Love & relationship makes life complete (character sketch )


??hi guys this is madhura with an ff in kkb as i love it.this is my first ff, so guyz forgive me if it is not good ??

main characters sketch
abhishek mehra(abhi) :a famous business man in mumbai (took control of mehra group of industries after his parent’s death in accident ). a lovable and caring person only to his family members and purab as they are childhood friends.elder brother of aliya and bulbul.
aliya mehra(aliya) :a greediest person and maintains status everywhere. younger to abhi & elder of bulbul. loves purab without knowing to him.
bulbul mehra(ammu) :a bubbly, charming, lovable girl. younger to abhi and aliya. most affectionate sis of abhi and takes care of her bro very well.

radha mehra (dadi):dadi of abhi, aliya and bulbul.most caring person.takes care of abhi, aliya and bulbul after her son and daughter in law’s death.
pragya arora :a charming and lovable girl. works as a psychology professor. loves her family a lot.younger sister of purab.

purab arora (purab ):a business tycon in mumbai. md of arora group of industries . most caring brother of pragya & son of sarala & grandson of beeji.he is rude in his company due to his position. bestie of abhi
sarala arora(ma) :mother of pragya & purab. daughter in law of beeji.most affectionate person and can do anything for her family’s hapiness.taking care of her family after the death of her husband.

seetha arora (beeji):elder of arora family but a child in her behaviour. grandma of pragya & purab. mother in law of sarala.
tanu :best friend of aliya. selfish and wants to marry abhi for his wealth.

guys purab & abhi are the close friends from their childhood.abhi &purab goes to each other ‘s house and often gets confused which is their own house due to their affection on both of them.

both abhi and pragya doesn’t meet each other due to pragya ‘s study in london &after returning due to her classes in college, but knows everything about each other because of purab ‘s conversation and eagerly waiting for the time to meet.

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    Ya madhura… don’t worry.. continue with this as character sketch itself.. telling that it will rock and roll

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      Tnq frnds I will update soon

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    ??????And also sorry guys because I can’t Update Today because I have to do assignment for atleast 40 Pages. I have to submit it tomorrow so please kindly forgive me guys ???

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    Nice Intro!!!

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