Love on Road.. The unique ff.. EPI-05 (unique fight)


Hiii ?… Hw u all r?? Fine na!! Soo my sweet siso here I’m, back with another epi if the unique ff “LOVE ON ROAD THE UNIQUE FF”

Here ? is the link for the last epi

Episode 4

Viplav… Dhaani.. Shalu.. Are sitting on the ? bed..

Dhaani:: Tomorrow we can leave aftr 11 only pls…?

Shalu:: Yeah… Tats fr sure.. And it’s damn sure we will leave only aftr 10:00.. Kyun bhaia!!

Dhaani give a doubtful look to Viplav.. Viplav wakes up from the bed ? and sits near the pillows.. And followed by a sleeping position..

Shalu:: Vo kya hai na bhaia ko na… Bath…

Viplav:: Throws a pillow.. And give a angry ? look..

Shalu::(showing all her 32 teeth she smiles ?) Bhaia ko na.. And is abt to say it in loud sound… Just then Viplav wakes up from his sleeping position and closes shalu’s mouth… Shalu licks? his hand ✋

Viplav:: Stupid girl.. ? Manners nahi hai.. Licking.. Err…

Shalu:: Bathroom ? only aftr 7:00 and aftr a drink ☕

Dhaani laughs ? viplav gives out a lion? roar..

Viplav::(Shouts) Shalu wakes up fr gng to bathroom ?

Viplu exchange sharp ?? looks and throw pillow at each other..

Dhaani:: Soo I and Viplav share same.. We both are same in matter of bathroom and laughs ?

Vidha give a hi-fi?

Viplav:: So.. I’ll wake up last.. After Dhaani and moti…
Dhaani:: If I wake up first I’ll order coffee ? and go to bathroom.. ? Aftr that only u bth should wake up..
Thy all nod.. Latr thy have thr dinnr.. Viplav orders an extra ? bed.. And comes back to room.. He changes his dress and wear his white pants ?… And t-shirt ? and sits on the bed ?

Viplav:: Now girls ?? go and wash out thr make up.. Shalu ka asli colour muche patha hai.. But urs!!and looks at Dhaani..

Dhaani(taking hr night dress)::I have only applied lotion.. And lip ? balm…

Shalu:: Ah.. U have lip ? balm.. I want it.. I forgot to take it…

Dhaani(gttng up aftr taking dress ??):: Hey u use it.. U r my cute siso na..

Viplav:: Cute nahi moti siso..

Dhaani giggles ?
Viplav:: U girls ? wear soo much make up and waste time ?

Someone knocks the room… Dhaani runs to bathroom… Shalu wears the shawl.. Viplav opens the door ? It was a staff with extra bed he opens the door to the extend.. Staff rolls the bed ? and leaves.. Dhaani comes out.. Wearing hr night ? dress ?? and hair left loose… Viplav stares at her.. Her hair falls on her face.. Viplav looks into Dhaani’s eyes ?which is hidden under her hair… Dhaani ties her hair..Viplav falls fr hr..

Dhaani:: Dekho I haven’t done any make up ? tat was my original beauty..

Viplav comes out of the senses.. And nods..

Viplav:: Lts try nt to wake up togethr and moves near his ? bed.. Thinking ?wat happened to him..

Shalu and Dhaani too goes to bed ? and Thy off the light…

Next day.. Mrng ?

Viplav is sleeping on the ? bed fully covered with blanket except his face.. He turns to the othr side.. “SUBAH KYUN HUA!!”Dhaani covers herself with the bed sheet.. And turns.. After few minute viplav opens the eyes ? and stretches his hands.. And is on the ? bed.. Later wakes up and looks at the bth the girls sleeping ?? He washes his face and brushes the teeth.. Dhaani wakes up.. And switches on the light with one eye and looks at the watch.. And sees it’s just 8:00 ? Dhaani again covers herself wth bed sheet and turns to this and that side.. Later she wakes up.. And brushes her teeth.. And sees Viplav ordering fr drinks ? and Dhaani asks him to order fr hr too.. He did so.. Vidha waits fr thr drinks..

Viplav:: So say smethng untill drinks come!!

Dhaani:: Thankss thankss Thank you soo much fr everything…

Viplav::(Surprised ?) Lekin kyun??

Dhaani:: For such a good memories to up hold!! I nvr thought again in my life after clg I’ll laugh ? I’ll talk like before.. I nvr thought …

Viplav::(staring)No thankss no srry.. Just think ? me as ur sweet friend ? who came as a saviour fr u.. ? In btwn wat r ur plans further….

Dhaani:: Join business.. Uske baath marry someone who love my assets and wealth..

Viplav:: Y??

Dhaani:: Chachu is gng to fnd alliance fr me… Chachu wll mstly give the duty to chachi.. And chachi will find and looks down with a sad?face

Viplav:: Y can’t u find ur partner urself!! It’s ur life.. Ur dad & mom is ur reflection… So find..

