Love on Road.. The unique ff.. EPI-04 {Anjaan Rastha}


Hey my fellow readers.. So remember my last epi.. {Mission Hotel} If no then here is the link!!!

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Car ? is moving.. Darkness conquered the brightness.. Buildings started to switch on thr fancy lights.. Inside the car ?,Dhaani is looking at all the buildings ?? tat thy pass away.. Shalu is sitting in front and drinking water and has a tired ? face…

Shalu:: Bhaia,it’s been soo long we r driving.. Can we stay back in a hotel ?

Viplav:: Yeah.. Even I too was thinking ? the same.. Shalu just call ? dad ? and enquire if we have any hotel in this place.. Don’t ask me which is ths place!!

Shalu Looks at the boards of the building ?? and finds the name of the place and calls ? dad and enquire with him..

Shalu:: Bhaia,dad gave me a number ? I’ve saved it.. Dad said that that guy is the main head of all the branches.. Dad ? asked to contact him.. Fr hotel ? details…

Viplav turns the car ? to left and parks thr.. PI.. PI.. PIPI… The cars ? ? behind started to press horns.. Viplav starts the car ? and the car ? moves forward.. & is abt to turn right ?


Viplav puts sudden break.. A bike ? goes soo near to thr car ?

Viplav:: Ye loggon ko toh ghaadi chala nahi aathi!! Who the hell gave him the license ?
The car’s ? behind starts to horn..

Dhaani:: Viplav I think ? it will be better to take a u-turn⤵

Viplav moves the car ? Ek toh raath hai.. And road bhi nahi patha.. And this fellow people are sleeping on thr horn it seems… Viplav moves front ⬆ and moves the car ? to a pocket road.. And parks the car ? and calls ? on the number saved by Shalu… Viplav enquires abt the hotel ? and come to knw hotel ? is 50 km ahead..

Dhaani:: If u don’t mind can I enquire abt My hotels ?

Viplav:: Yeah.. ? Sure.. No need to ask!!

Dhaani smiles ? and calls hr chachu.. Bt it goes to vain.. Later she thinks ? abt hr companies ? receptionist ? and contacts her.. Dhaani tells her the place thy are.. Receptionist ? answers tlling hr that we have only one ? hotel thr and says the name of the place… And Dhaani repeat the conversation to Viplav.. Viplav enquires abt the place from a person ? going that way and comes to knw that the place is just 10km ahead.. And they come to conclusion to go to Dhaani’s hotel ? Thy pay thr way to that hotel.. Dhaani asks the receptionist to give her the phone ? number ? of that hotel ?.. Dhaani calls ? the hotel ? and asks that hotel’s ? receptionist ? to send a person to the place thy r waiting and receptionist ? do her duty.. A guy ? in a bike with full sleeved shirt and pants reaches the place where vidha are waiting… The guy asks Viplav to follows him.. Viplav follows the way bike moves by..Thy reach the hotel ?

Hotel ? Employees ? give Dhaani bouquet ? of flowers ?

Viplav::(Murmuring) Not Bad ? Welcoming.. Ahh!! Varana hi celebrity aane ke waqt ase hi sab karthe hai..

Shalu:: Yeah.. Bhaia wat to do!! I askd thm nt to do soo much bt wat to do..

Dhaani laughs ?

Hotel manager:: Ma’am whch rooms u want??

Dhaani looks at Viplav..

Viplav:: Em.. I and Shalu will sleep ? in a room itself.. Because it’s not much safe to leave a girl ? alone in a room na..

Dhaani:: Em.. If shalu don’t mind I and shalu will share a room… U sleep ? alone..

Shalu:: Y can’t we 3 stay in a room..

Dhaani:: Nt bad ? idea.. And looks at Viplav

Viplav:: As my both sisters wish..

Dhaani gives Viplav an respect wala look.. The way Viplav said sister made Dhaani feel a sigh of relief… She felt like she was in safe hands..

Viplav:: Is thr any double deluxe available??

Manger:: Sir,a moment lt me check!! And goes near the reception… 2 othr managers take Vidha and shalu to managers cabin.. All the 3 look throughout the room..

Dhaani:: Viplav I think ? It is good option to infrm ur secretary abt this.. Else thy will be preparing thr something…

Viplav:: Yeah.. ✔ I frgt abt that… Thankss ? fr reminding me abt it.. He calls his manager and infrm ths..

The manager of the hotel comes and gives them a negative ❎ result abt the room..

Viplav:: Em.. Is honeymoon suit available??

