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Shagun: Raman, Someone should show you your true self. In your arrogance you are forgetting everything. You had spent such a good time of your life with her and still distrusting her. Blind in your anger, you can’t see the sacrifices she gave in her life for the wellbeing of your family. Since how long she was battling with your enemies whom you gained just because of your arrogance and impulsive nature. How can someone be so insensitive?
Raman: Shagun, How can you slap me for this woman? She left Pihu as an infant and because of that you need to call off your wedding with Manoj and got hooked up here in Bhalla house

Shagun: It was my decision to come to bhalla house and take care of Pihu. I am obliged to Ishitha for what she had done for me. She became the ideal mother of both Adi and Ruhi and showered all her love upon them. She even sacrificed her life and her unborn baby for their safety. My 7 years of life for Pihu is still less valuable when compared to her sacrifices. Have you ever asked her what her reason to leave from here was? It was because of her love for Ruhi that she was unable to live without her. Have you ever asked her why she tried to take her life that day at the cliff while you left her all alone breaking her heart and soul with all that heart wrenching words? Have you ever tried to trust her or respect her? After all these insults she never raised a word against you. You don’t deserve her. You simply don’t deserve her.

Ishitha: No need to say anything Shagun. He who even stoop too low that he doubts his own blood to be someone else’s son, nobody can put sense to such a person. He distrusted me and insulted me in each and every moment of our life. This is the limit of my patience.
Raman: My son? But Ishitha…
Shagun: It’s true that you were not aware of the truth as you are seeing Ishitha after long 7 years. But it doesn’t justify for all these insults you showered upon her. I know how to make you believe. Wait for a second.
Shagun handed over the file in her hands to Raman
Shagun: This is the original medical report of Ishitha Bhalla. Ashok bribed DR. Mukherjee to make fake reports of Ishitha and outwitted us proving that she can’t give birth to a child. He never expected that we will move for surrogacy. That fake woman who agreed for surrogacy and denied in the last moment was brought by Ashok only to fail your attempt. But all his plans proved to be futile when I give my consent to be the surrogate mother of your kid. Remember how many times he tried to hurt me and try to harm Pihu while I was carrying. Dr. Manoj hand over these reports to me as Dr Mukherjee is caught red-handed in a recent scandal in the hospital. Police had started digging out all the old cases handled by him. Since so many months our NGO is behind this case.
Raman: What? Is this true?

Ishitha: Still if you are not convinced, you should see this Raman. Adi switch on TV
TV News: The well reputed doctor Dr. Mukerjee caught being involved in Organ trafficking and illegal organ transplantation scandal. Police caught hold on the culprit and started digging out all the previous case handled by him. Many prominent business men including the MP and 50% share holder of the hospital Mr. Ashok khanna is also rumored to be involved in the scandal. Mr. Ashok Khanna who is still incognito had been dismissed from his MP post with immediate effect and search warrant is being issued in his name.
Raman is visibly shocked.
Mrs. Bhalla: This can be considered as a good omen. Problems have started to leave slowly from our life. I hope he got punished well for his misdeeds.
Raman: Ashok played such a nasty trick. I am not going to leave him.
Shagun: Calm down Raman. Let Abhishek handle all these things.
Shagun turned to Ishitha and said
Shagun: Ishitha, This is my small return gift to you even though it will remain trivial compared to what you had done for me.
Ishitha: No Shagun. Everything done by me is of negligible significance before your 7 years of sacrifice for Pihu and this family. They hugged each other while all others watched in merriment.
Raman looked aghast towards Ishitha being ashamed recalling those cruel words he uttered. Even though she intentionally avoid meeting his eyes, he can see the boundless pain in her eyes. Her pale face and hurt filled eyes revealed the depth of her agony. He felt like to kill himself rather being the reason for her misery.
Raman: Ishitha….He faltered…

Ishitha said without even reverting her gaze towards him
Ishitha: I admit I did wrong by forsaking Pihu and all of you in midway. I admit my fault of being away from you while you were suffering in the agony of losing me. But I had my own reasons to do so. Ruhi is the one who made me mother for the first time. She made me complete and I loved her un-conditionally. So the thought of losing her made me hopeless and I didn’t find any reason to be alive in this world. Raman you reminded me what a bad mother I am. Indeed you were right about me. I was indeed a bad mother to concur with your decision of taking Ruhi out to Nidhi. I should have protested. But I didn’t even though my inner self warned me against it. May be it was that I entrusted you and couldn’t bear witnessing my trust breaking before my own eyes.
Ishitha could no longer hold on to herself.
Ishitha: Please Excuse me.
She turned around and walked away leaving Raman in dismay.

