Love On Road.. The unique FF epi: -15 (Surprise by Warriors)

Hlo.. Soo I’m here with another lovely epi!! I hope u guyss are enjoying this fiction?

Soo at last Shalu.. Viplav.. Mira reached Goa!! To know more of there journey here is the link… (link of last epi?)

Soo now can we start.. Al ready to know new characters uh??? here it goes!!

Gate keeper is shown opening a large gate on which the words ? “TRIPATHI RESORT” Is craved… The car ? is shown entering into it… The car ? stops in front a cottage ? and all the three ??? Steps out.. Dhaani’s face is covered with a fear ? A Fear ? of Facing Viplav’s parents and his cousins.. As Shalu pressed the bell ? the door ? is opened…. Shalu remains their stunned.. Vidha moves forward and sees shalu remaining their stunned instead of entering into the cottage ?

Viplav and Dhaani looks at each other’s face and wonders wat happnd??? They move forward and peeps inside and sees the cottage.. Cottage ? that is ready for a celebration.. A big fatty celebration ?? The cottage has became a place which is ready for celebration.. The cottage is decorated with balloons ?? Decorative paper.. Hangings ? And decorative balls.. As the trio entered the cottage.. A balloon ? got burst and the room got filled with glitters.. And silk.. And as the move forward their feet ? touched the carpet of red and white shade… The room was decorated with flowers too.. As they all kept their feet ? on the carpet.. They understood that it was nt just a carpet.. Bt a carpet of rose? and jasmine petals.. They followed the petals weathered like carpet which lead to a small table in which letters are scribbled… They all look at the scribbled letters ? They try to make the scribble ? letters meaningful.. And Dhaani joins the scribble letters and it becomes welcome.. As the scribbled letters became a word.. A shout ? came “WELCOME TO THE PARADISE”… The shout was from above.. And the trio all a sudden lifted their head up and saw the warriors,their cousins,ready for the battle,the celebration… An another shout came “HAPPY B’DAY DIDI.. SHALU.. MOTI..” Shalu’s eyes ? started to water.. Viplav eyes ? were popping out.. And Dhaani’s face covered with excitement ?

The warriors Akki,Avi, mira,jiju,Chotti.. Came down… And all shouted we r again back and all gave a tight hug… Dhaani stared at their love.. Their hug.. Their Eyes ? That is thirsting to join many words into sentences.. After few minutes of happiness ? of rejoining… All eyes ? turned to Dhaani… Dhaani’s eyes ? searched viplav in that group.. Viplav reading her ? eyes came from back and held her hands ? Everyone laughed ? and giggled ? and Smiled ? Viplav got shied and said “This is my selection.. Keisa hai??”

Chotti(Me):: Aacha hai… Hai I’m swetha…

Dhaani:: Hloo… Hw r u??

Me:: Gud.. Hw was ur journey??

Dhaani:: Was gud…

Later I introduced Avi bhaia,Akshay Bhaia, Maira didi and jiju (Shahid Kapoor?)We all talked to Dhaani didi.. And we became friends within a short period…

Viplav:: Whr is dad ? and mom ???

Avi:: Thy went outside..

Akshay:: Yeah, they went to temple ? near by…

Mira:: First time u driving such a long distance na.. Soo she went to temple ? to pray to god to give u full energy to drive the car ? and no obstacle come ur way…

Jiju:: That last one is true ✅ After hearing ur dreadful experience in that resort area… Kaki is fully drowned by fear ?

Me:: How r u shalu didi?? Are u all good now??

Shalu:: Yeah yeah.. Chotti i’m damn well now!!?

Jiju:: Mera bhai… Aachi se tayari kar how to introduce Dhaani in front of kanak kaki!!

Akshay (showing all the teeth?):: I didn’t mentioned a word about Dhaani to kaki!!

Viplav:: Why???

Kya hua?? A female ? voice echoed in the room… All made a turn and saw Kanak there… But for Dhaani she was just a women… But her thought of who is this? Was cleared when Shalu spoke…

Shalu:: Maaa… Aap aa gayi..

Viplav:: Aapka indzaar tha hame!! Hw are u?? And whr is dad??

Kanak:: Ah.. Mein aagayi and Viplav beta Dad is talking with the manager.. When I heard the noise here I was sure.. Youngster group was completed!! And smiles… And looks at Dhaani.. And asks.. Who is this??

Viplav::(Looking @ Akshay.. And in an Heavy voice)she is my friend… She joined us from Mumbai itself.. Dad.. U came!!

Shalu goes and hugs her dad..

Avi:: Shambu kaka ki chamchi..

Shalu:: Dad.. Look they are teasing me.. U’ll remember all these when I’ll go from the house ? marriage ?

Akshay:: Thats Why we making memories by teasing u…

Everyone Laughs ?

Shalu:: Papa dekho na.. He is..

Dhaani is laughing ? there when Shambu noticed her… With a confused ? voice he asks who is this??

Shalu:: Bhaia’s friend.. Accompanied us from Mumbai itself…

Kanak:: But u didn’t told me about she… When I called you…

Shalu:: Vo maa.. Vo..

