Love on Road.. The unique ff.. EPI-09 (Brothers Truly an asset)

Hiii ? Hw u all dng?? Gud na!! Actually nt offr gt ovr soo was nt able to post ✉ As soon as the mobile ? gt recharged Here I landed here with my new episode!!?

Episode 8

SOO Dhaani woke up seeing a dreadful dream.. Viplav consoled her.. And askd her abt her the dream she saw..


Viplav looks into Dhaani’s eyes ? Dhaani too looks at Viplav.. Thy lock thr eyes.. Later dhaani says.. Uss din jab dhyaan aur chachi meri ghar aayethe..

Bt Viplav interrupts her saying Tat night ? whn u jumped from house ?

Dhaani nods..
Dhaani(continues):: Uss raath dhyaan was also accompanied by his friend ? too.. That night.. I was panicked ? and I ran to bed room for safety.. Bt Dhyaan’s friend came inside my room…

✂Fb starts ✂
Dhaani is sitting on bed ? trembling with fear?.. Her face is covered with sweat… Hands are trembling… Tears ? are flowing through her cheeks..

Downstairs… Chef, servants, Take carer, guards are beating the goons.. Dhaani tries to call ? chachu bt efforts goes to vain.. Dhaani thinks ? of chef’s word of leaving the house ? Dhaani takes her luggage ??? ? and was abt to leave through window. Whn someone pulls hr inside .. Dhaani looks back with beats of fear… It was Dhyaan’s friend ?

Dhaani::(shivering) Pls lt me le..Ave.. I’ll….?(crying) u 10-20-35-60 lakhs.. Or 1 cr.. Bu..ut pls me…

Dhyaan’s friend? (cruelly and making Dhaani attach to the wall):: I’ll let u leave… Bt u say u want to leave this house ? our come out of this trouble…. And u r offering me lakhs when u r with me.. Actually I need to offer u some money na.. As u r with me.. (Laughs ? cruelly)

Scene shifts down ? the house ?

Goons all most left the house ? in fear ? Chef’s hand is bleeding.. Guard’s head had a bump.. Chachi takes dhyaan out of the house…

Chachi:: Chotte, make sure that dhaani is fully feared ? and is ready to leave the assets to us… Lt me go.. And also make sure cops are nt been called ?

Scene shifts to Dhaani…
Dhaani is seen on the bed ? with fear…

2-3 MIN BEFORE….(,i.e,at the time of Dhyaan’s scenes wat happnd in this room)

Dhaani:: (Crying…? shivering)lea… Ve ? Mov..e ? aw..ay.. (note that Dhaani knws this guy before as he is Dhyaan’s friend.. And dhyaan and Dhaani r in same clg)

Dhyaan’s friend(pulls dhaani and make her fall on? bed):: Leave the ?house na… Em.. Dhyaan does not like u now.. Chachi toh and smiles cruelly? That means… Thr is no1 who needs u.. No one to (shouts) PROTECT U…

(Following scenes are the continuation and not a part of 2-3min.. ,ie,the upper part was how Dhaani fallen on bed.. Now wat happens next)

Dhaani(shouts):: cho ….TTE…. CHO..TTE.. DHYAAN… DHY..AA..N

Bt dhyaan is not able to hear her voice as fight is going on…

Dhaani is crying ? at the sme tme shouting DHYAANN.. She throws the pillow at Dhyaan’s friend.. She is ? crying & moves back and back on bed ? for the safety..

Dhyaan’s friend::(cruelly smiling) Oh.. Ab tera vo sale bhaiii.. Jo dolath keliye tujhe rolayega vo tujhe bajane aayega…

Dhaani shouts DHYAAN…. Dhyaan’s friend starts taking off his buttons of the shirt ….

Dhyaan is searching for Dhaani.. In btwn of this fight… He looks fr hr in kitchen.. Bed room… Bathroom.. And othr rooms.. In the ground floor…

As she was moving back to back on the bed? she reached the edge and falls down…
Dhyaan’s friend moves near to her… Dhaani pushes him and moves away from him..

She looks at door ? and sees it’s not locked.. Dhyaan’s friend who noticed that room is not locked move to the door ? Dhaani bravely (in order to distract him)moves near window… Dhyaan leaves the door ? and moves near dhaani…

Dhyaan moves to upstairs… Dhaani cries ? and shouts fr DHYAAN..

Dhyaan’s friend ?laughs ? at her for calling her brother ? to protect her.. And says “Ab vo kamina aaya toh vo bhi mera saath dega..

