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Raman stopped at the door finding Ayu having a good time in the company of Mani. Ayu was randomly scribbling with his brush in a canvas and Mani appreciating him for his each move. Suddenly Ayu started applying colors on Mani and eventually both of them burst in to a laughter finding themselves all immersed in various colors. A feeling of jealousy started sprouting in his mind. Raman suddenly shoved it off from his mind realizing that he is no match with Mani as a lovable father or to be precise a best friend of Ayu. Soon he discovered that his attitude demands a rapid and inevitable change to win back all those relations he lost due to his anguish. Raman knocked at the door which made Ayu and Mani shifting their attention towards him.
Mani: Hi Raman, Please come inside. Ayu say hello to Papa.
Raman sat beside Ayu in an attempt to initiate a conversation with him
Raman: Hello Ayu….Seems like you are busy playing.

Ayu without even looking at Raman said to Mani
Ayu: Appa you only told me Papa is very nice and loving. I was very excited to meet him. But he doesn’t seems to be nice. He is too bad. I saw him talking rude to Amma. I don’t want to talk to him.
Mani looked at Raman who was all hurt with Ayu’s words.
Mani: I told you Ayu kids don’t interfere in elder’s matters. It’s beyond your understanding.
Ayu: I remember Appa. I am sorry.
Raman: Ayu my dear. Actually it’s me who need to say sorry. I am sorry and I will say sorry to your Amma too
Ayu smiled happily and said
Ayu: Now I think you are a nice Papa.

Raman hugged him tight and caressed him while kissing at his forehead.
Raman: So let’s be friends?
Ayu: Ok. But you must promise me that you will behave nice with Amma. I love her a lot. I don’t like anyone shouting at her.
Raman: Even I love her. She is such a nice person. You have my word on that.
Ayu giggled and in a swift movement he applied color on to Raman’s cheek.
Raman: You naughty….Let me show you how to color.
He caught him and tickled him under the ears which made him giggle….Raman’s face glowed in delight and relief while Mani looks on pleased.

Mani: I am very much happy that both of you get along soon.
Raman: Ayu, Can u go and play outside. Papa wants to talk about something important to Appa.
Ayu looked towards Mani and rushed out of the room as Mani signed him to leave. Raman continued
Raman: Mani, I should apologize to you for my indifferent behavior. I am sorry I misunderstood you.
Mani: It’s perfectly ok Raman. Ishitha deserves your apology more than me. You know Raman all these years she survived by recalling all those precious moments she spend with you and her family. She is still in the same place where you left her years ago. She never moved on in her life even though she had so many chances to do so. You got an impeccable person as your wife, but it’s unfortunate that you never realized her value in your life. She loved you and it will be only you for a lifetime.
Raman: I don’t know Mani. I was living a barren life assuming her to be dead and suddenly she came before me accompanied by you. It didn’t gone well with me that she chose to be with you rather than me. It troubled me and add on to my insecurities. I am feeling like hell for misinterpreting your pure relation.

Mani: I can understand your stance. Seeing Ishu with me after long time left you confused. Even in your insecurity I can see your boundless love for her. Don’t keep it to yourself and pave way for misunderstandings to ruin your beautiful relation. Instead brush up your love to be the most powerful weapon to win her trust.
Raman: This time it is going to be much difficult for me Mani. She is such a good soul and I broke her trust not once but twice. I know her very well she will not forgive me. Once she made up her mind it is impossible to change her decision.
Mani: You have to wisely utilize this second chance god gave you Raman. Nothing in this world is dearer to her than Ruhi. Find Ruhi and reunite her with Ishitha. She will forgive all your mistakes you ever committed in life.

Raman: You will be here to help me right. I want to make my bond stronger with Ayu. No one else can help me out in this. Like you are his ideal Appa, I want to be an Ideal Papa for him.
Mani: Anything for Ayu.

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Ishitha in search of Ayu. Mani reminded Raman as it is right time to talk to her. Mani took a leave prompting Raman to speak up his heart out to Ishitha.