Dhaani:: Bt it’s difficult to find my partner of my dreams?

Viplav:: While falling in ? love wth a guy we will forgot about our dream partner.. U’ll smpy fall in love ❤ wth him.. May be just within an eye ? sight.. Or sometimes life will shape ur destiny in such a way that u meet ur partner unknowingly and fall in love ? with him!!

Dhaani:: Ah, tats true.. Sometimes we are nt able to gt partner ? of our dreams.. Bt smetmes we fnd a partner who is mre better than our dreams.. There is also a chance that..(Looks @ Viplav)

Viplav:: Our real life partner might lacks all qualities we dreamt of.. Evn thn he will be the bst.. Because..(looks @ Dhaani)

Dhaani:: We fall fr him nt because of his character.. Bt fr his love ? care,& respect for us!!

Vidha look at each other.. Viplav looks into Dhaani’s eyes ? Dhaani looks at Viplav’s face.. They both stare at each other…

Ting tong!! Someone rings the bell ? It was a waiter with thr tea ☕ and coffee ?He keeps the Coffee ?and Tea ? on the table inside the room.. And he leaves.. They take their drinks ?☕ and have it… shalu wakes up and goes inside the bathroom..

viplav:: No!! Pls..

Shalu is soo sleepy ? and leaves ? inside.. She brushes her teeth.. And asks Viplav to order her Horlicks ? Viplav do so.. Shalu goes in to Bathroom ? again.. Viplav looks in a shocked ? manner at his coffee ? and bathroom door ?


Shalu is humming a song ? sitting inside the bathroom.. Viplav is walking ? to and fro the room.. Dhaani is sipping her drink…

Viplav:: Shalu bahar aaja!!? And knocks on the door ?

Dhaani:: Looks at her drink and says bathroom mein gaya toh fastly bahar aajana.. Okay ?

Viplav:: Shaalu!! R u sleeping ? or wat?? Come outside fastly.. (Looking at Dhaani) This is a demerit fr taking a single room.. (Shouting)SHAAAALUUU.. R u cmng out or!! Should I cme in…

Shalu:: I’m cmng out!!

Dhaani:: Nw only she woke up from hr deep sleep ?

Viplav:: Tum log ye bathroom mein kuch aur bhi karthe hai kya!! Hw lng u take!!?

Shalu comes out.. Viplav gives her a aggressive look? & goes inside..

Shalu:: Kya sanata kar raha hai vo bahar!!?

Dhaani (Laughs ?):: Will he take much time?

Shalu:: Aa paatha nahi…

Dhaani looks at Her drink ? and bathroom.. Shalu have her horlicks ? Dhaani after a lot of conflicting thoughts in mind.. She drink her tea ?After finishing her tea ? Shaalu gives a doubtful ? look.. Dhaani goes near bathroom … And knocks..

Viplav:: Aa.. Cmng out!! ?

Viplav comes out of the bathroom ? Dhaani goes inside.. Later they all have thr bath ? and does thr packing!!Viplav goes and sits on the bed ? And sees Dhaani’s hand bag ? which is filled with items..

Viplav:: Can I check it‼❕

Dhaani:: Yeah!! ?

Viplav opens her bag ? and takes one after one…

Dhaani:: Don’t scatter the items…

Viplav:: Comb ? Slides, ?lipstick ,Powder,charger,camera ? ,Purse,Toffees ??????? Shawl.. Lip ? glows.. Nail polish ? At last saw something of use.. Medicines ? Kuch aur bhi dalna!!

Dhaani & shalu smiles ? Shalu goes near the bag ? and pt the lip balm.. Dhaani goes near Viplav and put Lip liner inside⬇ the bag ?

Viplav:: Mobile beauty parlour? and smiles..

Viplav put inside all the items and they lock ? The room and go to restaurant… Thr thy have thr Break fast ????????? And pay out thr way.. Bt manager stops them half way…

Manager?:: Sir,ma’am

Bt the voice becomes soundless… Vidha are moving out!!

Receptionist ?:: Siiiirrr,,, maaaa’aam.. Chotti..

Thy turn back.. As the sound was soo audible…

Manager:: Sir,If u have a day to left behind, thn u can stay in our resort too.. It’s just half an hour drive from here..

Dhaani:: Our only resort na❗❕

Manager:: Yeah… The result of Tripathi and Rao Groups..

Viplav:: Tripathi groups..

Dhaani(looks viplav With mouth ? Wide open):: It’s ur cmpny tat collaborated wth us!!

Viplav:: I don’t know ?!! We have many partrnrs!! Only 1\4th is our solo project.. Rest 3\4 is partnership ? Projects..

Manager:: Sir,it’s very nice to spend a day thr!! It’s on a beach side!! And these months are season sir!!

Vidha nods.. Viplav looks at Shalu..

Shalu:: My b’day is on Saturday!!

