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Raman is sitting in the park bench near the residential area all drawn to himself in his own grief. He was sadly thinking about his conversation with Ishitha. Suddenly he sensed a silhouette beside him. He turned back and surprised to see Romi standing nearby.
Raman wiped hurriedly wiped off his tears and asked

Raman: Romi, you here? You forgot your entire family and our Mummyji too. I know you are annoyed with me. But please don’t let Mummyji suffer because of our differences. Did you meet her?
Romi: Pihu called me that’s why I came here. Meet Mummyji and Ishitha Bhabhi too. On my way back saw you sitting here alone. You appeared to be little upset.
Raman: Nothing. I am happy to see that I still have a place in your mind. See Romi, It seems like everything is back to normal like before. I know in my arrogance I hurt you several times. Is it possible that you can forgive me or you too want me to kneel before you and beg for pardon?
Romi: What are you saying Bhai? You are elder to me. Don’t talk to me like that. I had a talk with Ishitha Bhabhi. She wants me to come back and stay here. I didn’t say anything as I was not sure if it will displease you. I don’t want to repeat my mistakes and lose my brother too.

Raman: I would really love it if you prefer to stay here Romi. I hope all our misunderstandings will be cleared with this hug.
He hugged his brother and gently patted his face out of love.
Romi: Everything will be alright Bhai. Don’t worry. By the way I met Ayu. How adorable he is?
Raman: Ya true. He is very cute and adorable. Credit goes to Mani. Romi, you looks so slim-trim. How come?
Romi: Kya Bhai. Hotel food is no match for Mummiji’s culinary skills.
Raman: it sounds right…

Romi: Bhai, I need to tell you something very shocking. I saw someone like Nidhi in a hotel while I was in to a meeting with Ashok. I went through the hotel registers, but failed to find her name anywhere. Thought it was some illusion until Ishitha bhabhi told me that she is alive.
Raman: Nidhi is still here? She might be staying there in her fake name Nimrith. I thought she returned to Australia and had made necessary arrangements to find her out from there. But if what you said is true then she never returned to Australia but still staying here in disguise. Till she is out roaming freely anything can happen. She can go to any extend to harm us. We should inform this to Abhishek as early as possible.
Romi: Bhai, I am coming along with you. You are not in a state to go alone.

Bhalla House

Ishitha in Bhalla house
Shagun: Come Ishitha. I was waiting for you since long time. I already had a talk with Pihu.
Ishitha: You told her everything. Is she ok?
Shagun: I told her everything. I am really impressed with her as she accepted the truth whole heartedly. She was little shocked to hear that but now everything is fine.
Ishitha: Thank you Shagun. I knew it, that only you can make her aware of the truth. I am really sorry to put you in such a dilemma.
Shagun: Don’t think like that. She has the right to know the truth. I know nothing will change with her being aware that I am not her real mother. She still loves me like before and I need nothing more.

Ishitha: I promise you shagun, she will be your daughter first, and then only mine.
Shagun: Ok Ok. Enough of emotional stresses. Now find some time to bond well with your daughter. Your son Ayu is a step ahead of you. He had already formed a good friendship with her. This is for Pihu. Take this for her and feed her. In that way you both can spend some quality time together.
Ishitha: But will she have with my hands….I don’t want to annoy her.
Shagun: Don’t worry I am here only. A call away.
Ishitha took the plate with her and gently paced towards Pihu’s room.
Ishitha: Pihu, Can I come in?
Pihu raised her head and said

Pihu: Ya sure.
Ishitha sat beside her. She looked at her gleefully so as to imprint her image deep in her mind. She found herself mesmerized as she was looking in to a face well familiar to her. Pihu was very much alike to her Ruhi. She couldn’t help herself from weeping.
Pihu: Why are you crying? I am not angry with you. In fact Mamma told me I should love you and respect you. It’s good to have two mothers.
Ishitha wiped off her tears and said
Ishitha: Pihu is a very nice girl. I am sorry I cried as I am seeing you after long time.
Pihu: Please don’t cry Ishimaa. Don’t you like me calling you Ishimaa?
Ishitha: I love it my dear.
Ishitha was left speechless hearing Pihu addressing her as Ishimaa. She cupped her face lovingly and kissed on her forehead. She felt a feeling of contentment and boundless joy. For a moment she felt like her own Ruhi smiling gleefully at her.

ACP Abhishek’s office

Abhishek: Raman I checked through my sources. Your doubt was right. Nidhi and Ruhaan is still here in India.
Raman: Abhishek please do something. We should find Nidhi then only we can reach Ruhi.
Abhishek: Don’t worry we will find her. Romi Can you tell me the name of that hotel you mentioned .
Romi: Its hotel Blue diamond.

Abhishek: I already sent my team there with Nidhi’s picture. If she is staying there only, then hotel staff will recognize her for sure. Let’s hope for the best. Nidhi is an Australian citizen now and since many years she is staying there only. So it’s obvious that she can’t do all these plannings without the help of anyone here.
Romi: OMG! How can I forget such an important link? Abhishek this hotel is in the ownership of one of Ashok’s friends. We keep all our meetings and official conferences there only.
Raman: Abhishek I doubt Ashok’s hands in this. He is the only rival who wants to see my downfall. He is well reputed and has immense political power. It’s easy for him to provide support and hideout for a person like Nidhi.
Abhishek: You are absolutely right Raman. Ashok is under our surveillance. But still he is a dangerous person. I am trying my level best to trap him unarmed in the recent scandal. . But he still have the support of many influential persons .Anyways I want to reopen Ruhi missing case. So need your signatures for the same. If Nidhi is caught she will be behind bars as per her old criminal background and also she will be punished for hiding her identity. So don’t worry at all.
Raman: Thank you Abhishek. If there is any developments kindly inform me.
Abhishek: Raman, Nidhi will try some nasty tricks for sure. And tell Shagun to be careful as Ashok is aware of her involvement in exposing the recent scandal. Always be alert. If you see anything suspicious call me right away.

Raman: Ok Abhishek. I should take a leave as it’s very late. See you later.

Next day
Pihu and Ayu playing in the compound area. Ayu kick the ball and it went out beyond the gate of the residential area. Ayu run behind to catch it. By the time Pihu try to dissuade him from doing so, he rushed outside the premises. At last Pihu rushed behind him to bring him back.
Pihu: Ayu, don’t go out. Mamma had stopped us from going out alone.
Ayu was searching for the ball and suddenly a car speeded towards them and braked just beside them. Before Ayu could figure out anything a man with frightening looks get out from the car and forcefully held Pihu by her hand. Ayu ran towards her shouting while the goon forcefully dragged her towards the car.
Ayu: Leave her. What are you doing? Please leave my sister.
Pihu was crying out frantically for help.

Ayu reached out for a piece of wood nearby and holding it tight with both his hands he started beating the man with as much power he can gather. The goon’s grip on Pihu loosened. He snatched the piece of wood from Ayu’s hands and pushed him away. Pihu was trying to run while the man again caught hold of her. Ayu got up and grabbed her hand struggling to free her from the goon. He even bit his hand which raised his anger. He grabbed Pihu with both his hands and pushed her inside the car. Then while loosening Ayu’s tightened grip on Pihu’s clothes the goon pushed him mercilessly which made him fall down and hurt his head. Through his half closed eyelids he saw a panic-stricken Pihu calling out for help and the car speeding out of his vision. He heard footsteps nearing him and eventually slipped to unconsciousness.

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