Ishitha was about to leave , Raman stopped her
Raman: Ishitha, I want to talk to you.
Ishitha: I am here only. What it is all about?
Raman: Ishitha I am really sorry. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Ishitha: Why you are saying sorry? Now these things don’t affect me at all. I lost my soul 7 years before. These insults and all is now habitual for me.
Raman: Please don’t say like that Ishitha. I was very much confused seeing you after all this while. Ashok told me you and Mani are married and Ayu is your son. I couldn’t withstand the pain of losing you and it came out as anger.
Ishitha: Today also you easily fell for Ashok’s words. No change at all. Earlier also it was quite easy for Ashok to create problems amid us. The only thing he needed was to instigate you. Trust makes the base of a relation and Sorry to say but it’s a truth that you never trusted me in your life.

Raman: Please Ishitha. All this while I was living with the guilt of being the reason for your death. Every moment I cursed me for uttering those bad words to you. I couldn’t bear the fact that you chose to be away from me for such a long time. Please forgive me for all my insults. Please forgive me for misunderstanding you and for not accepting my son. I promise you I will prove to be the ideal dad of Ayu. Please forgive me Ishitha at least for the happiness of our children. They deserve to spend the rest of their life together as a single family.

Raman sat on to his knees near Ishitha trying by all means to pacify her
Ishitha: Please Raman Get up. I can’t see you like this and I don’t want any of the kids see this. Please get up.
Raman hold her hand and looked straight to her eyes. She hastily took her hand from his. Averting her eyes away from him she said
Ishitha: It’s always not that easy Raman. Broke my heart and then build my trust. Many times I tried doing it. Many times I trusted you again. But I can’t do it this time. I lost Ruhi and I lost your love which made me leave from here. After years while I came back I expected that I no longer need to see that hatred in your eyes. But you proved me wrong. Every time I forgot and forgive you for all insults you showered on me. This time I cannot. I cannot forgive you for insulting my motherhood. I cannot forgive you for doubting my love for Ruhi. How could you think that I will ever move on in my life leaving my kids who are my life? You even doubt my son Ayu to be Mani’s. I cannot forgive you for this.

Raman: Ishitha please, even I lost my precious possession my daughter Ruhi that day. Can’t you forgive me for my mistake I did overpowered by my grief of losing Ruhi. I am sincerely apologizing to you for doubting you. Please forgive me. I am folding my hands before you. Please come back to me.

Ishitha: Raman, It’s not easy for me. I could never forget that insult even after all these years. You blamed me for that thing which I could never even think in my life. I can never differentiate between my children and I never did. I am here to win back my daughter and I need nothing else. I am happy in my own world and I don’t think a woman with self respect and courage need a man’s support to live her life. I don’t want to trust you again and eventually found myself suffering in your hatred. I am happy the way I am. Please don’t force me to any relation. Only thing left for me is to find Ruhi and reunite her with her family. I don’t want anything more in my life.
Raman: Is it not possible to give me one more chance in life to rectify all my previous mistakes.
Ishitha: No Raman. After all this mishappenings I am afraid to trust you again. I will peacefully lead my life as the mother of Adi, Ruhi, Pihu and Ayu. I don’t want anything else in my life.
She turned back to hide the tears forming in her eyes. She tightened her grip so as to dismiss the heart wrenching pain she felt by her own words. Slowly she realized her own nails piercing her skin and blood oozing through her wounds.

Raman: I respect your words Ishitha. I will wait for you to even if it takes a life time.
He wiped off his tears and slowly paced out of the room.

