love record : love stories which make a love story (Episode 4)


This is diksha with the ff call “love record”. So lets start the the journey of stories which gonna make a beautiful story

Swastik went to the address and call the police and inform them. he start searching her in every room present their. He had open each and every room he is running like a mad person.
Lakshya phone rings. He attened the call after call.
Lakshya : sorry ragini. Mom was on call.
Ragini : its ok lakshya.
Lakshya : ragini u r looking tense what happened.
Ragini : nthng it just that i was thinking in real life also people had to gone through problm like this.

Lakshya : hmm many people have to go through.
Ragini : how can someone ego can be that much big that he can stoope this much low for revenge that he can ruin another person life it is really bad.
Lakshya : ragini stop worrying like this. Yes people do so much wrong but that person also has to face consequences of their work so now cheer up.
Ragini lean her head on his shoulders.
Ragini : u r right lakshya
Lashya carreses her hairs
Lakshya : ok now back to story.

Swastik open a door he was socked and angered after seeing the thing which are happening infront of him a person is trying to harrass his love he was forcing himself on sana. And sge was sitting ina cirner and shouting leave me dont come near me pls somebody help. She even throwing things on him but he had hold hia hand very tighty. Swastik went their and beat that person very badly. The person is almost half dead blood was coming from his mouth.police come their and arresst him. Swastik went to sana. She was sitting in a corner trying to hide herself. she is really in a bad state. She was broken from inside her hair was in a mess their are scratches on her body. Her cloth was torn from some places. Swastik went to her he was about to touch her when she start shounting. Don’t come near me. Pls leave me. Don’t touch me. She was crying and just trying to hide herself. And she faint. swastik is broken to saw his love in this situation. He pick her up in his embrance and take her to hospital. He was shouting
Swastik : dr. Dr. Come fast pls its emergency
Dr come their and taje her to the room.
Dr. Check her and after some time they came out from the room

Swastik : dr. How is sana now? Is she ok?
Dr. : she is fine now. But she is in a sock its seems she has gon through so much u have to take care of her and dont stress her.
Swastik : dr. when will she discharge when i can take her to home.
Dr. : she has to stay her here atleast for two days after that u can take her home.
Swastik : sir may i meet her.
Dr. : not now she is uncounciouse u can meet her after she will get conciouse.
Swastik : ok
Swastik is watching sana from outside.
Saaiyaan play in bg.

Kal meera tadpi kanha ko
Sab laj samaaj gavai re,
Ab preet me tadpan tarsan ki
h bari kanha ki aayi re.

Swastik is crying seeing sana’s state he was remincing his moments with sana. How they meet first time? How he save her? How he mewt hee again in clg how he was going to propose her. He saw sana opening her eyes he went to dr. And take them their they check her and went out. He hold her hand.
Sana : swa….stik u u… h..ere w..hat r… u d…oing h…ere.

mori jaan gayi
Oh….Tora khel hua
Mujh se me rutha
Mujhme me tuta×2
Mujhko mene ishq wafa me khud hi h luta.
Lut lutke

Lut lutke h jeena baanke yar bina
Ohh saaiyan
hund main ki kara saiiyaan rab mujhse khfa saiyaan

Swastik : shhh u take rest dr told u to take rest pls u dont talk.
Sana : now u got tine to meet me.
Y u leave me see what happened with me.
Swastik pls not now sana but i prinmise when we will go back to home I’ll tell u everything i promise.
Swastik take care of her and after two days he take her to his home.
He take her to the room and make her lay at bed. And start to go.
Swastik : sana u rest I’ll arrange smthng for u to eat.
Sana hold his hand he move toward her.
Sana : u sit here i wanna talk to u first
Swastik : first u had ur food than we will talk.
Sana : pls swastik
Swastik sat beside her and hold her hand
Swastik : ya tell me whta u wanna talk.
Sana : where have u gone y u leave me alone tell me y?
Swastik : sana i didn’t know that if ill leave u this much thing will gonna happened with u if i had know this i wouldnt have leave u alone.

Sana : swastik tell me the reason.
Swastik tell her about his disease.
Swastik : i don’t want to hurt u i thought if I’ll be ok than I’ll tell u that how much i love u. Yes sana i also love u. Even i call u at that time also to tell u this only but i got to know about my diseas. And i dont want to give u tension and wrong hopes.
Sana hug him very tightly he too hug her after sometime they release the hug. They both were crying.
Swastik : i love u sana.
Saying this he kiss her on forehead.
Swastik : how this happened with u sana.
Sana : when u left me i search for u everywhere i start getting some sms’s and i feel like someone is stalking me. One day i was just sitting at the same park where u have call me to me. when i bump into akash. He again misbehave with me and told me that he was stalking me for a long and he is the one who is stalking me but he can’t able to do smthng because u were around me than he found that u leave me. At that time i somehow manage to escape. And send u msgs and send u a voicemail and when i was sending u the last voicemail he kiddnapped me he try to force himself on me but i somehow manage to keep him away from me and than i act as if i loose my mental stability i even try to escape but no use than he send that person. He try to ….. she start crying and hug swastik he console him. And cupped his face.

Swastik : sana u dont cry. now all thing are at its place u calm down now we will teach those bastered a gud lesson. He make her sleep.
They filed the case against them and win the case. And court punished them.
After that they went to another city and start a new life swastik take care of sana and same with sana she also take care of him.
Ragini : thats gud those idiot deserve the punishment. How can they do this with someone.
Lakshya : oh my ladylove calm down.
Ragini : i must say its a gud story.
Lakshya : thanq my ladylove.
Ragini : hey dont call me that
Lakshya : what
Ragini : ladylove
Lakshya : ok ur wish my command so what should i call u. Hmm…
Yupp what about my would be wife.
Ragini : no
Lakshya : yes

Ragini : i said na no.
Lakshya : than I’ll call u my ladylove u decide wht should i call u.
Ragini : y dont u call me ragini only.lakshya : no its feel like u r stranger.
Ragini : so we r.
Lakshya : no u r my life.
Ragini : its of no use to argue with u. u can call me what ever u want
Lakshya : really than what about sweethear or darling or baby
Ragini : lakshya stop all this nonsense. U call me ladylove its far better than these cheesy words.
Lakshya : thats like a gud girl.
Ragini : now we should go back to home.
Lakshya : ok
Than they both leave to their house.

So frend this is diksha singning off the another epi of love recoerd hope u all like it
Dhara : i m glad u like it.
Shagun : no need of sorry i m happy that u like it and i have some health issue so i am a bit late.

Chhahat : i m glad u like it. And beacuse of some health issue i cant able to update it soon.
Akshata : i m glad u like it. Because of health issue i m late but ill try to make next part soon.
Piya : i m glad u like it
Fairy : i m glad u like it. I had some health issues so i didnt able to update it soon. And me too love ragini

sanchami : i m really glad u like it. And try to make it as gud as i can.
lovely: next one is of raglak only hope u will like that.
Nistha : i m glad u like it.
Ammu : i m glad u like it.

Credit to: diksha

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