Viplav:: That actually I wanted to give them all a surprise ? and If I spoke abt Dhaani to you.. U may unknowingly speak abt her to Them.. And my secret will be spoiled.. Soo

Kanak:: Ohh.. Asa hai!! Bas friend hai??(with a confused ? voice)

Viplav:(Giving doubtful ? look on Akshay)::Ah.. Bas friend hai.. Kyun??

Kanak:: Nahi.. Kuch nahi.. Toh name kya bola tha??

Dhaani::Dhaani Rao…

Kanak::(Nods) ohh.. I c

Viplav:: Dad.. Vo TR resort is a collaboration of Rao group and ours??

Dhaani:: Ah.. That Rao groups ceo is my chachu..

Shambu:: Oh.. Actually It’s not our own project.. Na.. So it was handled by supervisors..

Kanak:: Watever it be.. Now lets have dinner ? Bhuk nahi lag rahi hai kya??

Everyone nods and move towards the dinning area… The table was already ready with the yummy ? mouth watering foods ?

Shalu:: These food will increase my hunger.. Yummy ? and runs ? towards a chair ?

Mira:: Ye lo moti bethi gayi.. Now seems like no one will get food ?

Chotti(me itself?) runs towards a ? chair and takes a plate and serves herself..And others too settled ? themselves

Viplav:: Wherever u go.. Middle seat ? is reserved for naughtoose

Dhaani:: Uh??

Shahid::Naughtoose mathlab Naughty.. A combination of childishness and pamper… For our swetha

Dhaani:: Oh.. Soo she is the eldest here.. Uh??

Avi:: Yeah… Her words are our final decision. .. And smiles ?

Shahid:: Someone serve shalu else she will get angery ? She is under control as Dhaani is here…

Shalu:: Ek toh muh se pani aa raha hai.. And u guyss are busy talking.. How can u get under control when u see all these food??

Viplav:: Tu control ki bath kar rahi hai… Wahan ek ka khatham hone wala hai…

Everyone looks at chotti.. Who is busy ? hearing to the conversation and eating … And smiles…

Akshay:: She is doing wat she knows!!

Shahid:: She is small.. Chotti hai.. It is okay.. She don’t need to listen ? to our talks.. After all …

Me:: Ah.. Ahh.. With mouth ? full of food ?

Mira::(Cutting the sentence) Ye lo chotti ka lawyer pahunch gaya!! Now not even a single word against her

Viplav:: Order… order… Jiju ka lawyer ruup bahar aa gaya.. Now no one will speak against her..

Everyone laughed ? and engaged themselves in eating… With some jokes and teasing each other… The dinner ? came to an end and everyone dispersed from dinning area to assembling in the front hall…

Shahid:: So… 4 bed rooms.. Who all are going to be a group??

Mira:: Mathlab kya??

Shahid:: Mathlab

Me:: Mathlab… Which group u r meaning?? Mathlab… In 4 bedroom jiju cut 1.. Because it went to kaki and kaka… Now 3 are rest… In which jiju and didi want 1..
Was that the meaning of group??

Shahid(Laughing ?):: Nahi nahi nahi.. Baba

Akshay:: Nahi.. Actually wat he thought was that even today.. Kya Mira is sleeping ? with him??

Avi:: In short, aaj kya sukhun ka needh milega??

Everyone laughed ? and mira gave a sweet romantic beat to Shahid…

Kanak:: Raath ho gaya.. Sab so jao!! Jao.. Jao.. Gud nght!!

Shahid:: Kaka-kaki ka romance time hogaya.. Sab javo.. So javo!!

Everyone laughed ?

Kanak:: Ah.. Ah.. Romance.. Ye umar mein!!

Me:: U guyss are 90’s love birds na!!

Shambu:: Romance aur ye.. Ah… Scold and she is mre match..

Shalu:: Ah.. Ah.. Conclusion sab soo javo.. Needh aa rahi hai!!

Dhaani(Whispering):: Tomorrow is her b’day ? na.. So no midnight ? Wishes…

Viplav:: No.. In our house ? no night party… No mrng party ? and smiles ?

Me:: Toh, aaj me,bhabhi and shalu didi wl sleep in one room!!

Viplav:: Me jiju Avi and akshay wl sleep ? together

Me:: Bhabhi wl sleep ? alone soo

Kanak:: Kaun??

Me(taking a swirl):: Dhaani!

Shambu:: Dhaani didi bolo chotti! She is elder than u na..

Me:: Srry ? Dhaani didi

Akshay::(With one hand on Viplav’s shoulder) (whispering)If u don’t mind I’ll sleep with Dhaani.. Else she will get fear ? na..

Viplav::(Gives an angry ? look)

Shahid:: Ye angry ? look bas marriage ? ki before tak.. After marriage ? he will allow..

All boys(except shambu) laughs ? Shambu and kanak lead their way to their room… While we young people settled in one bedroom…

Shahid(Hugging Mira):: Toh how did u feel when Viplav proposed u??

Dhaani:: I was quite amazed and……..

