Bhalla House
Shagun frantically searching for Pihu
Mrs Bhalla: What happened? You look so worried.
Shagun: Mummyji did you see Pihu anywhere here.
Mrs bhalla: Ya, She is playing with Ayu downstairs.
Shagun: Mummyji I got Ashok’s call right now. He is up to something. He came to know about my involvement in exposing the scandal. I fear if he try to harm Pihu for taking revenge from me. He can stoop too low for his revenge.
Mrs Bhalla: Don’t worry Shagun. All of us are here. He can’t do anything.
Shagun: Mummyji, I am getting some wrong intuitions. I will go and check downstairs.
She rushed towards the lawn and was surprised to see a crowd there. She was alarmed finding Ayu all hurt and no signs of Pihu anywhere nearby.

Bhalla House
Raman: Abhishek, I want my daughter back. I can’t take any chances this time. Years before I lost my Ruhi and now can’t loss Pihu too. Please do something.
Abhishek: Let Ayu be back to his senses. He is the only witness. It’s a well planned attempt and the kidnappers where watching over the area since long time. Else they would have never known the exact time when the children were left off guard.

Raman: Shagun had got a threatening call from Ashok. It’s evident that he is the one who is behind the kidnapping.
Abhishek: I already searched his house. We don’t have any proofs against him. It’s seems like he had hired someone for the kidnapping. It will be better if Ishithaji talk to Ayu as he will be under shock after all that happened to him. He might get more panic seeing all of us. So let her talk to him first.
Ishitha was sitting in Ayu’s room all worried. Ayu regain consciousness

Ayu was so terrified with the incident and he was down with fear and guilt
Ayu: Amma, They took her away and I couldn’t do anything. It’s all my fault. Please find her Amma. Please bring her back. They will harm her. I am very sorry. It’s all happened because of me.
Ishitha: Calm down Ayu. We will find her. Nothing will happen to her. You please tell in detail what happened there.
Ayu: Amma, I had put my wrist band in her pocket, while the goons were trying to take her forcefully. You remember the one which Appa gave me on my birthday. It has a tracking sensor in it.
Ishitha: Well done Ayu. We can find her location now. Adi please take care of him. Let me inform this to Abhishek.

Abhishek: Wonderful. He did a great job. Actually we were tracing Ashok’s location. He is in his house only. So they might have taken Pihu to somewhere else. With this sensor we can track her location.
Mani: His i-band is paired with my phone. You can easily track it using my mobile.
Abhishek: Mani I am taking your phone with me. And As Ayu said if it’s a limited edition vehicle we can track it out soon. Let’s hope for the best. I need to rush because we need to find her before someone found and remove the device from her.
Raman: Abhishek, I am coming long with you.

Ishitha: I am also coming along with you. Any ways I can’t sit here while my daughter suffering. Shagun is not keeping well. So…
Shagun: Ishitha, I am ok now. Let me come with you. I want to see my daughter safe as early as possible.
Abhishek: No problem. But I am leaving right now. You can come with Raman. Be careful not to alert the kidnappers.
Ishitha: Adi, please take care of Ayu. He is very afraid. Don’t leave him alone.
Mani: Don’t worry Ishu. We are here to look after him. You better rush and get Pihu back safe and sound.
Ishitha nodded
Raman: I want to meet Ayu before leaving. Both of you go and sit in the car.
Raman in Ayu’s room
He took Ayu’s hands in his and gently held his chin in and made him look towards him
Raman: Don’t worry. We will save your sister. Today I am very proud of you for whatever you did for saving your sister.
Ayu: Please bring her back Pappa. I promise you I will always take good care of her and I will always obey her. Please save her Pappa. I got a sister just now and I don’t want to lose her. I will give all my toys to her. I will become a good boy Pappa. I just want her with me.
Ayu was all teary eyed.
Raman: I am going to bring her back Ayu. You are my brave boy. Take rest and wait for your sister.
Raman gently touched Ayu’s face and wiped his tears and said to himself
(Raman: You did your part as a brother and it’s my duty as a father to find her out. Tomorrow is Rakshabandhan and I will make it sure that your sister will be with you all safe and sound.)

