When only love remains….Twinj OS


A young, cute princess of her parents is sitting on the couch with her cell.
Suddenly,The phone buzzes.
It was him, Ashwini.
G: Hey,love. Whassup?
A: Babe, hii. Can u come to hotel Lalit at 10pm.There must b a parcel 4 u at your doorstep. Check it out. Wear that only. Love you. Biee
G: But….
A: No but n yes take my new cell no. to contact me.Note down…
G: Yes.
A: 9745……

G: okay, biee.
A: She u soon,Twinkle. Love u.
She looks at the no. 9745……. Did u norice.? Oh yes she copied it wrong. -_-. She didn’t now that . She went down ñ picked up the parcel.
Oh yes the outfit suited her.The black dungaree.
(Pic uploaded.)
She pit on makeupmakeup? n went.She for a msg from Ashwini for room F68.
On the way she called d no.
T- Heyy. I’m gonna reach Lalit soon. U to reach there. N yes the room it’s F68.ry8? Okay leave reach soon.
Other side- wat?

T: shut up n reach soon.
The person on other side was a man,who thought it was his sis new no. so he went because his sister was celebrating her bf’s birthday n didnt invited him then, saying she would call him later.
He wore a black suit with black shirt, white boots n set off.When he reached there he found a man with a girl. He was making out with her. So closed d door n waited outside.Suddenly Twinkle came there, that means the girl was not Twinkle in d room with Ashwini.She reached the floor n
B- Hey.Wat r u doin here?
T- who r u to ask me ? I shud ask u that
B-Same voice. You called me?
B- yes
T-No, please get lost my bf is in. He’ll not leave you.
B-He is your bf making out with a girl.

T- shut up.
She jerk opened d door n found Ashwini in an awkward position.
T- wth. Wat is dis.
A. Twinkle listen u r half an hour early.
T. Wat? I came to surprise u.but u surprised me, u r double dating. Bast**d , I break up with u.
A. Listen twi…….
She left the room crying n met d same boy
B. so ur bf. Hehe
T. Shut up
B. OkayOkay.I’m kunj.Kunj sarna(Forwarding his hand)
T. Twinkle. Twinkle Taneja.(shaking his hand.)
B. I think it mood is off. Let’s go to bar
T. Sure.

They went to the bar.
Twinkle ordered tequila shots
Kunj drank 2-3 n saw Twinkle She had had 17 shots n was not in senses
T. Kunj u know, I always want someone to love me.
Saying this she came near him.
K. Wat r u doing Twinkle.?
He was drunk but not like Twinkle.
Twinkle caught him n holded him close.
T. It’s just now I’ve met u but I feel a strong connection.

K. No Twink…
She shutted him with a kiss. N ran out.He ran behind her. She started puking. He holded her n maked her sit in the car. He drove to his house as he didn’t know her home address. His parents had gone out n he was alone.
T. Kunj, we have a connection ry8. But tell me how u came in the hotel.
K. You called me. Maybe wrong no.
T. Yes, wrong number but eight connection.
K. Hmm. Yes.Now…
T. Wat now. Thanks for saving m from that devil.

K. It’s OK.
T. U know u have a sweet voice, a sweet smile, a muscular body n…
K. I know now sleep.
She slept. He slept on d couch as she was on the bed.Morning.
Usha(kunjs’s mom). Open d door Kunj
Twinkle opened it half sleepingly n found Kunj’s mom there.she was shocked. Kunj also waked up till then.he saw her n was shocked.
U. She slept wid u Kunj ry8. No. OMG u will marry her kunj. Wat if something happens , our family’s name will b ruined.

She asked twinkles address n went to her home.
As Sarnas n Tanejas were both rep damilies, the marriage was fixed n the best part is thatthat they both fall in love with each other n after 2 years they had a cute baby girl, Aina.
So this was how destiny played a game n made
two lovers meet. This is WHEN ONLY LOVE REMAINS.?

Credit to: Meeta

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