hii, guys…this time i am not back with any ff or os. from many days i want to share some thoughts with all swasan fans especially helly’s fans.
most of u know i am die heart swasan fan. in swasan i like sanskar most. but in vahe i like helly most. helly shah is first actress which i like ever. always i used to love actor/actress character which they are playing. in case of helly it is diff. it is my tribute to helly shah…….
when i start like / love her ?

before 6 months i had read an article about helly on some swasan page, how she is bashed by some fans. after reading it unknowingly tears start flowing. that article is really worse, i can’t even imagine those things about anyone that written about her. this was first time i read it. only then i come to know ,more than loving there fav actress they are hating helly. i thought when helly will read this,she will take surely some action. but for my surprise she ignore it. her insta is full of haters comments. not only this whenever any swasan fans bash other actor / actress,then she used to request her fans to stop it. i don’t think so it’s her duty to stop fights between fans. but she is doing it. whenever she has time she used to interact with her fans., after knowing this things i start to like her. i love her nature. how she support her co actor / actress. i respect her. i want to say that ….helly u r really unique one.my respect toward u is inc day by day.
only ur haters made me ur fan……

don’t bash on my post, i am not polite like helly.
about my ff i will update on tuesday or wednesday….

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  1. Yes she is unique… i love u helly … my love only for u

  2. O my god anniya…. I too love HELLY the most…… I sometimes think how can she tolerate such stupid people.. N just keep quiet.. Bt actually it’s the sign of maturity…. N that’s the think I appreciate about her….. She is such a beautiful actor…i have a very big respect for her in my heart… I just love her….. my first girl crush???actually inspiration….. Love her a lot….. ???????????????

  3. yes dear in my case too hellu is d first actress whome i love most..i love hellu very very very very much..she have such a great personality..
    she is just 20..most youngest in sr..but in intetviews she handle everythng maturely while others try to act as childish….
    actually these haters are jealous of her thats why they barking on hellu..hellu is most popular and lovable one soo some haters jealous of her..bcz of these stupid haters helluz fans increase day by day

    1. Jwala

      200% true sarika dear

    2. Anniya

      Truly said…..
      I am example of it only her hater made me her fan…

  4. Same here evn i love helly from core of my heart n she iz the only actress whs im a big faaan

  5. This is true yaar..every words
    This is the exact reason I start to like her… I loved her character… More than an actress… She is a good person… I too read that comment… How can she bash another girl like that….no other actress is not brutely bashed like this…
    I read many people comments in fb how they respect helly as a person…how she inspired them…. She is such a matured and bubbly girl..who only knows spread love each other……

  6. Aahna

    anniya u should first take rest….
    I too love her….
    helly u r best……

  7. Jwala

    anniya my choti my darling I love you so much. you know what while reading this I was confused that I wrote this or not hehe.. helly is my everything. . I love her like my own sister. I didn’t see any actress as adorable as her. she is just unique. . she has a golden heart.. she is very strong. bashers think that by their bashing comments helly will feel bad. but that strong girl didn’t gave a damn to it and our love for her increase its peak. helly is a true gem. such down to earth celebrity you can never ever see.. she is so humble. she loves her fans so much. I want all happiness for her.. no actress got such nasty ugly comments like helly got. she has such jealous bashers. her bashers are obsessed with her. love you so much for this post.. and tell me do you have IF id? keep posting this type of analysis dear. . I too made some.. I love all helly fans. I love helly.

    1. Anniya

      Di….actually I am inspired by u. I have read ur post some month ago. That time I don’t comment there. When I started write ff. from that time I wanna covey my feeling. How much I love her.

  8. Jwala

    and now only I’m sad because I’m not a boy.. hehe kidding. . helly is my crush, love and everything. I’m so much obsessed with her

  9. Vyshu10

    I too love Helly a lot…..i used to like her from Gulaal days. My liking increased when i saw her in more serials. I have started watching swaragini for her and from then i couldn’t stop loving her.
    She was just 19 when the show started and after seeing how she presents herself in social media, my respect and love for her grew a lot. She is so sweet and matured. Really proud to be her fan.

    1. Vyshu10

      Anniya…i took a snapshot of this and posted it on twitter. It is getting appreciated a lot. Some wanted to convey you that it is awesome.

