love record : love stories which make a love story (Episode 6)


Hii this is diksha with another part of love record. Actually with second last part as i am not well. So lets start the story
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Ragini : so we had sandwich so back to the story
Lakshay : ok mam ur wish my command.
@ rudra side
Rudra is walking here and their. He is very restless.
Rudra pov
Siya the beautiful name the girl whome i love at one time. The girl who is my possissevness my passion my world the most important person after my little sis the two people for whom i can do anything either die or kill. But at that time i never thought that a moment will come infront of me when one importanrt person of my life will be the reason of another important person distroyal.
Fb shows
Rudra is shown working on laptop when tanya(roop durgapal aka kavya) come to him and says that she is going to meet siya as she has called her he says ok u go. After 2 hours he recieved a call. Caller told him that he is from xyz hospital and tanya is their in a critical situation. rudra is their in a big shock he almost went running to his car. he is driving as fast as he can he entered in hospital and went to reception and ask about tanya she tell him the way he went their running and he see raghav and siya their. He ask about tanya they r about to say smthng when dr. Come and say that tanya is in critical situation they took her to ot here police were asking info about incident and come to siya.
Officer : so u r siya
Siya : yes
Officer : where u get her.
Siya : sir i had call her to meet at nearby restoarant we usesd to go their. But when i reach i saw her roaming when i went to her she loose her conciess so i take help of people and took her here.
Police : ok
Than he take info about incident place. And they leave the place.
Than dr. Come from ot he says we have done the opreation. We had take her under observation. But their is less chaces of her survival u can see her. They went in, tanya open her eyes raghav went to call dr. Rudra went to her tanya tries to speak
raudra : yes! Tanya tell me who did this do to u? How this happened with u?
Tanya : b….b….bhaiya s….siya
And she took her last breath dr. Came but she is no more. Rudra does tanya’s last retual. Police came to his house.
Officer : sir someone has give ur sister poisnous drugs. Is their someone whom u had doubt.
Rudra : no, sir she never harm anyone.
Officer : sir we has get this brecelate near accident side could u identify it.
Rudra saw the bracelate. He has some flashes he has saw this bracelate than he remember its of siya beacause raghav has gift him.
Police arrest her and they find the same druge in siya home after searching. But raghav hire a gud laweyer and prove her innocense but when she came back to her home rudra kidnapped her.
Fb ends.

Ragini : lakshya, is siya really did smthng or she is inoccent?
Lakshya : my ladylove u will know when story proceed so chill my love.
Ragini : wese lakshya, raghav really love siya alot.
Lakshya (in mind) : hmm u can see all other people love but not mine.
Ragini : did u say smthng?
Lakshya : did u hear smthng?
Ragini : no
Lakshya : same answer.
Lakshya get a call.
Lajshya : wait my ladylove urgent call.
He come back after attending call after half hour. His face was abit dull and tense.
Ragini : what happened lakshya. Is smthng wrong.
Lakshya : no ragini lets back to the story.
Rudra was just lost in his thought when siya came to her she call him but he is lost in his world than siya keep her hand on his shoulder and says rudra he starteled and hold siya hand and twist her hand and pull her siya back is touching rudra front.
Siya : rudra leave my hand u r hurting me
Rudra : oh and what u both have done with me its hurting much more.
This time siya take a turn and releases her hand and says
Siya : how much time i had to say that i didnt hurt tanya. Now i m done with this drama think whatever u wanna think man. When u will realise that i am right u will regret all ur doings. I m leaving and i m going to meet my friend they had invite me to a small get together.
Rudra : go but my one man will be with u Siya leave the place she went to the restroant where her frends has invited her.
Raghav was also their they all enjoyed their and talk than her all frend leave. she also leave for home when raghav went to her and hold her hand and pull her to poolside.
Raghav : siya do tell me is anything is their which is u hideing from me tell me are u in any trouble pls tell me I’ll solve it. Pls tell me I’ll die without u i know my siya cant cheat me. Siya is very happy from inside that raghav trust him her hurt was yelling to tell him everything hug him tightly and tell him all thing her all worries to tell him that how much she miss him in last 6 month or missing him till now but just than her eyes fell on a man who is holding a gun and pointing at raghav.
Siya : leave me cant u understand a simple thing i m engaged to rudra. Thats y i left u 6 month befor leave my way. She was about to go. When raghav hold her hand and pull her they were almost in huging position.
Raghav : till now i was praying for meet u just for one time and ur well being now i m cursing myself y i was praying to meet u it has been better to die than knowing that my whom i love is a betrayer. U kill me from inside. I can’t even curse u because i loved u whole heartedly. And evet now i love u. He left her hand. And says
Raghav : now go from here i dont want to say anyword which will be like crossing any limite. Because i cant ever forget my manners.
Saying this he leave her.
Raghav went to his room he saw a pic with siya when they both had gone on camp.
Raghav : how can u change this much if u don’t love me than what was that when u took urlife for the sake of saving me.

Fb shown
Raghav and siya was in a forest with their collage mate and teachers. their teacher divide them in 4 teams ever teams has 6 members they were doing treasures hunt raghav and siya were searching together when the saw two love birds their. They click some pick of them. Its just a rear scene for them they both were busy talkong about them that they got seprated from their group when they both realised its late. They both panicked. they shout, they start blaiming each other later they realise so they saw their phone but no network they were walking here and their. Siya again start panicking
Siya : now what will happened mom was saying right to not to came here i m such a fool what the need of me to get seprated from group we even dont know the way what to do and so on. Here raghav is trying to make her quite but no she is not being quite when raghav get an idea he had recorded the voice of lion roar from tv to scare his sis so he play that siya get scared and she hug him tightly she has her eyes close he saw siya he was jist lost in her than he cupped her fave and tell her that he had done to stop her siya start hitting him and crying to
Siya : u know how much i scared. Ur very bad dont talk to me
Than raghav hold his ear and said sorry to her but she move to another side. he was coutiniously asking sorry but she was not accepting he start singing.
Tumhari nazar kyon khafa ho gayi
Khata bakhsh do gar khata ho gayee
(He hold siya’s wrist from one hand and his ear from another hand. And nod his head for asking sorry while walking.)
Hamara irada toh kuchh bhee naa tha
Tumharee khata khud saja ho gayee
(Siya move toward him amd sing and go ahead while raghav follow her almost dancing.)
(Saja hee sahee aaj kuchh toh mila hai
Saja me bhee ik pyar kaa silsila hai) – (2)
Mohabbat kaa kuchh bhee anjam ho,
mulakat hee iltaja ho gayee
(Than it start raining siya start runing to tree and raghav follow her. Siya slip as its muddy area and raghav hold her. siya compose her self and stands.)
Than she saw a snake just near raghav leg raghav put his leg on snake tail the snake is about to bite him when siya push him and snake bite on her leg.
So frend this is signing off the another epi of love record i know its after a long gape hope u remember me. Thanq all to reading this ff

Credit to: diksha

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