The talk went till each one was asleep… The plan of ? sleeping in different rooms was cancelled as each one got asleep.. On that night ? It was just vidha and mira who was not asleep…

Mira:: (In a sleepy voice)Viplav.. At least tu kal bol to kaki abt ur affair! I don’t think ? things will go upside ☝ down ?

Dhaani:: I too hope so.. I’m a little scared ? I’m somewhere happy ? that u all didn’t made me feel little separated or.. Em..

Mira:: Hey, don’t mind.. No1 will make u feel odd..

Viplav:: Tats my family ?

Mira::(Taking a blanket)But after Marriage ? you have to adjust with all of us.. Because though we live as a nuclear family ? actually we are a joint family ? so..

Dhaani:: Didi.. Don’t worry ? I’ll so adjust and give you the promise that I’ll not break this union of family ? and this youngsters group…

Mira:: (Smiling ?)I’m happy ? with you and be free when u talk too.. No1 will do anything even if you did something wrong ? Or spoke ur views and suggestions and all that..

Dhaani::don’t worry ? I’ll Adjust and won’t break any rules..

Viplav:: Seems like now no rules left.. (and laughs ?)

Mira:: (LAughing ?)Hey,it’s 11:30 lets sleep… Me and dhaani will sleep ? together and u and shahid sleep together… These 4 will adjust somehow here…

Mira make shahid wake up and pull him towards the other bedroom.. Viplav hugs dhaani and bids good bye while Mira covers her hubby with the blanket.. Viplav enters and says goodnight to mira and closes the door ? Dhaani and mira washes their face and together sleep ? in the bedroom…


At last I made shahid Kapoor my brother\Jiju? Claps ? for me…

Soo how the new characters.. So bolo how is the conversation b\w me and my siblings ?

Hope u r feeling this ff realistic apart from a fiction??
Soo see you in comment section!! Will do comment na!!?

Want to know how Viplav will speak about his alliance with Dhaani?? Keep reading LOVE ON ROAD…

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  1. shaanii…its too beautiful…yaarrr…
    when i am reading this epi conversation btw siblings were really superb…and u are the cute…
    U know shahid kapoor is one and only my fav actor in hindi…i am glad that shahid also became a member in ur fiction…
    ss obviously i want to know how viplav gonna tell to their parents…so i will read surely…
    plz come soon…
    take care…

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Lalitha didi…
      yeah.. I’m actually Akki and Avi are the 2 boys amng 3 who usd to cmnt…?
      Shahid kapoor is my too damn fav hero!! I became his damn grt fan aftr watchng his block bustr flm..VIVAH!!!
      Yeah.. Th keep readng.. Wth hps that u r njying… BYE
      take care..
      love u?

  2. Sujie

    Oho…. Waa waahhhhh…. ??????
    Keep up the good work swethu….. ???loved it….
    Not only ViDhaaani Ka pyaar…. But siblings Ka pyaar also made me happy ??? no need to say it made me nostalgic…taking me for trip down the memory lane ???
    Good job you for this 🙂
    Dhaani Rao… Dhaani Tripathi officially Kaise banegi..eager to know it….
    Take care sisso ???????
    Love you ????

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Sujie didi… ?

      Aftr all makng u nostalgic is all my duty!!?
      Eager raho.. Varna ek acha rsult nahi dee paungi…
      U too tacke care..
      Love you sujie diiiiiii
      Mwaahhhhhh.. Mwahhhhhh.. Mwahhhh.. Love love love you ? ? ?

      Weise y u r nt pstng ur ff!! Just waitng didi.. Waiting

      1. Sujie

        ??? boards of first semester about to begin after 15 days…and gonna end on 24th June ?????
        But I will be coming here to check in…..
        Okay ???

      2. Shanitics

        Acha sujie didi.. Thn al d bst.. Bt kewp visitng as my ths ff hav only seems to hav fw countable epi?

    2. Sujie

      accha jee….okay…..
      mwaaaaaah mwaaaaaah…. you keep going dear…lots of love to you 🙂
      haan…just now submitted Soulmates….14th episode….
      You will have to wait for A TALE TO REMEMBER….
      bye sisso… 🙂
      love you

      1. Shanitics

        Acha ase hai.. Thn I’ll keep waitng!!? Wl njoy soul mates thn?
        Wat abt ur clg assignmnts.. Hw r thy mvng ji??

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Waah waah?? kia baat hai! I just loved sibling’s bond, the way they were pulling each other’s legs?? maza aya parhne mai??
    I thought dhaani will get angry on viplav after listening “friend” from him but it was just opposite ?? *ab har koi meri tarah nahe hota naa laraka, bhool gae mai??*
    Enjoyed the whole episode dear?? Keep up the good work. Lots of love ❤❤

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Maha Didi…

      ??? Didi.. I was bursting out of laugh whn I read ab har koi meri tarah… Nah! Didi.. Dhaani is good grl ? Kya karu.. Ab ye akki ne toh bola nahi na.. Family abt Dhaani.. So kya karu.. Hwever She had to manage thrfre

      Lots of love to u tooo?

      Didi in btwn.. Alas I made shahid my brother… ? Aftr all jiju bhaia ki tarah hai na? shahid Sirfh mera bhaia hai?

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