love record : love stories which make a love story (Episode 7)


Hii frends this is diksha trying to take ur precious time this is the last epi of love record. So, lets start.

Lakshya : lets go ragini
Ragini : where?
Lakshya : just come na.
Ragini : ok lets leave

They both get fresh and went to a place. They went to lakshya’s office lakshya take her to his cabin and give her a book and says
Lakshya : ragini i m really sorry i have to attened an important meetting u read this its have the story which i was telling. I have to attend an important meeting u read this and if u need smthng just call the peon I’ll be back as soon as possible ok.
Ragini : ok, u go and attened ur meeting and i understand work is also important.
Lakshya went to attened meeting and here ragini start reading book.
Raghav gets out of his thought when his phone rings its by an unknown no. He pick up the phone the caller tell her smthng listening which he drop his phone and run outside here at rudra side he also get call the he also run from their.

@ xyz hospital
Raghav reach at hospital went to reception and ask about ragini’s ward. She tell him the direction. He went to the ward he was shocked to see the situation of siya he ask from dr. about her condition. He tells that siya is in critical situation.

He went inside to see her. he went near her, sit beside her and tears were countinuesly rolling down from his eyes. He hold her hand and caresses her hair with another one she is unconsiouce. He was reminscing her gud time with siya when wards gate opening sound came its rudra who also came for siya. He just went near siya he didn’t even notice raghav he just went near her. He was in tears he hold her hand and say pls come back siya I’ll not blackmail u. U can go to raghav also just come back, come back for ur love atleast. At that time nurse come inside and say them to go out side. They go out raghav was socked to listen what rudra has said. Here rudra went to dr. And ask about her he tells him that if siya didn’t get counsiouse in next 24 hour than she may slip to coma. Rudra again come to siya ward she is stil unconcious. When police officer came to them and ask who is relative of siya rudra and raghav went their police officer he tell him that this man was their when that accident happened she was walking lifelessly when a truck hit her. Both raghav and rudra said thanx to the person and than they do some formality and than raghav and rudra both went to siya ward.

Raghav : rudra i know its not the right time for all this than also i can’t able to stop myself to asking what r u saying befor about blackmailing siya.
Rudra tell him everything that how he kiddnape siya how he blackmail siya to get engage with him and not telling all this to him.
Raghav is know crying and remembring how he said harsh word to her. Than rudra and raghav both listen a sound and they both went to siya she has gain consiouse
In next 2 week Raghav and rudra take gud care of siya and rudra announces raghav and siya’s marriage.

After two week

There raghav house is decorated rudra is busy in telling people what to do or what not. He was roaming here and theur when siya come to him and say
Siya : rudra have something u didn’t have smthng from mrng.
Rudra see her
Rudra : first u tell me y u didn’t get ready yet hun its ur wedding dear.
Siya : I’ll get ready but fi rst u get ready and have this food otherwise i m not going to get ready saying this she seat at a chair making a pout angry face.
Rudra : ok i m having this than their is just a bit work is remaining than I’ll be ready now u go and get ready.
Siya : thats like a gud by.
Saying this she has gone. After some time barat come raghav was seeing at balcony of siya room and here siya come out to see him. They both are seeing each other they both are mesmerised to see each other than they get married with each other. When the vidayi (the ritual when bride was going from her family to her in law’s house) is happenning when they hear a blast sound and than a type of smoke spread all around.

@ a warehouse
Raghav, rudra and siya trio was had tied to chairs they get their consiouse and they are shock to saw the person. The person is bestii of tanya “kavya” ( played by roop durgapal)
Rudra : kavya u! What r u doing? Why u had kidnapped us.
Kavya : shut up u idiot firstly ur sister spoiled my plan and now u spoiled my plan
Rudra : which plan

Kavya : to get my raghav my love. Your emotional fool sis love raghav when she get to know raghav love siya she sacrifice her love for raghav happiness but i m not one of those who leave her love when i m planing to kill this siya she hear it at that time i do some drama and she is also an emotional fool like u she belived me and than i make the plan i msg her to come at that place from siya’s phone than i msg siya to come their and when tanya came their i inject her a slow poistion because of which she roam like a mad and when siya saw her like this she run to her than she dead. I thought by this siya will be get the punishment and she will be far from my raghav but raghav save her than u rudra u take her away i was happy and i came near him but than u came back with her but i have no problm because she was engaged with u. But than she had accident and u fixed her marriage with my raghav now i will kill her blam will go on u and than I’ll get married with him. Than only siya came to her and gave a tight slap and police officer come their and arrest her.
Siya : what r u thinking how i get free and how police came? right dear. We get to know about ur plan earlier dear.

Fb shows
When siya came to give food to raghav at that time raghav was having food he was sitting near a corner a man came their he was talking on phone he said that yes mam work will be done i will spread the smoke and than we will kidnape them.
Than raghav went to him and get all info.
Fb ends.
Police officers take her to jail than trio rudra, raghav and siya went to police station and file the complain.
Than they come oit from police station siya was going with rudra when raghav come and hold her and say

Raghav : atleast now come with me.
Siya : y, I’ll go with my frends.
Rudra : right lets go siya.
Raghav make a puppy face and says
Raghav : not faire yr
Than raghav and siya went together and rudra go other way.
Ragini : what a nice story true love now I’ll also tell lakshya that i love him. I love him alot. But where the hell he gone.
Than only lakshya come.
Lakshya : i m really sorry my lady love. Lets go we have to go at a place.
They went to a place their is all dark.
Ragini : its too dark

Than only she find that lakshya is not with them. She call his name lakshya than only she saw a projector. She saw a pic of her of childhood than she hear a voice ” i m really thankful of god that he send u for me u r too cute.” Than she saw a pic of 5 or 6 old when she was fighting with lakshya ” u r annoying sometime ”
Than a pic of her of teenage in anger ” you r stubbern ”
Than shows a pic when she is playing with kids ” u r kind and u r innocent ”
Than shows a pic where she is dancing in rain ” u r most beautiful girl in world atleast for me ”
Than it shows written ” I love u ”

Than the lights get on and their she find lakshya knelt down and his arms are open he says ragini pls atleast now says yes ragini i love u, i love u just like u. Ragini run to him and hug him she says yes my Prince charming i love u.
Than they stand and ragini ask
Ragini : y today all this u were going to tell me 15 love stories than what happened forgot ur stories.
Lakshya : no my lady love I’ll tell u my all stories when i came back.
Ragini : come back means where are u going.
Lakshya : wo i have to go to autralia for my bussiness I’ll come back after two month.
Ragini : what, when r u going.

Lakshya : tonight.
Ragini ( a bit sad) : ok
Lakshya now dont be sad and lets make beautiful memories until we have time.
They both dance romentically.

He went to drop her at her home. Ragini went toward her home.
Lakshya was going back with sad face when ragini came back and pull him and than she put her lips on his lips. (Hey now don’t disturd their moment lets leave them)
So frends this is diksha signing off the ff called love record

Credit to: diksha

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