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Nidhi’s attention was suddenly averted to a beep sound heard somewhere nearby.
Nidhi: Who else is here with u?
Ruhi: No one is here. I am alone.
Nidhi: Don’t try to outsmart me. Who gave you water? Who is here with you?
She asked carefully scanning the surroundings.
In a brisk pace Nidhu caught hold of Pihu and dragged her out of her hideout.
Nidhi: So it’s you. My to be pawn against Bhallas….
Pihu struggled to loosen Nidhi’s grip and suddenly the I- band kept by Ayu fall from her pocket.
Nidhi: Oh tracker. You think yourself to be much smarter than you are? Well I am a master of these strategies. Now I am not going to leave you.

She smashed it with her heels destroying it and called out for her goons while tightening her grip over Pihu’s arm hurting her.
Ruhi: Please…Please let her go. She is just a child… I am here only. You can do anything with me. But please leave her. I am begging you.
Nidhi: Wow so much compassion…Blood calling blood…Now you can see with your own eyes what I am going to do with her.
Nidhi raise the whip in her hand….Ruhi closed her eyes tight in horror…
Pihu reached out to her pocket and throw the chilly powder to her eyes. The grip over Pihu loosened and with a loud scream Nidhi started rubbing her eyes frantically in pain…Ruhi opened her eyes and was taken aback seeing the entire scenario. She was pretty sure that now Nidhi is not going to leave Pihu. She rushed towards Pihu who was standing nearby amused seeing Nidhi’s plight.
Ruhi: Pihu run…. Run for your life.
Nidhi: I am not going to leave you…You will pay with your life for what you had done with me. Raman and Ishitha are not going to get even a glimpse of you anymore in their life.
Ruhi took her by her hand and rushed outside.
Both of them rushed for their life through the encompassing darkness with goons tracking their path and vigorously following them…
Nidhi: Stay there Ruhi. Where are you running leaving me behind?
Ruhi was shell shocked seeing Nidhi ahead pointing a gun towards them.
Freeze….You are surrounded by police
Nidhi was perturbed seeing Abhishek there aiming towards her.
Abhishek: Nidhi, drop your gun right now.
Nidhi: If you dared to take a move, I will kill both of them. Stay there.
Raman stopped Abhishek while Ishitha and Shagun watched helplessly
Ruhi pushed Pihu backwards and made herself positioned in front of Nidhi
Nidhi shouted in her anguish
Nidhi: Raman Kumar Bhalla and his dearest wife….wow ex-wife also here…marvelous…don’t try to play your tricks; else I will shoot them down.
Ishitha was glancing at the girl who stood there protecting Pihu. She felt some invisible link with her. Some strange feeling was drawing her towards that girl as if they were meant to be together for a lifetime. She felt strange sensing her eyes filled with unshed tears. The same feeling she once felt towards her Ruhi. Shagun’s plea forced her to her senses.
Shagun: Nidhi, Please don’t harm my daughter. You snatched our Ruhi away from us and still not satisfied. Please leave Pihu. Raman please save her. I can’t live without her.
Abhishek: Don’t ever think that you can escape after harming the kids. Tell me where is Ruhi and we will leave you.
Raman: Since 7years we are suffering for that guilt we were never committed. Now enough. Please tell me where is my daughter? Is she alive? You made her away from us for 7 years still your anger and revenge not satiated.
Nidhi smirked
Nidhi: Poor Raman Bhalla still mourning for his daughter. It’s nothing when compared to what I suffered in my life. I will make your life hell that you will yearn to embrace death rather than being alive.
Ishitha: Please Nidhi your enemity is with us…Please leave the kids. You can do whatever you want with us. Please leave Pihu and that innocent girl. Why you are targeting on her? What’s her fault? Leave them please.
Nidhi: Oh jagatmatha Ishitha showering her motherly love. Don’t ever think in your wildest dream that you can get your Ruhi back.

Ruhi and Pihu stared with terror filled eyes. Ruhi felt an unknown pain deep inside her watching her Ishimaa in front of her eyes. But the memories of her dearest one abandoning her soon replaced that emotion with a feeling of hatred. It doesn’t matter for her if Nidhi even end up killing her. She doesn’t want to go back to her who abandoned her years ago for the sake of her own blood. Indeed blood is thicker than water. Suddenly Ruhi sensed Pihu’s soft hands tightening around her waist. She felt her heart out for the poor soul.
Pihu: That Aunty resembles Cruella and it’s so scary to watch her. Didi, Will that Aunty kill us?
Ruhi whispered to Pihu
Ruhi: Don’t worry Pihu. Till I am alive I will not let her touch you. Listen Pihu. Stay behind me. If she shoots me you just run for your life and hide somewhere. Your family is here. They will find you out and save you. Don’t hesitate just run away.
Nidhi: You will never get your Ruhi back. Your entire life you will yearn for her. You dared to reject me and because of you I lost my parents. Now you will see your own daughter dying in front of your eyes.
Raman: But it was unintentional. I didn’t ruined your life. Please don’t hurt my kid. She is too small to be dragged in to such strategies.
Abhishek: Nidhi drop your gun. You cannot escape after harming any of us. You will be behind bars after commiting such a heinous act. Don’t harm the kids.
Ishitha moved slowly towards the kids without alerting Nidhi who stood with eyes set on Raman. Unfortunately from the corner of her eyes Nidhi sensed her movement.
Nidhi: Ishitha you will never change. Trying to outsmart me? Now see what I will do with you.
Nidhi’s anger had no bounds….Her anger drived her insane. She placed her finger on the trigger and laughed scornfully looking towards Ishitha.
Nidhi: Since years you were waiting for your daughter. Now you will see her downfall in front of your eyes. I will kill your Ruhi while you watch helplessly.
Ishitha: Ruhi? She is Ruhi…..My Ruhi….
Raman: Ruhi….Ruhi is alive.
Shagun: Ruhi?….
Raman: Please don’t do this. I am ready to do anything for you. For God sake have pity on us.
Ishitha: Please don’t harm my daughter. Since 7 years we were living in the grief of losing our daughter, and today she is in front of us very much alive. Please show some mercy on this mother. I am begging in front of you.
Ishitha was on her knees folding her hands in front of Nidhi crying in consolably while Ruhi stood there agape witnessing Ishitha’s pleading. She was still uncertain about her feelings for her once dearest Ishimaa.
Ishitha saw Nidhi pressing trigger. A shot was heard followed by another one. With a loud cry Ishitha rushed towards Ruhi and pushed her away. Ruhi along with Pihu fall in to the ground while Ruhi saved Pihu from hurting herself. Ruhi was baffled by seeing her Ishimaa all drenched in pool of blood lying beside her mourning in pain. She could no longer remain nonchalant towards Ishitha. She ran towards her in a frenzied hurry and held her close crying her heart out.
Ruhi: Ishimaaa….
She touched her face with her blood stained fingers with contentment in her eyes and said
Ishitha: My Ruhi…..Her voice faltered as she struggled to speak out of the sharp pain engulfing her..
Ishitha: My 7 years long penance proved to be fruitful today… Nothing more I need in this life….
She could feel the blood draining out from her body. Through her drooping eyelids she saw Shagun and Raman frantically running towards her…She felt peace in her daughter’s arms and gently slipped to unconsciousness…

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