Love & relationship makes life complete (Episode 4)


??hi friends sorry sorry sorry thousand times sorry for not updating for last two days, actually there is no net balance and also i couldn’t recharge too guys please forgive me guys.i couldn’t reply for your comments due the same reason. thanks for comments friends. ??
?let’s go into story guys i know all are waiting for the reason why they hug ?

?the episode starts with the shocking face of arora ‘s & hugging of abhigiya forgetting their surroundings

?purab:(clearing his troat)no reponse
abhiiiiiiii,pragyaaaaaaaa(no reponse)

?abhi :where did you go idiot?? i searched you for a long time you know

?pragya :i didn’t go anywhere you were injured severly so i just…. thought……

?abhi :you just thought it was all because of you and left me in that condition??

?pragya :no…. it’s not like that aftr that incident, i was shocked &you were unconsious and at the same time your frnds took you to the hospital when i came over that shock my friends told you where taken to the hospital. i didn’t know which hospital but i searched you every where you know?

?abhi :dont speak like you only searched me even i searched you for 1 month staying there!

?pragya :how could you find me that was my last day in college after that i returned india, okk leave it whether it pained a lot? show me i have to see it (by touching his head )

?abhi :oye hello! it has happened before a year and now you are asking to is it paining good very good!

?pragya :(by holding her ears )sorry.(by realizing where they are )how come you are here?

?abhi :i have to ask you that how come you are here?

?both exclaimed so you are abhi/pragya???? ?

?purab :yess ofcourse you are abhi & pragya! and now can you both tell us what is happening here? or else going to be in the same position!!

?abhigiya realizing their position of hugging each other composed themselves ?

?purab :it’s good now tell me what is going on?

?sarala,bheeji both too asked the same question

?pragya :ma….,bhai…., bheeji….,

?sarala :yess i am your ma,he is your bhai &she is your bheeji now tell me when did you both meet without knowing to us?

??flashback starts ??
it was the last day of pragya ‘s college after farewell while she is returning to her hostel one of her friend called her to an restaurant telling that he have speak with her in personal so that she went to the place which he messaged her. actually it was not a restaurant it was a hotel room. she found something fishy but by composing herself she went inside. the room was full of dark (pragya is afraid of darkness guys )seeing that she started to shout whether anyone is there or not?? suddenly lights gets on and her friend was standing inbetween the decorated room. pragya got confused & by the same time anger.

?pragya :what are you doing idiot? why did you call me here?

?person :relax pragya! actually i am in love with i thought of proposing you.

?pragya :what are you mad? i never thought you beyond my friend.

?person :no dr you have to accept my proposal if you wish or not never mind! or else you can’t go from here!

?pragya :what? know one thing love does not happens by any compellsion leave me(controlling her fear )

?person :ok pragya u can leave under a condition

?pragya :what?

?person :yes after being with me this one night as my wife!

?pragya (gave a tight slap ):leave me or else you will have face a big problem!

?person :(anger )sorry dr now you have to spend time with all of us(saying that he called his friends too)

?pragya :(pankiced)started to shout

?at the same time abhi was in the same hotel in the next room came for a business meeting in london. hearing a sound of help he went to the room where pragya got stuck. he tried to open the door but in he called a manager to bring the spare key of that room. ?

?here pragya is moving backwards and got hit in a bed and fell down

?person 1:we thought you are avoiding us but we hope are ready!

?person 2:ya man i too hope the same!

?they started moving towards her before they could touch her heard a sound. (ya guys that abhi, he opened the door with the spare keys)

?abhi :hello friends whats going on here? i hope you are trying to misbehave with a girl

?person 1:what matter’s you get lost from here!

?abhi :ya ofcourse i am going to leave but with that girl too

?saying that he went to see the girl ‘s face after seeing pragya he couldn’t control himself (he himself don’t know the reason)started to beat them hardly. pragya couldn’t control her fear so she suddenly ran to him & hugged (she too don’t know why she felt secure in his arms)?

?abhi :what is this i am fighting na why are you disturbing me in between. i can’t concentrate. so baby wait aside or else you may be harmed!

?pragya :(control herself )hmmmm….

?abhi:that’s good! don’t stare at me like this call police……

?(one among the goons hitted abhi ‘s head with a bear bottle it started ro bleed but he fought against them meanwhile police came there &arrested the goons)?

?meanwhile pragya ‘s friends reached there knowing everything and abhi’s friends too.they both couldn’t see each other because of their frnds and suddenly abhi falls unconsciously due to heavy loss of blood and taken to hospital?

??flashback ends??

?abhigiya noticed that all arora’s where fuming in anger?

?purab: (caressing her hair)choti what is this you didn’t utter about…

?pragya: bhai!bhai! leave it na see i am fine nothing happend to me because of your friend relax ok!

?sarala went near abhi and thanked him for saving her princess by caring his head ?

?abhi :ma what is this leave that topic pls i am awkward when your thanks hit my ears.tell them bheeji.

?bheeji:ya ofcourse sarala leave that topic see nothing happend to my grandson &daughter na they are safe. ok come let’s have our dinner i am hungry!

?abhi :yaa purab come let’s have our dinner.

?purab :oh u just shut up abhi! what did you say? when i came to meet you in london after knowing your condition!

?abhi :oh oh come on man however i am fine na leave it man!

pragya :yess bhai we are fine! come let’s have our dinner i am hungry!

??all had their dinner and had some talks.then abhi received bulbul’s call. it was not noticed by abhi due to his continuous staring at pragya,but purab noticed at the call??

?purab :abhi & pragya come on u can each other at any (in a teasing tone )but if you didn’t attend this devil ‘s call then again she will shout like a hungry monkey

?abhi :oh just shut up! give me.

??meanwhile ??

?pragya :bhai why are often fighting with bulbul! she is cute na!

?purab :choti she only cute to u all not to me!

?pragya :bhai..

?interupted by abhi?

?abhi :guys a good news next week “bulbul & aliya ” both are returning to india completing their course!

?purab :oh no! that devil will start to eat my brain if she is here!

?ignoring his words ?

?sarala: did you say about pragya abhi!

?abhi :no ma let it be a surprise!ok ma i am leaving! it’s late na dadi will be waiting for me & i have to inform her about “bulbul &aliya ‘s” return!

?saying this he bit bye to arora’s?

?the screen freezes with happy faces of abhi &arora ‘s except purab ?

?precap:to be continued………….

?guys forgive me here onwards i will be regular ?

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