Love & relationship makes life complete (Episode 1)


??Hi guys Thank You for Your comments and encouragement. LET’S GO INTO THE STORY ??


    A young cute girl rubbing her eyes due to a morning Sun falling on her face asking her to wake up. Yess ofcourse it is our lovely Pragya. 
?Pragya :Yes Yes I woke up, don’t Give All Your rays to me or else you can’t wake Up others With Your smiling red face.
   Saying this she got up from her bed to wash room to make Fresh up.
? Sarala :Pragya Have You woke up. Come fast wake up your lazy Bhai fast as U know na He will only wake up when he hears your lecture.
?Pragya :Ma why you want him to wake up so early you know na He came late at night so let him sleep. Wait wait what did you say I am lecturaa ?? Then From Today you yourself wake him up okk.

?Sarala : I am sorry My Princess, ok now wake him up as he told that he have an important meeting today.
  Hearing this Pragya moved towards Purab’s room. There He was sleeping peacefully covering his face with a bedsheet to avoid the Sun rays. Seeing this,, 
?Pragya :you came here also to disturb My bro sleep This is not fair yaar.
Sarala :Pragya did he woke up or not It’s getting late for you both na come fast. 
?Hearing this 

?Pragya :My Dear sweet Bhai wake up It’s getting late. 
?Purab :what is this Pragya let me sleep for some time na please 
?Pragya :Bhai mom told today you have a meeting, so pls get up soon & get ready. 
?Purab :(suddenly with a jerk)Thank You choti I forgot about it.(Saying this he rushed towards the bathroom to get ready but suddenly stops )
? Pragya :What happened Bhai? 
?Purab :I forgot Give My choti a morning kiss na (he came near her kissed her forehead caringly)
?Pragya :Thanks Bhai now go and get ready fast mom is waiting for us. Come down fast. 

?In dining hall ?

Sarala :Purab come fast and have your breakfast soon Pragya is waiting for you. 
?Purab comes down by seeing him beeji says ?
?Beeji :Sarala see he came Why Are You rushing him. Come beta have your breakfast. 
?Purab :ha Dadi coming. Ma where is choti whether she had her breakfast or not? 
?Pragya (From The Living room ):ha Bhai I had my breakfast. Ok ma, Bhai, bheeji I Living as I am getting late Bye everybody. 

?Purab :take care don’t Drive Too  fast ok!. 
?Pragya :ok Bhai same for you too, be safe Ok ?

One young man is coming in stairs shouting grany Where is my wallet. Yes ofcourse it is Abhi 
?Abhi :grany what is this I couldn’t find my wallet. Pls help but without doing that you are stating your quiries to your God. 
?Grany :beta what is this How I told you not not to say god like this. 
?Abhi :Grany How many times I have to say you not to praise your god before me that too in the morning itself. 

Grany :it’s not like that beta (before she could complete )
?Abhi :Fine I am not in the mood to fight about your God. Find my wallet na I have to be in office at time pls.

?Grany :see  here is your wallet. Have your breakfast and go Abhi or else you will be tired na
?Abhi :no Grany I will have it in  office.bye Grany take care &call me if You  want anything ok.
?Grany :ok beta take care ok ?
??Abhi’s car is parallel to Pragya ‘s, Pragya &Abhi Was about to  see each other  But suddenly GREEN SIGNAL IS SHOWN to Pragya and also Abhi gets a call from Purab so he attend his call and drived his car on the opposite direction ??
??Guys I am sorry if it’s boring ??

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  1. Nice continue yaar

    1. Madhura

      Thank You durga

  2. PrincessesMadhu

    No Madhura di (I think you’re older than me so I am just going to call you di) it is not boring please continue, it;s really interesting…waiting for their meeting! ??☺☺??

  3. VarshaVenkat

    No its not boring at all…its really good n I love purgya bond…..goin in good track

  4. Madhura

    ??It’s ok no problem yaar you can call me as di.I just had a doubt so that only I raised a question, and thanks for your comments ??

  5. what type question?????????????/

    u can conti pls it’s nice yaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Madhura

      Thank you so much di. May I know your name pls?

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Nice!!!!You should continue……

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    superb di… awesome..

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  9. Madhura

    Thanks Asmi

  10. B.k.maha

    Superrrr……. Don’t say boring it is nice…. Waiting for next episode…. Don’t ask, u must be continue this ff….. OK dr….

  11. Prathi

    Hey nice one continue Madhu can I call you so?

  12. Madhura

    thank you Maha I will continue as you said.

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