Ashok’s farm house

Pihu slowly opened her eyes to found herself locked in a room all deserted with unwanted stuffs scattered here and there.
Pihu: Shagun mamma, Pappa Where are you? Please take me out from here. It’s so scary here.
Pihu slowly closed her eyes and recalled Shagun’s words
“Whenever you are in problem you should never lose hope. Instead you should fight like a brave warrior. God always supports the persons who never fail to let a try. When he puts us in a difficult situation, he always leaves a way to help us. You should search and find it yourself. A person who always tries hard without the fear of failure is the one who triumph in the end exactly like how tortoise wins the race over the rabbit who is an excellent runner.”

Pihu opened her eyes and scanned the surroundings. She couldn’t find anything helpful. She moved towards the door and tried hard to open it. But Alas. It was bolted from outside. She searched out for a thin stick and passed it through the space between the door and the wall and carefully pulled up the lock. There was one more bolt at the upper end where she can’t reach by herself. She decided to give another try. She found a stool in between the stuffs and dragged it near the door. Still it was unable for her to match the height. Without losing hope she pulled another half-broken chair and placed it above the stool. Standing on it she stretched out her hand through the ventilation above the door and reached out for the bolt. In a swift movement she unbolted it. She carefully opened the door without making noise and let herself outside the room. From the hall she can clearly hear the goons chattering and laughing among themselves.
Pihu feel exhausted out of thirst and fear rising from inside her mind. She managed to get a bottle of water from the kitchen in the farther end. After quenching her thirst she pulled out some chilly powder, pours an ample amount of the same in a paper and kept in her pocket for her self defense. On her way outside the kitchen she was suddenly alerted by a feeble moan from a nearby room. She slowly opened the door and get shocked spotting a fragile figure all immersed in dirt and dust curled up in the dark corner of the room. He was mumbling something which she couldn’t catch up. She went close and pulled off the fallen hair strands from his face. To her surprise the person lying in the floor was revealed to be Ruhaan whom she is pretty familiar with. He was in a terrible stage and was whimpering out of pain. Pihu somehow managed to get her to a sitting position and fed her with water. Left over water she sprinkled across his face which forced him back to senses. Suddenly He shook his head in dismay and the cap over his head fall down revealing her silky long hair. Pihu stood there agape finding Ruhaan to be none other than a girl.
Ruhi rubbed open her eyes and looked towards the girl standing in front of her. She doubted herself to be in to some illusion seeing her childhood image standing before her very much lively. She was brought back to reality by Pihu’s concerned voice.

Pihu: Are you ok now. If I am not mistaken you are Ruhaan right? The teenage sensation. I had seen many videos of your concert. And you are a girl?
Ruhi: Who are you? And how did you reach here?
Pihu: I am Pihu. These bad uncles out there kidnapped me. I don’t know the reason. But why you are here? You are living in Australia right? Then why you are here? Did they kidnapped you too?
Ruhi: It’s a long story. You will not understand. Thank you for helping me. How you come here and who are your parents?
Pihu: My Pappa is a business man and his name is Raman Bhalla and My Mamma’s name is Shagun. She is working for an NGO.
Ruhi thought to herself.

(Ruhi: So this is Ishitha and Pappa’s daughter for which she staked my life. But why she is referring to Shagun Mamma as her mom. )
Pihu: Will these uncles’s harm me. I am very much scared to be here. Can u please help me to get out from here? You too please come with me. I will tell my Pappa to help you to go back to your Mamma and Pappa.

Ruhi felt devastated recalling Ishitha sending her to Nidhi to get Pihu back to herself. All her sufferings in the hands of Nidhi since 7 years came to her mind. She felt hatred arousing in her heart for Ishitha. How sincerely she trusted and loved her and she repaid her with a struggling life with a ruthless women. But somehow deep in her heart she felt a liking towards that little girl who cared for her and saved her from severe death.

Ruhi: I have no place to go. I don’t have any parents or any house to go.
Pihu: That’s so bad. No problem you can stay with us. Our family is a very lovable family. They care for everyone.
Pihu and Ruhi got startled by the nearing footsteps.
Ruhi: Pihu hide somewhere. Fast. Somebody is coming here.
A tall lady with blonde hair and devious visage with determined steps made her entry to the room. Her stern gaze send waves of terror through Ruhi which left her tremble vigorously. She curled up to the corner of the room witnessing the long black hunter in her hand. From the corner of her eyes she saw Pihu’s scary eyes fixed on her. She closed her eyes tight against her enormous form slowly advancing towards her.

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