Dhaani and shalu exchanges a strange look each othr.. Thy both together says honeymoon suit..

Viplav::(Goes near to thm)Ah.. It will be spacious room.. Master bed ?.. And much more facilities will be thr na.. Aur u two moti’s have to share a bed ? na.. So a single bed ? won’t be enough na..

Dhaani:: So u slim uh??

Viplav:: No proper gym body

The girls laugh ?? Manager stare at them…

Viplav:: Look fr honeymoon suit!!

Manger:: Yeah.. Sir lt me check!!

Dhaani:: So whr will u sleep ?

Viplav:: Extra bed..

Dhaani:: No no I’ll sleep ? in extra bed u sleep ? wth shalu..

Viplav:: No probs.. Wait.. ? oh.. U want to sleep alone na… ?? I won’t give my bed… U bth share..

Shalu:: Ah.. U sleep alone.. Me & didi will share bed.. ?

The way Viplav handles the situations and way he talks and the way he cares Shalu made again Dhaani feel that she was in the safe hands…

Manger gives them a affirmative answer.. and thy mve towards the honeymoon suit.. Viplav orders an extra bed.. And manager give a weird look..

Manager:: No sir we hav a deluxe room.. She (Looking at shaalu)Can hav that room…

Viplav:: Kya??

Dhaani:: No no no.. We all will have a single room.. We will share ths room.. We are siblings ?

Manager:: Oh oh,, srry ? ma’am I thought u as partners of life..

Dhaani:: It’s ok ?

Manager:: Then ma’am we have double deluxe.. We thought u need 2 rooms.. Tats y we said no rooms..

Viplav:: Ah.. It’s ok ?

Manger:: Sir,be comfortable.. If u want anything just press the numbers.. And wl arrange for extra bed as soon.. Saying this he leaves the room.. Vidha and shalu laughs ? looking at each other..

Shalu is sitting ? on the bed..and thinks… ?

Kahin wat manager told is nt getting correct!! Tat lyrics of the song is getting correct it seems…

Bg plays ??

? Yeh rasta hai keh raha ab mujhase
Milane ko hai koi kahin ab tujhse…
Dil ko hai kyon yeh betabi kis se mulakaat honi hai
Jiska kab se arman tha shayad wohi baat honi hai
Yun hi chala chal rahi…
Yun hi chala chal rahi…
Jeevan gadi hai samay pahiya
Aansoon ki nadiyan bhi hain,
kushiyon ki bagiyan bhi hain
Rasta sab tera take bhaiya

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  1. Sujie

    Shaani…awesome this was……
    Dhaani sisterzoned….. not bad….. I am waiting for the day jab ye rishta uturn lega..and then will reach to TWO ETERNAL LOVERS….for now this siblings giri is making me laugh….. HONEYMOON SUITE…too …nice one dear…keep going…lots of love 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie di ?

  2. hey shaani its an awesome episode yaar… But i am little surprised on reading that dhani is sister to viplav…oh no its a totally different track… So ur ff is going to be much more interesting…. So plz post ur next epi asap…. Finally thanks for ur update… 🙂

    1. Thanksss Lalitha di..? Keep waiting for mre Surprises?

  3. Angel20

    Hey Swe!
    This was amazing! As always superb! Loving their road journey. It’s just too good. And Viplav calling Dhaani as his sister was hilarious!! Waiting for their reaction to change! He he.. Post the next part soon!!

    With Love?

    1. Thankss Maria .. Yeah wl pst the nxt soon ?

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Swetha sorry for the late comment!
    It was an enjoyable ride yaar! Our ViDha are so rich maayn like seriously they are the owners of their own hotels?? that honeymoon part was kind of funny? viplav referring her as a sister OMG normally boys don’t like the label of BHAI and BEHEN apart of real brothers, examples are filled in my class? but he’s such a gentleman though my class fellows are gentleman too but it’s just they are kind of weird?
    Anyways this is so good. Keep going!
    Take care!

    1. Thankss Maha di?
      Giving a siso wrd wl give Dhaani a safe look towards Viplav na.. Tats y I mentioned it like it ?
      You to take care grl ?

    2. Di.. I’ve wrte an one shot on Naagin pge.. This ? is the lnk

      If u love reading pls read it & cmnt on it too?

  5. AanyaSingh

    Hello dear?. Sorry for being late. It was an enjoyable read dearie. As they r enjoying their road journey, so r we??. Though Vips calling Dhaani as sister was a bit undigestable???, but i’ll b waiting for the abt turn?. Love to u???.

    1. Thankss Aanya di… ?

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