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Bhalla House
Adi in Bhalla House. Mrs. Bhalla surprised to see him
Mrs. Bhalla: Adi my dear. Come inside. Just now I was thinking to call you. Seems like you forgot your Dadi.
Adi: No need to worry now. I will be here with you for some days. Where is papa- your Khadoos son?
Mrs. Bhalla: Haha….He is yet to come from office.
Adi: Someone is at the door seeking permission from you to come inside.
Mrs. Bhalla was dumbstruck seeing Ishitha. She was so uncertain about how to react. She stood turning her back against Ishitha and said
Mrs. Bhalla: Adi, Ask her why she came here now?
Ishitha ran to her and hugged her from behind
Mrs. Bhalla turned around and patted her face and asked
Mrs. Bhalla: I have all the rights to be annoyed with you as I am more a mother to you than a mother-in-law.
Ishitha: Yes Mummiji. I am here to bear any punishment from you for hurting you.
Mrs. Bhalla: No Ishitha. You have suffered a lot in your life. I am happy that you are safe. Nothing more I need in this life.
Ishitha: I was really concerned about your reaction. Wondered how you will welcome me. I could never withstand your anguish. Thank you for understanding me and forgiving me Mummiji.
Mrs. Bhalla: I trust you more than myself dear. I know there will be a solid reason behind your action. . You were the soul of our family. The news of your death had tormented Raman from inside. After that day everything changed in Bhalla house. This family is no more a happy family. Raman became more arrogant and now he is just a pure business man than a son or a father. In his ego he parted ways with Romi and also Adi his own son. He is not the same anymore. You are back so I believe everything will fell in place now.
Ishitha: I don’t want to give any false hopes to you Mummyji as no one knows better than me the pain when trust breaks. I am here to rectify a mistake I unintentionally committed years ago.
Mrs. Bhalla: What are you talking about Ishitha?
Ishitha: I am talking about Ruhi.
Mrs. Bhalla: Ruhi? But she…
Ishitha: Yes Mummyji. Me too believed so until I found Nidhi very much alive just before my eyes. If Nidhi survived then it’s possible that Ruhi too is alive. I don’t want to miss any chance.

Mrs. Bhalla clutched on to Ishitha’s hands in her excitement. She couldn’t believe what she heard right now.
Mrs. Bhalla: Is it so Ishitha? Ruhi….Ruhi can be alive? Mata Rani is great. Today if I wished for anything else I should have blessed with that too. With the return of the Lakshmi of our house happiness is finding its way back to us.
Ishitha: I don’t want to arouse any false hopes in your mind. I am here just to get back my daughter and to introduce my son Ayu to his family he was longing to me. I can’t abstain him from his birth rights.
Mrs. Bhalla: Ayu? Your son?
Ishitha: Yes Mummyji. Your grandson. I don’t know what to say either a miracle or god’s mercy they showered on me that the woman once regarded as an infertile one is blessed with a son. After I lost my Ruhi, he is my only reason to be alive in this world.
Mrs. Bhalla: I feel so blessed today. Perhaps this is the happiest day of my life. I yearn to held him close to me at least for once. Where is he Ishitha? Does he know he have a family here?
Ishitha: I always made it sure that he knows each and every one of you pretty well, so that once he is back to his family he could easily bond with you. All these years Mani took care of him very well and I am indebted for his selfless love for him. Ayu is very fond of him and calls him Appa. Mani was the one who rescued me from that cliff that night while I was about to take my life. I didn’t had the courage to face all of you after losing my child Ruhi. So I left to Australia where I took care of Aaliya – Mani’s niece who lost her parents in an accident. I searched for Ruhi in Aaliya and we bonded with each other pretty well. It was then I found myself pregnant with Ayu. I wished to come back but Raman’s words made me feel dejected. I couldn’t forget that hatred I saw in his eyes for me.
Ishitha was trying hard to stop herself from crying. Through the corner of her eyes she saw Adi advancing towards her. She hastily wiped off her tears and forced a smile on to her lips.
Ishitha: Ayu is very much excited to meet you all. In fact he is already keeping in good terms with his brother.
She turned around to look at him and said
Ishitha: Adi, Please go and bring Ayu.

Adi sensed the grief in her eyes she was struggling to conceal from him. Before he could say something she nodded and signed him to take a leave. She never wanted Adi to get any wrong impression about his father.
Mrs. Bhalla: Today by seeing Adi’s affection for you, as a mother I feel proud of you. His respect for your words even after years of separation proves the worth of your upbringing. You triumph where I failed years ago as a mother. Every time my son yells at you and insults you he was raising his fingers on to my motherhood .After all your sacrifices and struggles for us, we never bothered to even acknowledge for your selfless love. Forgive us daughter for forcing such a destiny upon you.
Mrs. Bhalla blinked her eyes to stop the unshed tears
Ishitha: Mummyji, Please don’t held yourself responsible for anything. It was my fate. This house gave me everything. It completed me by making me the mother of such adorable children- my Ruhi and Adi. My precious gems. This house gave me Pihu, even if she doesn’t know me as her mother. As a mother I will forever bear the burden of forsaking my one daughter for the other. In my grief of losing Ruhi, I abandoned Pihu.
Mrs. Bhalla: You can still win her back dear. Isn’t it possible Ishitha that we again live as a happy family like we once used to be? Can’t you forgive my son for all those accusations? I know it’s difficult. But everyone deserves a second chance in life.
Ishitha: About Raman….

