love record : love stories which make a love story (Episode 3)


This is diksha with the ff call “love record”. So lets start the the journey of stories which gonna make a beautiful story.

Swastik was sock to know about his report.
Dr. : mr. Swastik u r suffring from brain tumer. But one thing is gud that we identify it in its initial stage so their is chances of its cures. We have to opreat it. I will suggest u to go mumbai and meet dr. Sachin he is a specialist
Sanskar : ok dr. But tell me clearly how much chances are their of mr survival.
Dr. : their are 50-50 chances but be positive.
Sanskar : ok sir pls give me the info of dr. Sachin.
Dr. Give him all details. He resigened from clg. He didn’t tell sana anything about it. Because he didn’t want to give sana any wrong hope so he left.
After 1 year
Swastik opreation get successful. He became perfectly alright it take one year for his complete treatment and in this one year their is not even a single moment when he didn’t miss sana. He came back to sana. He went to her home but he didn’t find anyone thier than he search about her he found that after he left the place sana attempt suicide. And her family also die in an accident. He is fully shattered his mind became numb he didn’t know what will he do next.
He went to his home and was crying and thinking about sana. Tears are countiniously rolling down from his eyes. Pyar h ya saza is playing in bg.
Pya r h ya saza
Ye mere dil bata
Tutta q nahi dard ka silsila
Ye pyar like kaisi kaisi dastaan
Is pyar me ho kaise kaise imtehaan ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
Dilbar pe ho na
Dilbar pe ho na koi asar
Pya r h ya saza aie mere dil bata…..
(Swastik was sitting on his knee his heart is broken into thousand pieaces he was crying bitterly. He was remincing all moment with sana her smile her talk their first meeting their clg.)

Ragini : wht swar is dead how come its happened no it can’t happened h na
She hold lakshya hand tightly and look into his eyes and say
Ragini : tell me na lakshya she is alive h na.
Lakshya : ragini if i tell u evrything than u will loose intrest in story so chill and listen the story.
Swastik compose himself he took his phone and insert his old sim. Whom he had switch off because he knows that sana will try to call him and msg him. He switch on the mobile and as he had accepted their r almost 100 of calls 1000 of msgs and 2 voicemails.
He open first voicemail. He is amazed to listen her love her sana’s voice he was again in tears.
” swastik where are u. Pls come back i need u pls come back. Y u left me u r neither picking my call and nor replying my msgs. Pls swastik come back to me. I m missing u swastik. Pls come back i love u swastik i nevwr thought I’ll express my feeling like this to u pls swastik come back i love u.” During the voice mail he can hear her sobbing amd can imagine her pain. And his heart is cursing him because he is the reason of sana’s tears and her pain
He can’t gather his currage to open the second voice mail. He didn’t habe gut to hear her sobbing more.
He start reading msgs. Most if them r saying come back, i miss u, i love u and i can’t live without u.
After sometime he get rsdy and went to each and every place where he went with sana days were passing but still he didn’t get currage to open the voice mail.
Lakshya : ragini lets go firstly u should have lunch than I’ll countinue the story.
Ragini : no, lakshya i m not hungry pls proceed the story.
Lakshya : no firstly we habe lunch. U r coming with me.
saying this he stand up.
Ragini : no, first story than lunch.
Saying this she also stand up than lakshya pick her up in his arm and take her to the car.
Ragini : this is not fare lakshya.
Lakshya : everything is fare in love and war my ladylove and it is my love for u.
Saying this he make her sit in car drove to nearby hotel they had lunch. They sit in car and drove to a garden they reach their.
Ragini : now we had lunch pls now tell me the story.
Lakshya : ok on one condition.
Ragini : what, ok tell me ur condition.
Lakshya : u have to had a icecream with me.
Listening this ragini laugh and pull his cheek and say.
Ragini : u r so sweet lakshya ur condition in benifitial fir me only ok pakka. Now tell me the story.
Lakshya : so lets start again
One day Swastik was sitting in a garden when he listen a girl talking.
Girl : we should never loose hope and never leave things in between.
Listening it swastik go back to home and open the second voice mail.
“Pls leave me where r u taking me in this mid night leave me. Who r u?
Man : u forgot me that much easily but i didn’t forget my insult remember the party when u hit me with ur heels and i escaped from my goons too. That boy swastik save u at that day but now no one will save u. now I’ll teach u a gud lesson i will teach u what is the consequenses of insulting akash. U stop me at that day but now onward I’ll make u my persnol sl*t. I’ll enjoy my nights with u.
Sana : u cheap what u think u kiddnape me and my parents will didnt try to find me they will and thsn u gone.
Man : oh dear they will search u if they get to know that u kiddnapped but if they get to know that u suicide than.
Sana : no..”
Swastik is in sock after listening that.
Swastik : thats mean their is chances that she is alive that basterd kiddnapped her i have to find her i have to do smthng.
He conrtact with her he get to know about that client. He gather info about him. He went to his home.
Swastik : u cheap bastered come out where r u? Where r u akash.
Akask come out.
Akash : who the hell r u? And y r u shiuting like this.
Swastik hold his coller. And beat him.
Swastik : how dare u kiddnape my sana? Tell me basterd how dare u to think about hurming her. Tell me where is she tell me.
Akash was in a very bad state he tell him the addreds of sana and tell him that he had sold her to a person. Swastik left him and went to that address.
So frend this is diksha signing off the another epi of love record hope u r liking it.
Chhahat : i m glad u like it. About raglak love U will see it as the stories complete.
Piya : i m glad u like it.
lovely : i m glad u like it and u will see raglak soon.
Dhara : i m glad u like it. And as u want it has not a sad ending ya but an emotional one hope u like it.
Ammu : i m glad u like it.
anamica : i m glad u like it. And u will soon saw ragsan and raglak.
sanchami : i m glad u like it and happy that u like this epi.

Credit to: diksha

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