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Love On Road.. The Unique FF epi:-08 (Love u Brother)


Hii!!πŸ™Œ Hw u all dng!! Gng gud na..

So can we start our new epi!! All ready..

Wait βœ‹ U guyss didn’t frgt my last epi,na?? FORGOTπŸ˜– If u forgot then here is link of the previous epi!!

Episode 7

Thy reach the resort.. As soon as the management saw the car πŸš— via camera πŸ“· they all rushed to the entrance… The employees were eager to knw the condition of their owner’s children πŸ‘€πŸ‘―πŸ‘± As the car πŸš— got stopped in the entrance… All staffs peeped inside to knw whether all r in a goodπŸ‘ or in badπŸ‘Ž condition .. Viplav unlocked πŸ”“πŸ”‘ the car πŸš— and steps out.. Manager comes near to Viplav…

Manager:: We are extremely sorry 😞 fr what happened toooda.. Viplav cuts the sentence in btwn..

Viplav:: Call a doctor urgent..

All the employees get worriedπŸ˜“ Receptionist πŸ‘©runs and call the doctorπŸ₯

Dhaani comes out of the car πŸš—
Manager and other employees see Dhaani wearing an overcoat and blood on it.. Manager gives a worried 😐 look and looks at 2 female employees.. Thy 2 move near to Dhaani and offers her a hand βœ‹ of help.. Thy take Dhaani to the room… After Enquiring abt Dhaani’s condition…

The manager further Enquires abt Viplav’s and Shalu’s condition..

Viplav:: I’m ok πŸ‘ŒBt Shalu,is inside the car… She is unconscious..

The manager looks @ A male staff He move inside and comes back with a stretchers..

Thy take shalu and keep her on stretchers.. Meanwhile doctorπŸ₯ along with a lady nurse too came… Thy all moved to Vidha and shalu’s Room..

DoctorπŸ₯ :: Nothing to worry much.. What happnd??

Manager looks at Viplav….

Viplav:: For shalu I mean she(Pointing towards shalu)got ache from a stone being hit..

Doctor πŸ₯looks @ Dhaani… And looks at shalu…Doctor πŸ₯ asks the nurse to clean Dhaani’s wound…

Dhaani:: A guy unknowing peered my skin through knife πŸ”ͺ during that…

Dr πŸ₯ nods.. He gives Shalu a injection πŸ’‰ after asking to Viplav..

Dr πŸ₯ :: Few minutes later She will come to senses.. Due to fear 😱 and witnessing such a thing made her unconscious… I have given injection πŸ’‰ and prescribes some pills πŸ’Š There is a chance of getting high fever aftr few hours..

He looks again @ Dhaani & Nurse.. Nurse gives a assertive look.. Saying wound has been cleaned…Doctor πŸ₯ checks her wound.. He prescribe some aliments .. And asks Viplav to change her dressing of wound in 2-2 hrs.. As the wound had been deep.. So blood needs more time fr getting clotted … Viplav nods… Doctor πŸ₯ moves ahead to leave… Viplav also go behind doctor πŸ₯

Doctor πŸ₯:: It’s better to stay tomorrow… Because Shalu needs rest at least fr a day and whr r u from??

Viplav:: We r from Mumbai and we are heading to Goa…

Doctor πŸ₯:: Quite a long distance… In my preference,It will b gud to avoid such a long journey tomorrow… Day after tomorrow there is no problem Bt…

Viplav:: Yeah.. Even I thought The same.. Now even u said this.. We will stay her itself… If any emergencies came can I give u a call πŸ“ž

Doctor πŸ₯:: Yeah sure βœ” Bt lets hope no emergencies will come..

Scene shift inside the room…

Manager:: Ma’am if u want u can call me.. Or should I appoint a female staff here…

Dhaani:: No no.. U may pls leave.. I’m okay.. If any emergencies comes I’ll give u a call πŸ“ž

Manager nods and asks her to take rest and leaves the room…

Scenes shifts outside the room.. Now manager too joins them…

Doctor πŸ₯(Looking @ Manager):: I was telling him that lets hope no emergencies should come.. And I think 😌 most probably Shalu will have a fever.. If she had a fever.. Give her the pills πŸ’Š I prescribed… And smiles πŸ˜ƒ

Viplav nods.. Doctor πŸ₯leaves.. Followed by Viplav.. Viplav enters in to the room and locks the room…


Dhaani is sleeping πŸ’€ Viplav is sitting in a sofa and looking @ mobile πŸ“± and also staring at the now sleeping beauty Dhaani.. Viplav looks at her lovingly 😍 He falls inside his dreams.. Bhaia bhaia calls someone in a tired πŸ˜ͺ sleepy 😫 unwell voice.. Viplav comes to senses and sees Shalu woke up.. Viplav moves near to her and makes her sit.. He checks whether she have fever.. And give her pills πŸ’Š Shalu have those pills…

Shalu:: Bhaia.. Dr πŸ₯ ne kya bola??