Viplav calculates dates ? And calls ? dad and say this.. He asks fr the permission to stay in the resort… Shambu gives him a affirmative answer.. He smiles ?.. And repeats the affirmative answer to the manger dhaani and shalu… Manager calls the manager of the resort and conveys that the owner’s children r cmng!! While Vidha and shalu drive off to The resort!!

Hope u all enjoyed this epi too.. Hope the words I used was okay!! When I remember a trip first thing thing that came to my mind was this portion soo I thought to write.. Hope this was too a relatable epi!!?

Apologizes if any errors there!!? And especially apologies if the words went inappropriate ?

Hope u loved it!!?
Keep reading and keep smiling ?

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  1. Meghs

    Hi swe? see I’m here finally I got comment box to post comment on ur ff. It’s unique concept anx ur style is unique. I liked it.

    Ok first meet of vidha was superb then previous part mission hotel stupendous. I don’t have time to post comment there. So here I’m. This one is amazing and bathroom part was hilarious

    See ya

    Keep smiling

    1. Shanitics

      Alas.. Padhuku di ko time milla..

      Firstly thankss fr reading and catching up all d epi’s ? Secondly,thankss fr cmntng too about the previous epi’s… & ths epi?

      I was a bit nervous abt my concept first to b honest?

      1. Meghs

        Kaise nahi athi apni chotti ki ff h boss??

      2. Shanitics

        Ohh.. Toh ase aayi.. Chotti ko ithna power tha abhi patha chala tha??

  2. very very nice episode while u r expressing scenes are very nice And ha happy christmas… I am waiting for ur next epi… Bye tc

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Lalitha di? I was a bit nervous abt posting ths epi.. On bathroom ?

      Ah.. Wl pst the next prt too soon..

    2. Shanitics

      Toh Christmas ? ko kya plans hai dii appko??

      1. no plans only to enjoy holiday 😀

  3. Angel20

    Each and everything was just awesome! I seriously loved it and yes the bathroom scene was really hilarious? post the next one soon!

    Love you?

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Maria.. Wl pst the nxt part soon…

      Love u too?

    2. Shanitics

      Yaar tera vacations shuru hua kya??

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Swetha! It was damn good yaar, the thing which I like most was ViDha’s conversation, my God each and every word about a dream of life partner and all was just beyond amazing, seriously it was too good then the bathroom scene was way more funny, the way he was pleading to shalini for coming out was hilarious so yeah enjoyed this one too as usual!
    Apart from this one, I had read your OS on naagin of which you’ve provided me a link few days back but was too busy so that’s wasn’t able to comment, so that was also good though it was a sad one but story was quite nice.
    Also read my 2nd shot of Love behind ego and prologue of Impossible love of Viplav for Dhaani. Okay ? Though I ain’t forcing you but just providing you some info *tears of joy*
    Keep rocking!
    Take care<3

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Maha di ? Happy that u enjoyed each and evry part.. I was a bit worried about the episode both Bathroom and vidha conversation part.. Bt I’m happy that u enjoyed it and seeing all the cmnts I feel relaxed now ?

      Ohh.. Tats soo nice of u.. Thankss fr reading..?

      Yeah.. I’ve read ur second part.. And seems lke I cmntd too..

      I thnk I read ur Prologue too?
      Memory powr is soo gud?
      U too take care?

  5. Sujie

    It was amazing Shaani….keep going…. ViDhalu ROCKS!!!
    The way Viplav was calling Shaalu out of the bathroom…. literally I went trip down to memory lane when our siblings gang used to do this to each other …..those were the days…. happy with Viplu bonding yarr…superb…

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Sujie di? I’m happy that the epi was a relatable one..

      Actually when I thought a trip this Bathroom incident came running ? to mY mind and I thought to write it up.. Bt I was a bit wrried fr posting bt latr it gt postd and seeing all my sweet readers\Siso’s comments My worries wnt dwn ?

      1. Sujie

        Always for you and all the beautiful writers of our FAMILY…..
        🙂 🙂 love you dear….take care

      2. Shanitics

        Ohh tats soo nice of u sujie di ?

  6. Lakshmi

    hey swetha… atlast i’m here reading ur ff… mujhe tumhari ff padne ki zaroorat hi nahi huyi…because i just go through the pics u used in it…woh khaafi tha mere liye… good job dear… shalu aur vidha ki masti enjoyed a lot…. I hope u r enjoying ur vacation too… belated christmas wishes dear..waitng for the next… and ya i’m reading ur ff one by one but comment box is not there…so I will tell u the whole comment atlast…

    1. Shanitics

      Thanksss Lakshmi chechi ?

      Yeah.. I’m enjoying my vacation.. Wat abt u??

      Thanks for Christmas ? wsh…

      I’m sorry.. But reading my ff one by one means.. I’ve only written this ff currently..

      1. Lakshmi

        me tooo…

        welcome dear..

        yeah i mean the previous epis…

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