Love – A Rivanya Story Character Sketch

Hey guys its me TinaJi and I am back at TU! I had to leave as I am a Screenplay Director and I work in the Broadway theatre, I had to go to California for a Show and I am still there. By the way I discontinued all my other FF and OS because I didn’t get enough Comments/Response…….So any way here is my new FF……..Love – A Rivanya Story…….


Character Sketch:

Ritik Raheja: 23 years Old. A very Rich and Handsome Bachelor. Loves his Work most. Likes his Family but always tries to keep himself busy as he hates being Lazy. His Office is his Favorite Place….And has no intrest in Marriage or Girls. His Dad died 7 years ago.

Vanshika Raheja : Ritik’s Mother. A happy and kind woman

Angad Raheja: 1 year older than Ritik and A very Naughty Brother

Deepika Raheja: 3 years younger than Ritik a bubbly and happy person

Shivanya: A orphan. 22 years old. Very kind and generous person. Works at a bakery/Cafe. Lives with her Best Friend. Not interested in Marriage or Boys. A independent, Mature and Conserved Girl

Simran: A Orphan. 22 years old. Shivanya’s Best Friend Naughty and bubbly. Works at a bookstore

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


It was a normal Morning in Chandigarh,India. It was 7:45 a.m Ms.Shivanya was awake preparing Breakfast for herself and Simran…


Shivanya (Sh) : Simran!……..Come quickly!…..I’m gonna get late for Work!..

Simran (S) : Coming Shivu!…..One minute!….

Sh: Hurry up!….

And just then Simran came running to the kitchen, sat on the dining chair and started eating her breakfast as fast as she could.

S: Finished!….And as always your probably already Finished arnt you…(Matter-of-fact Tone)

Shivanya grinned….

S: As usual! …… OK bye…..and yeah at 3.P.M meet me at the City Mall….

Sh: But why……?

And just then Simran ran out.Shivanya than cleaned up the kitchen and went to work.

In Chandigarh it was a normal morning. In the Raheja mansion everyone is asleep. Apart from ritik who is well dressed in his Office attire. He is working on his Laptop when Vanshika and Angad walkby and see him….

Angad: Bro why do you wake up so early?

Ritik: What to do man…..I can’t help it

Vanshika: Ritik,

Ritik: Yes maa?

Vanshika: Beta, I just wanted to say that I am going to a celebration as you know Mahira Aunty? She just had a grandchild so I will not be home today,
Deepika is at her friends house and will return tomorrow and Angad has some important work so he is going to Pune. So just wanted to inform you that no one will be home when you return from work.

Ritik: Okay thanx ma…

And ritik left for work. Ritik had to attend a meeting but the clients wanted to meet somewhere local so he went to a Cafe/Bakery nearby. And Yes he went to the same bakery where Shivanya works. He sat on a table and looked at his watch he realised he arrived very early so he decided to order something for himself…. He went to the Counter and saw Shivanya for the first time……They had an eye lock………

Precap: “Will you marry me”

So guys if you have read my FF/OS you know I only continue if I get response so comment , Like it , Hate it pls let me know if I do not get response I will not continue…..Anyway thanx for reading…..;)

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    And I saw your play in California it’s called
    The Tempest right? Anyway pls do continue loved it

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