“Kuch nahi bas itna ki tujhe kuch der mein hosh aayega!! Tu ab keisi hai”

“Teekh hun”

“Bhug lagi hai??”


“Chal mein order kartha hun kuch.. ”

He orders thr food 🍴 and calls home 🏠 and narrates them all incidents excluding Dhaani’s part.. As he thought to share about Dhaani’s news face to face… He also mentions about change in trip..

TING TONG someone presses the bell,Dhaani wakes up hearing the sound… It was a waiter with the ordered food.. He keeps his food 🍴 and asks them about Shalu’s and Dhaani’s condition.. Viplav gives him a okay okay answer and waiter leaves.. Dhaani looks at the food…

Viplav:: I ordered it!!

Dhaani nods…

Viplav:: I said Chapatti for u… And salad as in this condition I thought it will be better…

Dhaani:: Nahi,I don’t need anything… I feels like my stomach is full.. I don’t want!!

Shalu:: (In a tired ☹ Unwell voice)No di.. Have ur food!! Else u’ll gt hungry after few hour..

Dhaan:: No I won’t.. I don’t need anything!! And refuses to eat!!

Though she refused to eat..she have it,after Viplav’s and shalu’s continuous stubbornness of eating the dinner 🍴 Thy al have it.. Dhaani’s mobile πŸ“± have a tune.. She looks at the mobile and smiles πŸ˜ƒ… She opens watsapp and opens a group named BEST FRIENDS FOREVER and she sees some pics of hand βœ‹ full of mehandi… And smiles… Viplav gives a question 😩 look..

Dhaani:: I said na… I was gng to kerala fr a marriage πŸ’‘ bt that incident occurred which led me to go a railway station and come near u..(REMEMBER ON THE DAY WHEN DHYAAN AND HIS MOM STARTED TO TROUBLE HER AT HER HOUSE 🏠 SHE RAN πŸƒ FROM THERE FR HR SAFETY.. THAT TIME I HAD MENTIONED THAT SHE HAD AL READY PACKED HER BAGS πŸŽ’ BECAUSE NEXT DAY SHE WS GNG TO KERALA FR HER FRIEND’S WEDDING πŸ’’)Her mehendi pics…

She passes the phone to viplav followed by Shalu…

Viplav:: Ye kiski shaadi hai?

“Varsha ki.. Mein varsha aur meghs hai bst friends.. Toh uski shaandi”

Shalu:: Kiske saath

“Varun ke saath.. Un logon ka toh alag hi love story hai”

Viplu smiles πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š Thy continue there dinner.. Viplav give shalu her pills πŸ’Š And moves near to Dhaani..

Viplav:: Dressing time…

“I’ll do it…”

“Kyun main hoona ab!!”

And moves near dhaani.. Bt his mobile rings 🎡 and it was from his mom asking fr thr condition.. Viplav answered to her questions ❔ calmly .. And later disconnected the call πŸ“ž viplav moves near dhaani and removes the present dressing of hr wound Dhaani stares at him.. Viplav applies oilment.. And asks “Is it paining” Dhaani says no.. Viplav applies oilment softly on the wound… His touch made a current flow inside her.. His soft caressing touch made Dhaani keep on looking at him.. Viplav looks at her.. Thy share a deep eye lock..
Dhaani::Blood is cmng even now??
Viplav:: Yeah,bt less… Al most it started to get clotted..
Dhaani smiles 😊 viplav with at most care do Dhaani’s dressing.. Dhaani have a smile 😊 on her face… She was not able to understand the feeling she was going through while Viplav applying oilment and doing dressing.. Her face was blushing .. Lips πŸ‘„ been curved and produced a smile 😊 She was feeling if viplav would had continued applying oilment to her whole night πŸŒƒ…
Viplav:: Kya hua smile 😊 kyun kar rahi ho??

Dhaani: Patha nahi.. Yun hi aa raha hai smile 😊 Asa lag raha hai ye time yuhi chalthe rahe
Toh kitna aacha hotha…

Viplav:: Smiles.. Ahh mujhe bhi kuch asa hi ehasaas ho raha hai.. Patha nahi kyun.. Chal ab soja.. Mein alarm dalke soo πŸ’€ jayunga.. I’ve to do ur dressing 2 mre times.. In 2 hrs gap.. And have to check shalu’s temperature..

Dhaani:: No need.. I’ll wake up and do my dressing also look at shalu’s temperature too… If it goes higher i’ll make u wake up….

Viplav:: Kyun πŸ˜–?? I’ve no problem in waking up.. Bhaia ka dharam hai aapni behenon ka seva karna.. Aur tum log toh soo javo.. Because u had gt hurtd na.. Nw sleep πŸ’€ should I sing 🎀 lullaby??

