaar Lucky
Sanskar:- I love You Swara… And he hugs the pillow and then sleeps

Next Day,
(Actually Sahil loves Swara madly so he kept his whole family in his house only. And Swara goes to her Dance class everyday Sooooo)
Swara is ready in her Room and Picks her Bag and goes and at that time Sahil was talking to his goons about his Business (of CRIMES and MURDERS) and thay tall him that one person is not letting them do their business properly so ask them to bring him and kill him. Then he saw Swara coming Down.
Sahil: – My Dear where are you going ????
Swara:- (Feared Voice) Wohhhh…….
Sahil: – (a bit loud in anger tone) Speak Up.
Swara: – (Closing her Eyes Due to Fear) I am going to my Music Class…
Sahil :- (Stands up in Anger) No, You won’t go.
Swara:- (Feared Voice) Just I last Week, then my course will be finished. PLEASE
Sahil :- ( In Anger)I don’t have the habit of repeating things. Go back to your room. NOW!!!
Swara goes from there with teary eyes and sits on her bed crying miserably.


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