Dhaani interrupts him shouting “VO KAMINA NAHI DHYAAN HAI”.. Dhyaan hears someone shouting.. As he is moving to upstairs sound becomes more audible…

“ohh really thn Dhyaan ko 30 min… And me(Brushes his hair)45 min.. Teek hai??” Asks Dhyaan’s friend.. Dhaani pushes him and moves back.. Bt falls on bed ?

Dhyaan’s friend ?::”Ah I’m coming to u itself… And takes off rest of the buttons of his shirt..


Dhyaan hears it and realises that sound to be of Dhaani.. He runs to upstairs he opens each door ? worriedly ?

Thr Dhyaan’s friend holds Dhaani’s hand… Dhaani cries.. He move forward to Dhaani’s lips ? Dhaani closes her eyes ? Someone opens the door ? with a jhakaas effect.. Dhaani opens her eyes ?

Dhyaan… Says Dhaani..

Dhyaan’s face fills with anger.. His face become as red as tomato ? His friend ? releases Dhaani.. Dhaani runs ? near Dhyaan…

Dhyaan’s friend ?laughs ? and says Oye Dhyaan… 30min mera.. 45 tera.. Kya teek hai.. Uss ke baath full assets tera.. Manzoor!”

Dhaani cries ? hugging Dhyaan.. And looks Dhyaan with a hlp me pls face… Dhyaan hugs Dhaani as a reflex action and pats on her back.. And make her sit on a sofa…

Dhyaan’s friend ? gives a confused ? look… Dhyaan moves near to him and says… 30 min tera na… Dhaani shockingly looks at Dhyaan…

SLAP ? SLAP ? SLAP ? Dhyaan slaps ? His friend ?ye meri behen hai… Aur mein iska bhai.. And again slaps ? him…SAMAJH MEIN AYA!! She is my(shouts) VO MERI.. And gives a sharp look at his friend…

His friend? (shivering) says be..hen..

Dhyaan slaps? again shouting I’LL MAKE HER CRY ? BT I WON’T LET TEARS FALL FROM HER EYES ? DUE TO SOMEONE ELSE… SAMAJ MEIN AAYA!! AAYA… Again a slap ? 30 min tera.. Aur 45 min meri na… Vo meri 30 yaa 40 min mera nahi.. Puri zindigi vo meri hai.. Aur meri BEHEN… Samajh mein aaya.. Slap ? again.. And only a person ? has the right to touch her & that will be only her husband… Samajh mein aaya… Again a slap ? Bhaag ja.. If I see u again near her I’ll kill u into pieces… His friend ?runs ? leaving behind a shocking Dhaani.. Who witnessed al these…

Didi,srry ? fr his misbehaving.. Now it won’t be safe to stay here… U leave from here right now… Leave I say.. LEAVE..

Frozen Dhaani.. Leaves the house ? taking all the things…

✂ fb ends ✂

Viplav who is hearing this gets shocked… Dhaani wakes up from his laps and hugs him… Viplav too hugs her saying itna aacha bhaia tha tujje… Dhaani nods crying? Even now I don’t know ? Dhyaan’s character.. Thy bth come to sense..Dhaani rests her head on Viplav’s shoulder…

Viplav:: Hw much cruel a man ? be… Bt when he sees a ?girl who calls him BHAIA.. His heart will melt.. A brother though fights with his sister, (looks @ shalu and smiles ?)Whenever she gets in to trouble he will be there to help her.. To protect her… Wat ur Dhyaan said was right.. A brother may make his siso cry ? frequently (And smiles ?) bt won’t make tears fall from her by another person.. Jab koi ek GIRL ? when call a BOY ? as BHAIA Thn he treats her like a QUEEN ? and not as SISO.. For every BROTHER , HIS SISTER is HIS PRINCESS ?

Dhaani smiles ? and hearing this she closes her eyes ? Later she slowly goes to sleep ?

Viplav make Dhaani sleep on bed ? and goes near shalu amd brushes her hair and smiles.. He checks her temperature and goes to his bed ? and slowly goes to sleep ?

Toh, How was today’s episode!! Good one??

So say wat Dhyaan did was right?? And Viplav’s words weren’t TRUTH!!

A brother is really an asset to his siso.. How cruel and naughty a brother be But deep inside his heart ? he loves his siso..

Let the relation be a brother -brother relation or sister -sister relation or sister – brother relation!! Love ❤ towards each other can’t be measured.. Though they fight each other, thy care like each other more than that.. Thy love each other unconditionally..


BUT a list will certainly end,i.e, my brothers list ? BHAAV, AVI BHAIA, JOSH BHAIA,…. I’M soo haapy ? to have u as my bhaia’s in my life…


This epi is fr u all my siblings…?