  10. AnuAnn

    Same here dear.. I’m watching SR from starting.. Bt even though she’s modern and bubbly in her character I liked her more than ragini, usually in serials we prefer traditional girls rather than modern…. And I’m not much crazy abt her at that time… And I’m not much attached to SR .. BT later I found increasing bashing against her not against reel character bt against real life character.. From there my love towards her increased.. Now I become a crazy fan of her.. And I too respect her a lot.. Frankly speaking from day to night almost every time I’m thinking abt her.. Its my first girl crush.. In past I too loved many celebrerties like sanaya irani, krystle d’souza …. Bt it is the first time I’m crazy for someone

  11. me too love hellu vey much..i m kinda obsessed with my hellu..this is the first time i m crazy for an actress..i dnt love any actor or actress like this..only bear this crap show for my cutie pie hellu.she is such an amazing actress..
    my friends really pissed off my talks of hellu..

    helly she is really an amazng actrss with good personality thats why many jealous fteaks are barking on my cutie pie hellu..they cant tolerate that hellu is more popular and loving than thrir fav..but the best thing is that hellu didnt give any damn to those bashers..she is really a ptecious gem.first i cant belive that she is just 20 because her actng her attitude is more than that..i like helluz attitude…my hellu is soo cute cute pretty pretty gorgeous girl..i really love with het..thank god i m a girl.hehe

    bcz of her good personality she have 120k+ likes in fb 216k+ followers in insta 10k+ in insta..she dnt give any damn to bashers..instead she always says to her fans that. dnt bash her co-actors..thats my girl my hellu..i love her soo much

    she is soo hardworking girl..i wonder how she manage her study and shooting evn she is a science student but now she participate in jhalak too..i wonder how she manage…if in my case i have any exams i didnt give any time to any othr works fully immersed in study..but my hellu….she is really an inspiriration..a science student have many things to study praticals and records(i hate to write nd draw records) i dnt knw how hellu manages these things..really proud to be helly fan..love u helly..

    and guys support hellu in jhalak..she needs our support..nd pray for her health too..
    HELLY SHAH LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U SOOOOOOOOO MUCH..my cutie pie hellu all the best for jhalak

  12. Divyanshri

    Yes 100% correct …..I also love helly…. At the age of 20 she has earned name fame n also respect love by her own hard work n ability. she is even good in her studies n she manage everything so well…. I dnt care who hate her but helly is the most faboulous n loving actress till now…… she is friendly…….her bubblyness her childish acts r things which can bring smile on anyone’s face….. ????Love u helly di

  13. me too love helly a lot.she is really an indpiration for us.love you helly.we are always with you. and let that mad dogs to bark..because of that stupid freaks our love for helly increases.
    love u helly.we are always with u

  14. I too love he’ll soooooo much…the people who bash r only jealousy of her popularity cuz she is more popular than their favourite actresses nd this is the only reason the bash her….stupid people…instead of showing love to their favourites they come nd bash her…but the good thing is that it doesn’t effect helly…baking 20 she mature nd doesn’t take bashing seriously…my respecting nd love for her increases day by day…nd Yh she is my first nd last love… I love her…nd will always love… Helly is my baby, my princess my inspiration

  15. Same here I love helly

  16. Sumeeta

    Lovly post.i am helluhollics more than vk hollics.she is such a sweet girl.i am not a insta person.once i surf her insta profile such a nasty comment was refee to her for a image which was post by her.some times i thought why those filthy person comment in her insta rather than praising their fav.in this younger age she have imense tollerance power.nd she is trying to stop bashing just for her co star.even some opposite fan also blame her that she is trying to brake vks marrige.its the height of stupidity nd hateness.
    Few month earlier i like other couples also.but not now just for their fans.their fans are telling that their fav is bashed more because swasan have more fan follower suchme.then what about those nasty nd vulger words which they are passing to helly.their couple never getting those comment.nd dont dare to come in this post nd try to bash helly.we never leave any one who try to bash helly.praise ur fav than bashing helly.it will be good for both of us

    1. Anniya

      I am not also intsa user. All this things I come to know from fb and telly. I wanna ask u something are u on fb…..
      Now I come 2 know on Twitter , there is also same conditions

      1. Sumeeta

        Yes i am on a fb

  17. Sanjanaagrawal

    Anniya …. same in my case…. I love helly the most her cutnesss….. her innocence … her childish face …. just loved …. hellly love u lots and bashers plz don’t comment on this article …. love u helly …. love u anniya ..