Ishitha paused for a second to hold her breath and continued
Ishitha: I don’t want Adi to over hear all this. He is already much annoyed with Raman. Mummyji I can forget and forgive a thousand accusations from Raman. I did the same all the while we stayed together. I welcomed his arrogance, his rudeness, his impetuous attitude and even his false ego. Every time I expected him to trust me and be by my side he proved me wrong by being dubious towards me. I am not trying to justify my action. Being anonymous for all these years was indeed wrong. The truth was that I couldn’t forgive Raman for his harsh words. He held me responsible for losing Ruhi. He blamed me for his wrong decision of falling prey to nidhi’s plans. He called me a worst step-mother who differentiates among my kids, who gave away Ruhi for Pihu. It was beyond my forbearance and I will never forgive him for such a heart-wrenching remark.
Mrs. Bhalla: All the while he blamed you for forsaking him; deep in my mind I had a feeling that you will never be wrong in your actions. My faith in you proved to be right with time. You have your own legitimate reason for leaving him. As a mother I can’t renounce my son no matter how wrong he proved to be. But I assure you that whatever your decision will be, I will always stood as a pillar support beside you.
They shared a warm hug.
Raman at the main door paused for a while seeing Ishitha and Mrs. Bhalla conversing. He stood their engrossed reminiscing their good old memories. Suddenly he got hit by a ball and forced to reality. He angrily turned around and saw Ayu wearing an embarrassed look on his face.
Ayu: Pardon me. Did it hurt you?
He asked with concern in his voice. Raman smiled in enthusiasm and said
Raman: Don’t worry son. I am fine. By the way me too had done the same with many at my childhood. So chill.

He winked at him while Ayu giggled merrily.
Seeing Mani approaching from a distance Ayu rushed towards him calling out Appa while Raman looks on surprised and bit frustrated. He turned around walked away annoyed seeing Mani advancing towards him. He murmured to himself
Raman: Damage is already done
Raman looked pointedly towards Ishitha and said
Raman : Wow, People started coming back even from death. Seems like hell is so overburdened.
Ishitha was on her feet as if to take a leave while Mrs. Bhalla hold her hand.
Raman: I wonder what Mrs. Abhimanyu Raghav doing in Bhalla house?
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman, You better hold your tongue.
Ishitha stared in disbelief and retorted
Ishitha: I am here to meet Mummyji. And you are mistaken. I am Ishitha Iyer
Raman: Staying with Mani since 7 years gave birth to his child and still you are not Mrs. Abhimanyu. So strange. Wonder why miracles happen only with Madirasis.
Ishitha: I don’t expect any good words from you and I am not bound to give any explanations to you. You are not changed at all. Still that same arrogant man.
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman mind your words. Once uttered words can’t be taken back.
Raman: Mummyji did you bothered to ask her what she is doing here after mercilessly forsaking all of us years ago. She didn’t even thought of Pihu. What was her fault that her so- called mother abandon her while she was just an infant. Now after all these years she is back winning everyone’s heart with her fake love and concern.
Ishitha: I don’t want anything from anyone. You still believe that it was my fault?
Simmi, Adi and Shagun entering Bhalla house were left shell shocked witnessing the entire fiasco
Ishitha felt devastated hearing such words from him

Mrs. Bhalla: Enough Raman. If I should ever reprimand someone then I should do that with you and not with her. You are the one who insulted her and force such a plight on her.
Raman: You are talking against your son who was with you all these years for a woman who stake her daughter whom she claimed to be her soul to die by the hands of a ruthless women. All these years while we were mourning for her death she was living a happy life with his dear Mani her husband /boy friend whoever he is I don’t mind. And now she is back claiming sympathy from one and all. If she is here to claim my daughter, then I am telling you I will never let even her shadow on her. You are not worth calling a mother.
Still those same allegations. Still that same hatred. How could he stoop so low? How could he hate her this much? It seemed to her like the entire world stood still around her and she is doomed to darkness. She struggled for words to defend herself. But the overpowering agony left her aghast, vulnerable in front of him. Mrs. Bhalla stared in horror while Raman quivers in anguish. Ishitha sensed Adi’s consoling arms around her.
Raman was taken aback by the sudden slap planted on his face while everyone in the family looked awe-struck thinking who in this world had the courage to slap Raven Kumar. Their confused eyes fell on the face of Shagun all reddened with anger. She made herself postured between an aghast Ishitha and furious Raman trembling in anger.

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  1. Awesome episode (y) Your story is too good. Just one request. Is it possible to unite Ishita with Mani or keeping her as a single mother? The way original YHM has developed, I have grown to hate Raman & don’t think he deserves someone like Ishita. So its an earnest request as a reader please don’t reunite Ishita with Raman.

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya niharika, original story in yhm was really frustating.
      Thank you for your valuable suggesion
      I thnk our friend purva is writing an ff reuniting mani nd ishitha
      So i am planning to bring some new twist
      Thank you for your comment. Do read and motivate

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      Ya akshatha, i was really sad seeing the way yhm story shaping up. Thats the reason for starting this ff.
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    1. Khushiarvind

      Ayu is a fictional character. In my ff he is ishitha nd ramans younger son. This character is not there in original yhm
      Thank you for your comment moni

  9. Khushiarvind

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