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  1. Sujie

    Awwww….love you too Shaani…. that’s like my cute sisso… 🙂
    You gave me death of 2 minutes after Dhyaan opened the door and Dhaani ran to him…that 30 minute 45 minute talk was nasty… chappal padenge ese shaitan ko toh…. They will have to rot and die….
    now coming to Viplav consoling Dhaani… I liked it …though it was done by Viplav as a brother figure for Dhaani… deep down my heart I have a feeling that soon Dhaani will not remain in sister zone…Viplav won’t be brother zoned as well…so hope they become the love of each other’s life…. 🙂
    Waiting for another part… and sachmein Dhyaan ne sahi kaha…. in a sense …if anyone misbehaves with his sister..he won’t spare them… I liked it in a manner ke agar Dhyaan is a positive character toh baat acchi hai…but if Dhyaan himself was a nasty one… toh I could have slapped him in my mind….
    Chalo accha hai….Dhaani shared her pain with Viplav…and Viplav is giving full attention to Dhaani…. 🙂 liking this caring Viplav….
    keep it going dear……
    aur haan…. don’t forget to checkout the episodes of MRDL and SM if you would like to read… okay???

    1. Shanitics

      Aww such a lng cmnt!!?
      Thankss Sujie di!!! Happy to know that I could nail the epi?

      Yeah!! They have to suffer for that @least once…

      I’ll check it out!! Actually i want to read the SM frm d frst epi.. And Nw I’m bsy wth studies as my xam is on 10th of ths mnth… Bt prmse u that I’ll check ur FF

      Love u… Di?

      1. Sujie

        Had no idea…that the comment would be this long….
        Accha… All the best for your exams meri pyaari sisso… you are gonna rock it 🙂
        whenever you get free read those episodes… and yes will be waiting for you 🙂
        Love you too dear 🙂

      2. Shanitics

        Thankss fr ur bst whses!! Bt do pray fr my examss didi!!

        Love ❤ u too

        Yes, Do I’ll read!!

  2. shaniii!!! i cant express in my words yaar… how beautifully explained about bro and sis..i think u have a bro right??thats why u r thinking this much beautifully… 🙂
    And u said right brothers always hate sisters just to show off but in real they take care of them nearly like parents..
    so u r showing 2 sis bro relations in ur ff.. thats so cool…
    plz write ur next epi soon
    keep smiling… 🙂 🙂

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Lalitha di..?

      Actually I don’t have a brother.. I only have a cute elder sister.. Since me frm a joint family ? My uncle’s son is just like a brother to me!! So… And The brothers I gt here too are my own.. Na!!?

      Love ? u
      U too keep smiling!!

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Swetha! Kase ho bhae? You know I was having a gut feeling that your mobile is out of order that’s why you aren’t active as you had told me in one of my update that your cellphone plays hide and seek ?? aur deykho I was correct ?
    And coming to episode, it was really good, in the sense that you showed a brother saving his sister. No matter how much Dhayaan was hard enough but when the time came, he was there to save her from that rascal ?
    30 min and 45 min talk was Yukhhh! He was such a devil who has no right to live, may he get the severe punishment, keere parey ussey ? you know what I was getting restless when Dhayaan came as I thought he is also with him but Pheww! That was close ? and here I was having a question that if Dhayaan is a positive character ?
    The way viplav consoled her was cute, and glad that dhaani shared her pain with him, now her burden must’ve lessened. But yaar now eagerly waiting for some feelings development as can’t see them in brother-sister zone us zone k liye shalini aur Dhayaan hai naa so please change their views slowly slowly ? overall it was a superb one?
    Thanks for adding me in your lovely sister’s list and I’m also proud of having a second family here. May God bless us all ??
    Love you❤
    Take care ?

  4. Shanitics

    Thankss Maha didi?

    I’m dng gud!! But exams cmng didi so preparing fr that too.. Since studious nahi hai isiliye last min preparation hai sab?? Leave that hws ur studies gng!! Nw stepping into 2nd yr na??

    Wait and watch didi if Dhyaan is a -ve or +ve character!! ?

    Ah.. I knw u guyss are waitng fr the xciting epi.. Epi of love ❤ Don’t worry U’ll have that soon my pyaari jaan!!

    U r welcme didi!! Ahh.. U r my didi na!! Thn hw cme I cannot add u in it?

    I’m also damn proud to be a part of ths family..? But the fact is I’m missng those cmntng.. Those fun in cmntng section and also mst of our family ? members?

    Love ? u too didi..
    Hav fab days ahead!!

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