Love & relationship makes life complete (Episode 3)


???hi guys thank you for your lovely comments and also i will try to update regularly. i couldn’t because of my assignments and tests please forgive me ???

?let’s go into the story ?

??in mehra industries ??

?abhi :(called her )saira come to my cabin. (before she could reply ended the call. )

?saira :may i get in sir?

?abhi :yes, come hear and take this files i have checked it throughly so you just mail it to ” maheshwari enterprises”within evening because i am leaving now ok!!

?saira :ok sir. sir i forgot to inform you that….

?abhi :what did you forget idiot? don’t you have an responsibility. ok atleast tell me what did u forget?

?saira :vo… sir… your sister…. called in the afternoon!

?abhi :what??? i am sure that you don’t have any sense. get lost from here.
?saying this he picked up his phone which was in silent mode and have seen 32 missed calls from bulbul and 21from purab ?
abhi :(thinking that she&he would be in tension that i didn’t attend their call. suddenly called bulbul )

?the subscriber you are trying to reach is currently busy ?

?abhi :what is this abhi whom she is talking with?? oh my god she is going to kill me.

?suddenly he received a call from purab?

?purab :what is this abhi can’t you attend that devil ‘s call?when she called she is shouting at me like a kali ma., that l am not taking care of you! idiot don’t you have any responsibility man………

?abhi :oh oh come on purab, i was in an meeting so my phone was in silent yaar and also that idiot saira too didn’t inform me after she informed i am just trying to her, l hope she is talking to someone else.

?purab :how will you get a line that devil was in my call for past 1hr,??and pls don’t say she was talking, the truth was she was just shouting at me because of you idiot! now speak with her ok. bye!!

?abhi :ok i will speak with her. don’t worry ok bye! see you in the evening.

???in london ???

??in the hostel one bubbly cute girl was shown walking here and there with a missing smile in her face in anger and the other was just sitting in a cot keeping her hand in her head ??

?girl 1:why are you roaming here and there, relax na he (abhi)will be fine but why did you shout at purab?what he will do if bhai is not attending your call. now a days you are just finding a reason to fight with him! this is not fair yaar.

?girl 2:oh just shut up aliya!already l am in tension that bhai is not attending my call. so just stop your idiotic speech and i remember that l am not finding a reason to fight with him ok! just go and do your work!! (suddenly receives a call from abhi )

??yes guys the girl 1 is aliya and 2 is bulbul ??

?abhi :please forgive me choti l couldn’t attend the call as l was in an important meeting dear sorry na!! please don’t get worried i am fine!!

?bulbul :what is this bhai can’t you atleast give me a message that you are in meeting?? ??

?abhi :sorry dear! pls don’t scold me na i promise you that this is the last time here after i will message you ok!

?bulbul :ok bhai! what are you doing now. are you with that bhudhus?

?abhi :i am just getting ready! arey who is that bhudhus! you didn’t say me?

?bulbul :bhai l am saying that idiot purab only! by the way where are you going bhai?

?abhi :why are you often finding a chance to fight with him?

?bulbul : bhai! l am not finding a chance to fight with him ok leave that topic, tell me where are you going?

?abhi :i am going to purab ‘s house for the dinner! then where is aliya how &what is she doing?

?bulbul :yaa bhai she is fine, she told she will speak with you in the evening! by the way enjoy your dinner with ma & bheeji and convey my regards to them. and i wish you all the best for meeting pragya atleast today! ok bhai bye bye i will call you later.

?abhi :sure dear and thanks today i will meet her for sure bye choti take care!

??in the evening ??
??in arora mansion ??
abhi reached at “am”mean while purab ‘s car reached there.

?abhi :hi purab!

?purab :hi abhi! bye the way why are you standing here man? you can go inside na!

?abhi :vo.. just now i came man, i saw your arrival so that was just waiting for you!

?purab :ok come let’s go!

(meanwhile they heard a voice stoping them)

?sarala :see my sons arrived bring some chilli&salt or else some one will keep their bad eyes on them!

?abhi :nothing will touch us when your blessings are with us! (saying this he took & bheeji blessings from ma)

?abhi :how are you grany it seems you didn’t miss me!

?bheeji :vo.. i missed you a lot abhi!

?sarala :ok let’s go inside!

(all went inside the house and had some chit chats after some time they all heard a horn sound which was regularly given by pragya denoting her arrival )

?purab :ma i hope choti arrived! abhi i told you na that today you will meet pragya.

?abhi :today i will see her who made me wait for these many years!

?purab :yaa ofcourse abhi today you will surely meet her

?(mean while pragya enters the house shouting )?

?pragya :ma i am so tired can you give me my favourite coffee made by you!

?sarala:yaa ofcourse beta two minutes!

??abhi turns to see pragya and gets shocked by seeing her ??

??pragya sees abhi and gets stunned and suddenly ran to him and hugged him tightly & abhi to reciprocated the hug covering her with his protective arms ??

??all arora’s gets shocked by their hug and looked at each other with confused & surprised look ??

??sarala came from the kitchen and she too gets shocked??

??the screen freezes with abhigiya’s hug forgetting their surroundings and shocked & confused face of arora’s??

??precap :reason behind abhigiya’s hug and may be bulbul , aliya ‘s return. tanu ‘s entry ??

?guys i this episode is long i hope u will adjust ?

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