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Adi’s House

Ishitha rings door bell
Adi: Oh, It’s you. Mihika chitty told me you are back. But how come you come here. Any ways Come inside. My Ishima … I mean my demised mother taught me always respect guests. I still follow her every words.
Ishitha was speechless. She can feel the bitterness in his words. She stood there for a while and watched her son who is now a handsome youth. Even though he sounded sour his eyes still revealed that love he had for his Ishima. If it was not love he would never had reprimanded his father every single second all these years for the absence of his mother. All those beautiful memories of his childhood and the years she missed him reduced her to tears. She moved forward and embraced him with all the love encompassed deep in her heart.
Adi was surprised by this. But tears of his Ishimaa left him disarmed.
He made her sit and managed to get a glass of water.

Adi: I am sorry Ishimaa for hurting you like this. But you don’t know how much I missed you. You didn’t think of your son even once before taking such a harsh step. It’s true you love Ruhi more than me.
Ishitha: Don’t say that Adi. I love both of you more than my life. Thought better to take my life rather than living with the burden of losing my child.
Adi: You are hiding the truth Ishima. Still supporting Pappa. You still can’t say anything against him.
Ishitha was silenced for a moment. After a while she said
Ishitha: No Adi. He has nothing to do with it. My grief made me took such a haste decision even though it was in appropriate. I can’t ever forgive myself and cant never get back those years you spend without the warmth and love of your mother. Forgive me my son.
Adi wiped her tears and said

Adi: No need to say sorry Ishimaa. I can understand your pain. Living without Ruhi is not that easy. I realized it. But living without both of you was tougher. Let’s forget all bad memories. Not everyone is fortunate to get back their mother after losing her.
Ishitha: Adi, Feeling proud that my son grown up to be a matured and sensible boy. I came here to pacify you and take you to Bhalla house. Pack your stuffs. Childrens always look nice to be at home than away from home. So pack your stuffs we are going.
Adi: I am feeling hungry. Can you make something for me?
Ishitha: Now don’t change topic. Hatred ruins ourselves first than others. We will sort out everything. First come with me. I want you to meet someone. By that time I will make something for you.

Raman’s office

Raman going home accompanied by Mihir was startled by a car stopped right beside him. Ashok khanna get out of the car with a sarcastic grin on his face.
Mihir: Now for god sake what this devil wants to do here. I am sure he came for his very familiar business of putting ghee to burning fire.
Ashok: Wow Raman. I heard your dead wife Ishitha is back alive. You have a very bad fate Raman. Your wives never proved to be loyal to you always forsake you for better options. She is Mani’s wife now and heard that they have a kid too.
Raman: What Nonsense

Ashok: I really don’t know how a woman who could never become a mother gave birth to Mani’s child. Or it was like you never had any relation between you. Ishitha was so good and ideal wife. May be she couldn’t handle your arrogance.
Raman: Stop right now. Else I will show you how much arrogant I am
Ashok: But you might not be interested in her now. You have Shagun beside you. Where is that behenji Ishitha and gorgeous Shagun. No comparison at all.
Raman: Shut your blo*dy mouth you cheap- minded moron.

Raman in his anger held Ashok’s collar and before he beat him black and blue Mihir intervened and dragged Raman with him.
Raman broken down and cried his heart out inside his car. Mihir never witnessed him in such a crestfallen state.
Mihir: Bhai, Control yourself. Why you always fall prey to ashok’s words? He is trying to instigate you.

Raman: Mihir, What wrong I did in life. I always helped others. I lost my Ruhi and Ishitha she also left me. I am I that bad Mihir that all my loved ones abandon me in midway. How can Ishitha do this with me? All these years I cursed myself being responsible for her death while she was alive and living happily with Mani. Today I need my answers. What was left out in my love for her that she chose to be away from us and even from Pihu? I am not going to forgive her for leaving my daughter like this. After all she is her own blood.
Mihir: Bhai, What are you saying? You have lost your mind in anger. She never discriminated between her chidren. She too lost her daughter. Don’t be so biased bhai? You are not happy that she is alive?

Raman: Of course I am happy Mihir. But it did not justify her action to leave her infant daughter. It’s because of Shagun my daughter survived.
Mihir: I know Bhai. But we can’t change our destiny. Don’t let emotions over power you. This image doesn’t suit you. You are always good being the headstrong Raman Bhalla. Don’t hastily land to any misconceptions. I don’t want you to do the same mistake I did with Mihika. She married Ashok for safeguarding me. If ever I trusted her and pay heed to her words these long years of separation would never had happened between us.

Raman: Mihir I cannot see her with another person. It’s like stabbing me right through my heart. Leave it Mihir. It’s all over. Let’s face it. I’m Ok now. Let’s go home.
He lay back in his seat and closed his eyes tight against all those memories haunting him. Some sweet and some sour. He thought about the happily smiling face of Pihu- his daughter-his life. He felt relieved.


Amma: I really hope Ishu could convince Adi. Somebody should have gone with her. Don’t know how he will react seeing her.
Appa: Don’t worry Madhu. She is your daughter. She will sort out everything. Ishu is very adamant. At any cost she will fulfill her mission for which she is back. By the way where is Mani?
Amma: Ayu is very fond of chicken. So he went to buy it from outside.
Appa: What a miracle Madhu? You agreed with him to bring chicken in this house.
Amma: Anything for my kids. I am afraid Vishwa. I want to fulfill all their wishes so that they stay here happily along with us.
Appa: This time lord will not fail us. While entangling all these issues Ishu will finally found herself knotted here by her relations. She will not go back. It’s her nature. She always got easily swayed by emotions.

Ishitha enters along with Adi and Ayu runs to her and hugs her. Amma welcomes Adi.
Ishitha: Adi, Meet your brother Ayu. Ayu say hello to bhayya.
Adi looked at Isitha in bewilderment.
Ishitha: Yes Adi, He is your brother and the reason why I am alive today. After that unfortunate night I stopped myself from taking my life only to bring him to this world.
Ayu: So he is Amma’s favourite son….Aditya Bhayya. She always makes me jealous saying my adi my adi…
Adi: You naughty

He picked him and throws him up in the air to catch him while Ayu burst out in to a laugh merrily enjoying it. Adi hugged him tight and said looking at Ishitha
Adi: Ishi maa, I am not going to let you leave anywhere now.
Ishitha smiles with content seeing both her sons easily bonding with each other.

Sorry guys..Ishitha –Raman confrontation will happen in next episode. Sorry to keep you waiting.

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  1. Hey I am following your ff since starting. It’s really good. Raman character is also equally good portrayed. But I have doubt that how ayu is related to ishita and Mani ?

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