Shalu(In sleep):: Chup beto na.. Needh nahi aa rahi hai…

Vidha laughs πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Dhaani:: Sing lullaby!!

Viplav clears his throat and looks at his watch.. Opps I’m sorry this time we should not sing 🎀 lullaby… We great singers have specific Time.. And wraps up his bed down and puts his bed sheet.. Dhaani laughs πŸ˜†

Dhaani:: Should i sleep πŸ’€ on this extra bed 🏨

“no no I’ll sleep πŸ’€ I’ve no probs” and smiles sleeps…

Dhaani stares at him.. She smiles at the way he yawns.. 😫 She glances at him.. Viplav turns to Dhaani’s side.. Dhaani turns the opp direction and smiles… She hugs a pillow and kisses πŸ’‹ on the pillow.. She was nt able to cntrol hr smile 😊 She was in an another wrld.. It was difficult to make her emotions stable.. She wanted to hug al the things come across her.. She wanted to kiss πŸ’‹ someone.. She wanted to stare at viplav al the time.. Lost in these emotions,she was drown to sleep…
Viplav on other side was sleeping peacefully.. He was soo tired 😫 that day.. Bt his sleep was disturbed by a call πŸ“ž and it was from his mother asking thr condition… Viplav answers the call πŸ“ž and goes back to sleep πŸ’€ Later he wakes up by hearing the alarm… He checks shalu’s temperature..

Viplav’s pov…
Isse toh high temperature hai.. Pills detha hun…
He checks fr the pills and make shalu have it.. In btwn her sleep πŸ’€ Later Viplav moves near dhaani.. Dhaani is her sleep.. Her hair is pleated.. Viplav is lost in hr..

“Aaaa” says dhaani in hr sleep πŸ’€ & turn to the other side and rests her body on the wounded hand.. Viplav makes dhaani πŸ’€ sleep straight and dresses hr wound without disturbing hr sleep… He stares lovingly 😍 at dhaani and was abt to continue his sleep πŸ’€ bt sees shalu awake..

“kya hua” asks viplav
“time” answers shalu in a tired 😫 fever voice.. Hr face is fully tired..
“2:30 subah nahi hua soo javo”
“needh nahi aarahi hai”
“pukhar hai na isiliye” amd viplav moves near her.. He makes shalu sleep πŸ’€ on his laps.. By placing her head on his lap..
Shalu:: Bhaia,kya ye pukhar jayegi?? Kya mere b’day GOA mein mana payenge..

“ah,baba Tera b’day GOA mein hi hogi.. Tune pills πŸ’Š kahi haina.. Ab socha vo.. Mrng tera pukhar tujse juda hogi..”

“khoya pyaar”

Viplav smiles..😊 And that smile 😊 reflects on shalu’s face… Too.. Dhaani wakes up in fear.. With sweat on her face..

Shalu::kya hua??
Viplav::(goes near Dhaani)kuch nahi hua.. πŸ’€ sleep(patting on hr head)It’s a dream…
Dhaani:: DHYAAAAN.. (hesitating) Dhya..aan..

Shalu looks at Dhaani in a worried πŸ˜“ manner.. Viplav makes dhaani sit.. And make her drink water 🍺 and wipes out hr sweat.. And make her calm.. And looks at Shalu..

Viplav:: Be a good girl πŸ‘§ and sleep πŸ’€.. He make dhaani sleep πŸ’€ on his lap.. And brushes her hair.. Kya hua?? Koi bura sapna dekha??

Dhaani tightly hugs viplav’s thighs.. And nods..

Viplav:: Kuch nahi hua hai.. Hum sab heina.. U sleep πŸ’€ peacefully… It’s just a dream.. Soo jao..

Dhaani wakes up and hugs Viplav crying 😒 And evn now she in the shock of the dream she saw!! Viplav too hugs her as a reflex action.. Bt protectively consoling her.. Later dhaani comes to sense.. She leaves him.. And says.. I didn’t said u a part of my story..

Viplav:: Thn say.. Lekin ab tumhe aacha lage toh.. And looks at dhaani..

Dhaani to looks at Viplav.. Thy lock thr eyes πŸ‘€

Soo hw was the epi!! Hope u loved it!! Want a brother like Viplav!! Bt the fact is actually all brother’s are like Viplav.. It’s just that they are not exhibiting their emotion!!

Guyss always remember Brother’s are really our assets.. Bhaia ke bena Our Life is nothing.. Leave Bhaia… Just imagine a Life without ur siblings.. πŸ˜‰ our siblings πŸ‘« nvr says hw much thy love πŸ’› us!! Bt the fact is that thy love ❀ us mre than anyone in this world!!

So by thanking all my beautiful siso and brother’s who are reading it I end this epi!! Without u guyss my dream of this ff won’t be possible..