Bhalla House
Shagun in Pihu’s room. Pihu rushed to her
Pihu: Mamma I was looking for you since long time. Why didn’t you come to take me from bus stop?
Shagun: Mamma was out with work Pihu that’s why Adi Bhayya came to pick you. Don’t be annoyed. You are my good girl. Come, sit with me. Today Mamma going to tell something very important to you. Promise that Pihu as a sensible girl will understand it and don’t get angry on mamma.
Pihu: I will never get angry on you Mamma. I promise.
Pihu rushed to her laying her head on her lap while Shagun lovingly caressed her head passing her fingers through her thin soft hair strands. She was in an inner turmoil as she was unsure about Pihu’s reaction after hearing the truth. But she trusts her love and her upbringing that her daughter never let her fail.
Shagun: Pihu you know the story of Bal Krishna and about his two mothers.
Pihu: Ya Mumma. Very well. Devki who gave birth to Krishna and Yashoda Maiyya who brought him up.
Shagun: It’s good to have two mothers right? You will get double love.
Pihu: Is it possible Mamma? How can a child have two mammas?
Shagun: Of course it can happen. Even your Adi bhayya have two mothers. One me and one his Ishimaa. You know her right? He often talks about her.

Pihu: Ya I know. I had seen him fighting with papa in the name of someone called Ishimaa. Is that his mother?
Shagun: Yes Pihu. Ishimaa is his mother. I gave birth to Adi Bhayya but Ishimaa brought him up as his own son. Like Yashoda mayya for Krishna.
Pihu: That’s great. He got the love of both his mothers. Is it because of that he is very good mannered? I like him very much. But why his Ishimaa left him? I never saw her here.
Shagun: Pihu my child, Actually she had accident years ago and she was under treatment. That’s why you couldn’t see her. She is back now. You can meet her anytime.
Pihu: What will I call her Mamma? Can I call her Ishimaa?
Shagun: Ya sure dear. Now listen to me carefully. Like Adi bhayya Pihu also have two mothers.
Shagun’s voice faltered as she spoke and the pain in her heart came out as tears from her eyes as she finally uttered those words to her.

Shagun: Pihu truth is that Shagun Mamma is not your real mamma. You are Ishitha’s daughter. Shagun mamma brought you up like Yashoda mayya brought up Krishna with all my love. And you will always remain as my daughter.
Pihu stared at shagun in disbelief. Suddenly she got up and hugged her putting her hands around her and wept inconsolably.
Pihu: No mamma, I will not believe it. You are lying to me. You are my Mamma.
Shagun: Pihu please listen to me and don’t cry. You are my brave girl.

Pihu tightened her grip around shagun and asked
Pihu: Mamma, Will that aunty took me away from you?
Shagun: No Pihu. No one can take you away from me. She is so good hearted. She will not take you away, but you need to accept her as your mother. It was very important to reveal this truth to you so that you accept it whole heartedly. You are a very lucky child that you have two mothers to take care of you.
Pihu: Promise me Mamma that you will never leave me and you will always love me like this.
Shagun hugged her tight and kissed on her forehead.
Shagun: I promise you that Mamma will never leave you. And Pihu should promise me that you will accept Ishitha as your Amma and love her like you love your Shagun mamma. She is very nice and loving. You will certainly like her company.

Pihu: Ya mamma. I will do whatever you say as your good daughter.
Shagun: And Pihu call her Ishimaa and not aunty. She will love it. We will live together as a happy family. And you know you have a cute younger brother too.
Pihu wiped off her tears and asked in her excitement
Pihu: Is it mamma? You know how badly I wanted a younger brother or sister so that I can pamper them as I do to my dolly. Adi bhayya always says to me that I am younger and I should obey whatever he says. Now I can say that to him. Wow Mamma I am so excited. I can play with him and I will share my toys too. When I can meet him?

Shagun hugged her feeling proud about her daughter who is a sensible and matured girl
Shagun: Soon my dear. My Pihu is the best. You made me much happy today.
Adi came there along with Ayu
Adi: Pihu, See who is here to meet you? Acha So Pihu is complaining about his brother?
Pihu giggled
Shagun took Ayu to Pihu.
Shagun: Pihu this is your brother Ayu.
Ayu: Can I call her Pihu didi?

Shagun: Of course Ayu. She is your sweet sister.
Pihu: Come Ayu, I will show you my cycle and my toys too. From today we will play together. We will have a nice time together.
Hand in Hand they both rush outside the room….

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