Love remains always yrkkh one shot

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai story one shot

Hi I am a big fan of Kaira so here we go

Naira is seen in Singhania house

Naira in her mind

2 years have passed Kartik you never believed me you always said I killed Shubham it wasn’t me Kartik he told me to hide it but you and your mom didn’t believe me Kartik why

Kartik in Goenka mansion drunk

Kartik in his mind

Naira you left that moment was special but you left

Swarna comes there

Swarna: Kartik

Kartik: is Naira here

Swarna gets angry ?

Swarna: no she will never return

Singhania Sadan

Someone comes to Naira

It’s Akshara

Naira: mamma

Akshara: beta why are you weak your my daughter you can’t go weak be storing beta

Akshara hugs Naira and kisses her

Naira wakes up and sees Akshara photo with a garland

Naira: mama today I will be strong will signing divorce papers

Kartik goes to shubam room and looks through his book

Kartik finds a letter that explains how shubam caused Naira to hide it

Kartik: Ma

Swarna comes

Kartik shows her the letter

Swarna still angered

Swarna: she should have told us Kartik you will get remarried to the girl I want

Manish slaps Swarna hard and she falls down

Kartik: Naira I’m comming

Manish holds Swarna while Kartik leaves

Swarna; Kartik

Dadi enters

Dadi: your his step mom you proved today look Naira was not at fault

Divorce court

Naira: I want divorce

O more Saiyan plays

Kartik comes there

Kartik: no Naira you can’t I love you

Naira is stunned

Naira: what

Judge: the court goes for break

Naira: what Kartik

Kartik hugs her

O more saiyan plays

Kartik: shubam letter was found and I believe you

Naira: Kartik you never believed me

Lady: he will now

It’s Swarna

Swarna: Naira please forgive me and return in my son life

Naira hugs Swarna and cries

Naira sees Kartik and leaves

Kartik: I love you I love you I love you I love you

Naira stops her hugs him

Naira: I love you too

Kaira remarriage happens by court

Singhania sadan

Kirti; what feels nice

Naksh: nothing

Naitik: where is Naira

Naksh: in her room

Naitik: Kartik caused her so much pain I can’t find her

Naksh: we will find her

They see a video of Kaira reunion and get happy

Kirti: separate I knew never now they’re one

Kaira are seen romancing

That’s all

I hope yrkkh goes on for many years with Kaira union and then kids I love this show a lot

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