So thanks you!!

  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey princess! One by one you’re giving us beautiful episodes yaar, that doctor-viplav’s conversation was nicely written, seemed to be so natural. Viplav’s care towards dhaani and Shalini is just too lovely yaar.
    And you’re right all brothers are like viplav, you know I usually ask that Aliyan ap mujh sey pyaar karte ho naa and his reply, Chaaaaloooo koi nahe, don’t ask silly question but then also I keep asking to tease him HA-HA. Brothers are support, shelter and protector after a father, and we should thank God for blessing us a brother and brother should thank God that He blessed them with a sister, so spend time with siblings because aj hain kal nahe, *you know shadi hojai ge tou sab busy Lol! Then we’ll remember those precious moments<3
    Anyways episode was jhakas! Keep writing.
    Take care

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Maha didi..😊

      Saachi Maha di,Brothers are our second dad.. I too always usd to taunt my eldr brthr and He usd to taunt me too.. And I usd to shout at him.. Latr v became again frnds and again.. Bt the fact is without him my life wouldn’t have been such a easy life. Watever I want he usd to by and give me and keep it frnt of me.. If he wouldn’t have been thn i’ve to go and buyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Usse hi mujhe kiya the ithna lazyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Yeah.. Aftr bidaai these wl b d bst mnmts😊

      Lve u… Happy to hav a siso lke u😍

  2. Hahahha….tht was superb episode chotti…always this bro sis relation are the best….u make it real sis….all the scenes were infornt of my eyes….

    Nd of course my part was superb… Hahhahha….my mehandi function…. Love u sis……my nd varun marriage😘…..I like ur suspire a lot…I was widely smiling while reading it😁…..u nailed it…

    Keep rocking chotti….

    1. Shanitics

      Dekho kya jaldi read ki jab bola surprise haiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Varna last epi ippozhum vayichittila😈

      AnthayalumThankss fr readng and cmntng πŸ‘

      Ah.. Chechik oru surprise irikkette enn vicharichu.. Varunine kandapol sidele neghana chechi ye vare marunu😈

      Happy that u lvd my surprise 😊

      Again thankss 😊

      1. Meghs

        Ammu marriage already happened now againπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      2. Shanitics

        Whn that happnd😌

        Yeah.. Was trying bring those nostalgia bckπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. hey shani ur ff is very nice but plz plz i cant read or hear that viplav calling dhani as behen no no plz ha next time onwards just avoid yaar… kk i know in ur ff yeh jaruri hai kyunki in ur ff bhai behn ki relation is very important…
    i can understand…
    but u also shown that there is something is there in between them…
    totally ur ff is perfect…
    plz post ur next ff asap..
    bye tc.
    keep smiling…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Lalitha didi..😊

      Okay okay… Jst fr a fw epi aftr that u can c the magic😊

      Ah.. Love seed hav startd to become a sapling.. Wait and watch whn it wl became a vast tree!!

      Oh.. Thats a cute cmplimnt.. Alas I too became prfct 😊

  4. Meghs

    Oi chotti I old na my chotti is not more chotti see her ff is mind blowing πŸ˜‰

    Varun and ammu marriageπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ let’s nacho

    1. Shanitics

      Chotti is always chotti bas matha ka ashirvadh milla aur likh di ek asi ffπŸ˜‰

      Thankss thankss in b\wπŸ˜‚

      See I’ve included ur name too.. Saw it😈

      1. Meghs

        I noticed πŸ˜‰

      2. Shanitics

        Gud πŸ‘


  5. Sujie

    Shaani… you meri Swethu….. awesome episode… you made me cry at that point when Viplav protects his sister and his future love together….. I know I know abhi ke liye you have made Dhaani Viplav’s sister… but ultimately hona toh unhe lovers hi hai right???
    awesome it was dear….. and yes….loved that part when Viplav cares for the ladies….keeps Dhaani’s head in his lap and caresses her hair….. pata hai I love you for this… πŸ™‚ keep it up dear…lots of love to you πŸ™‚ keep rocking πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Sujie di 😊

      Right didi.. Ultimately lovers toh unhe bana na hi hai.. Varna tum log scold kareige naπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I love ❀ u too diπŸ˜‰

  6. AanyaSingh

    Hello Swetha dear😊. A lovely epi it was again. Loved Viplu’s bond & the way Vips takes care of Shalu & Dhaani too. So beautifully u have described everything πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. Par meri pyaari behna, plz ab ye Vips aur Dhaani ka bhai behen wala torture khatam Kar de yaar, plz. 😭😐. Ab ye na hazam nhi ho rha haiπŸ™ƒ. So i hope u’ll give a u-turn soon. Will wait for the nxt eagerly. Love to u😘😘 & plz forgive for replying late.

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