Shagun: Raman it’s not that easy to convince her after breaking her heart so ruthlessly. Your problem is that you pay heed to everyone’s words but not hers. Nor did your ego ever allowed you to trust her words without a dispute. Give her some space. Time can heal all wounds.
Raman nodded
Shagun: I have something to show you which will help you to regain her lost trust.
Shagun showed Raman the video of Ruhan’s concert that took place in Australia a month before in which Nidhi’s face is revealed standing beside the arena.
Raman: Is this Nidhi? Is she alive?
Shagun: Yes Raman. She is very much alive. She is working as the manager of teen sensation rock star Ruhaan. If we can track her, we can possibly get our Ruhi back if she is alive.
Raman: Shagun is it possible that Ruhi is alive?
Shagun: Ishitha thinks so and it’s the sole reason which made her come back after all these years. She herself saw Nidhi there at Australia. She lives there in the name of Nimrith. In fact she is the one with whom you had signed the contract making Ruhaan as the brand ambassador of your new product.
Raman: Yes I remember that name even though I didn’t see her. We were dealing with Ruhaan’s secretary. But that contract is cancelled. Due to some personal reasons Ruhaan left for Australia. Now I understood what the reason was. Nidhi might have known that I am the owner of that company and wanted to keep herself away from us. I want to find her at any cost. I will leave no stones unturned to find my daughter. Let me call abhishek first.

Shagun was sitting in her room all absorbed in thoughts. She was startled sensing a hand on her shoulder.
Mrs. Bhalla: What happened dear? You appear to be disturbed.
Shagun: Nothing like that Mummyji. I am feeling little desperate. Don’t know why.
Mrs. Bhalla: Are you feeling insecure seeing Ishitha back?
Shagun: I can’t distinguish my feelings. But I am very much sad with the thought of being away from Pihu.
Mrs. Bhalla: Don’t ever allow any type of insecurities or negative feelings over power you. You know Ishitha well and Pihu too. Ishitha knows the sorrow of losing a daughter. She will never let that happen with anyone else. And Pihu, she loves you more than anyone in this world.
Shagun: I know that mummyji. But….I am…Iam not her mother.

A drop of tear escaped her eyes while saying that
Mrs. Bhalla: After spending such a long time with you, you are now a daughter for me. I don’t have words to express my gratitude to you for being the only support for us. You sacrificed your future for the wellbeing of Pihu. Your effort of giving such a peerless upbringing for Pihu is indeed appreciated. You helped us to overcome the grief of losing Ishitha and Ruhi. Don’t try to hide anything from me dear. You can open up your mind.
Shagun: Mummiji, I feel like it’s time for me to leave this house. With Ishitha back this family is now a complete family. The only thing left for me is to reveal the truth to Pihu, so that she accepts her as her mother. After staying back from her daughter for all these years she deserves to be reunited with her. If I am here Pihu will not bond with Ishitha.

Mrs. Bhalla: Where are you going leaving your family? Don’t even think about it ever in your life. This is your family and I am your mother. If Ishitha is my bahu, you and Simmi are my daughters. If I have place for Simmi, I can take well care of you too until I find someone eligible to win your hand.
Ishitha who was over hearing the entire conversation was moved by shagun’s concern for her
Ishitha: Sorry I overhear you. Shagun let me make it clear to you that Pihu is always your daughter first. You deserve her more than me. I abandoned her years before while she was a child and you took care of her showering all your love on her. I don’t deserve to claim her as my daughter. Pihu was your’s and will always be your daughter. I am not here to snatch her from you or from Raman. I am here to find my long lost daughter. Once I found Ruhi and reunited her with her family I can peacefully live the rest of my life.
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishitha is right. Pihu will always remain as your daughter. Do you think she can live without you? The right of an ideal mother which Ishitha have for her kids Ruhi and Adi, you possess the same right over Pihu. Pihu is a very sensible child she will accept the truth and will heartily accept both of you. Nobody can take your place in Pihu’s life like that of Ishitha in Adi and Ruhi’s life. So don’t bother about anything. We will live happily as a perfect happy family.
Mrs. Bhalla affectionately caressed both of them while Ishitha and shagun held her arms and smiled happily.

Iyer House

Raman in Iyer house
Amma opens the door and surprised to see Raman at the door. She let him in.
Amma: What made you come here after saying such things to my daughter?
Raman: Amma, Please forgive me for all those mistakes I ever committed in my life. I am here to meet my son Ayu. Please allow me to see him once.
Amma: We are not rude like Bhallas to keep a kid away from his own people.
Appa: Madhu, please control yourself. Let him in. He came to meet his son. Every person has their own outlook. Mistakes can happen by anyone. How much guilty he is; our daughter also should be equally blamed. So let him come inside and no more mudslinging please.
Amma went inside without saying anything. Raman thanked Appa While he signed towards Ayu’s room.

Raman meeting Ayu. Pihu kidnapped by Ashok.

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