Love, Revenge, Mystery… (Intro)


Hi guys! I’m new to this ff/ss/os world (hope I’m welcomed ?…….joking ?). Well I think I maybe should start with intro about myself (writer hun, intro to banta hai?). I am Alia, and my age… well I think you, aka my readers, should guess my age after reading my SS, wanna see if you guess right or not. Now coming to the point, I am here to write an SS. I’m sure that I will not be able to write as good as the other writers but I’ll surely try…
Sorry sorry I’ll stop my bak bak right here and start with intro of my SS…


Swara Malhotra: Undercover agent, bad past is the reason she is an agent today, wants revenge from Viraat Saxena, aka the underworld don. In normal life, a biker. Doesn’t want to fall in love. Best friend of Laksh. Lives in an apartment in Kolkata with her Dida.

Sanskar Singhania: Undercover agent, wants revenge from Nidhi Saxena. In normal life, a businessman + a biker. Has fallen in love with a girl but hasn’t seen her face yet, knows her as “The Devil”. Best friend of Ragini, has a brother-sister bond with her. Lives with his mother, Sujata Singhania and sister, Uttara Singhania.

Laksh Chopra: Well-known businessman of Kolkata, bookworm, big fan of Ragini Gupta but has never seen her. Best friend of Swara. Doesn’t know about Swara being an undercover agent. Has a secret that no one knows about (I’ll reveal later?). Lives with his bhai-bhabhi, Adarsh Chopra and Parineeti Chopra (not the celebrity, lol??)

Ragini Gupta: Famous romance novel writer but no one has seen her yet, also a kathak teacher, teaches to youngsters. Lives with her parents, Shekhar Gupta and Sharmishtha Gupta. Knows that Sanskar is an undercover agent.

Viraat Saxena: Underworld don, gets what he wants, smuggles drugs and other illegal stuff to different countries but has never been caught because the proofs against him are always destroyed by the officers that work under him. Of course, the villain of my ff.

Nidhi Saxena: Sister of Viraat Saxena. Gets what she wants. An arrogant woman and is only after money. Likes to play with others feelings. Also the villain of my ff.


Why does Swara want revenge from Viraat?
Why does Sanskar want revenge from Nidhi?
Who is Sanskar in love with?
What secret does Laksh have?

So guys, this is the intro, hope you like it… It will not be the best, of course, after all it is my first try. I was thinking of posting a prologue, but it will be a very short one, should I??
I will update this ff from 16th june because my summer vacation starts from then so I will have time to put all my focus on this ff.
In my ff I will try to also give importance to raglak but I’m a swasan fan so it’ll be hard, I’ll surely try my best!
So let’s see how swasan, raglak meet and fall in love… stay tuned!
Love y’all! ❤️‍❤️‍❤️

PS: Please comment!!???

Credit to: Alia

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    1. Thank you so much Tvisha!!

  1. Intresting continue soon

    1. Thank you Rosey!!

    1. Thank you Shan!!?

  2. Awesome start

    1. Thank you B!!?

  3. Superbb nice concept plss continue waiting for 1st epi

    1. Thank you so much Renu!!?

  4. interesting. plz continue. pair should be swasan

    1. Thank you Mou!?
      Of course, the pair is Swasan, love them…❤️‍

  5. Nice start. Please continue

    1. Thank you Prateeksha!!

  6. Ofc Sanskar has fallen in love with Swara ( 😉 joke) . Anyways HEARTIEST WELCOME HERE!! 🙂

    Interesting plot. Not maddening my already mad brain by guessing the unknown. 😛 . Please try to start asap dear.

    Bye TC

    1. Thank you so much Bisha!
      As I said, I’ll start from 16th June because my summer vacation will start from then and I’ll have time to put all my focus on this ff…❤️‍

    2. But maybe I’ll post some OS or TS for you guys, if I get time from my exams…
      You too take care❤️‍

  7. Guys this is not the picture that I chose!! Tellyupdates changed my pic???

  8. interesting……………

    1. Thank you Soujanya!

  9. Really a good intro and hoping to read it soon..all the best

    1. Thank you so much Dafsi!!

  10. Interesting. Please continue.

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  11. nice intro..

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