    1. Sanjanaagrawal

      And I just starting watching and loving Swaragini just for my hellu …. love u helly a lots …

    2. Anniya

      Love u 2….
      I am totally helly fan…

  18. love u helly and love you for postng this..yeah i love and respect helly..actually she is my crush but i m a girl..no probz i always love helly like this..my pretty girl helly..she have inner and outer beauty..she is really a gorgeous girl with golden heart..first i thought it was jwala’s post bcz she is the one who wrote this type of article for hellu here..

  19. i too love helly di because she is really unique her masti on set and her acting in small age i like helly di when i firstly saw her in gullal and till now i love di’s nature and acting very much and i also saw many bashing helly di on insta but she never say anything and true said she is really polite i love di’s nature and i don’t like people bashing why we relate reel and real life i don’t know but i am a crazy vali fan of helly di and always be a crazy fan and thanku for posting this post??

  20. Heltej

    I watched gulal… After helly’s entry… I watched only two or three episodes… I liked her from first sight… After my college… Once i was changing channel i saw her in swaragini… From that moment i used to watch swaragini… I like her maturity… I love her… I love her everything… At age 20 she made place in many people’s heart… ❤️ love you

  21. I love Helly. I love everyone actually. Idk y ppl bash. Just enjoy the serial Na? It’s reel life not real.

  22. same here too..i too love helly a lot.she is really inspiration for us..she is soo cute and beautifull..i didnt see many actrss actng without make up..but she done many without any make up.but she looks soo cute in dat..i dnt like whn she curlng her hair..to shw swaara as a mature lady she have to do.she lookng soo pretty nd cute in straightend hair…pls cvs give some good kind of dress to my helly.

  23. Anisha

    Even I love her loads…. ???????
    My one and only Helly baby…. ?????????????

  24. Same here are…first I start to notice her bz of these stupid bashers…bz of their fav actress…how they bashed her deframe her…still she request others to stop fighting and supported her co- actors…
    My respect increased day by day to her….she is such an inspiration to her…I used to watch many olv….I will became her fan…she is a cutie pie and very childish innocent matured girl…..
    She is really princess Swara….in some Ff people bashed Swara also…they don’t have any pblm with Sanskar…only Swara and helly…

  25. Serena

    Yup u r right…she is really unique….she takes everything positively….I know she must be feeling bad about her haters comment….but still she keeps on working only for them n us….she is one in lakhs…n her haters make me love her more..LOVE U HELLY

  26. I too love her very much
    I cant express my feelings about helly and varun and swasan
    She is such a very cute beautiful and talented girl
    i only watch swaragini for helly
    I love her very very very much
    Love you swasan /varun helly
    Eagrly wating for jhalak
    best of luck may god gives you all the happiness of world

  27. 100000000%true Di…I am also hello fan.. I love her sooo much…
    She is my princess…In my life I have only one dream to meet belly…What to say about her…I can’t say about her…If I tell about her for 1 week..After that I still feel that something I am missing about her…She is my first crush and I am only crazy about her….
    Love u belly loads and loads

  28. Moni

    I am a raglak and die hard temish fan … i like helly too..and i can’t tolerate any bashing be it teju or helly..choice of onscreen character is diff but bashing a real person for their reel character is the thing i hate the most..all the best to helly for her future and jhalak as well

    1. Aww so sweet of you…. Being a temish fan also u love HELLY….. Thanks a lot dear… N ya bashing onscreen character is OK Bt bashing HELLY n teju is something stupidity……

    2. Anniya

      I also hate them who used to bash real person for reel character. I also like Ragini. She is also very good actress.

  29. Same case is with me helly is really unique

  30. Same here dearies..
    Though I’m a srilankan, I love helly a lot. ???She is my first & most favourite TV actress ever. She is a down to earth person. In spite of being such a young girl,she handles the situations very maturely. I like that quality of hers. She is indeed very gorgeous. No doubt in that.?
    She is 1 year younger to me but I respect her because of her nature.
    Chahe koi kuch bhi kahe.. my love & respect for her is increasing day by day.
    I watch swaragini only for helly,varun & swasan.
    Love u helly… ?
    May God bless her all the happiness in your life. Best of luck for jdj..
    Bang on post anniya.

    1. Anniya

      Even I see only 4 vahe…in starting I like her character. After haters post I start to love helly.
      Tnx 4 sharing ur views…

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