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Episode 2

Bhalla house
Mrs Bhalla was pacing through the hall impatiently with her eyes on the main door. She was constantly looking down to the lawn through her window or sometimes peeping through her half-opened entrance.
Simmi coming out of her room get amused seeing the entire scenario.
Simmi: Mummyji, your ex-bahu is not going to come here. Sit somewhere patiently else you will get an ache.
Mrs. Bhalla: How dare you say that Simmi? She is not my ex-bahu but still my bahu. And by the way I am waiting for the groceries I had ordered.
Simmi : Stop this Mummyji. All these 7 years she never care to even inform us she is alive while we were mourning like fools for her untimely demise and you are still siding with her.
Mrs Bhalla: Simmi, she is like a daughter for me and I know her very well. I admit that I am annoyed with her for staying away from me but she might have her own genuine reasons for that. She lost her life- her Ruhi. It’s not easy for her. If she is back after all these years I strongly believe something good is in store for us. I will never blame her without hearing what she had to say.
Simmi: Go on weaving your imaginary dreams Mummyji. She is not going to come here. I wonder which tornado will befall on us when if Bhai came to know about this. You know she was staying with Mani all these years.
Mrs. Bhalla: Come on Simmi, since when you started hating her. I don’t believe in cooked up stories. Until I heard it from her.
Simmi: Mummyji, I don’t hate her. No one can hate such a good soul. But after all these misfortunes I am afraid even rejoice whole heartedly.
Mrs. Bhalla: You know how much relieved I am hearing that she is alive. She was the only thread that kept my relations joined forever and once it was broken and lost, everything got scattered here and there. All these years I tried joining the loose ends and every time I found myself helpless and dolorous. Now I can see a feeble ray of hope.
She again gets back to her position resting her eyes on the entrance.
Ishitha was gently waking up rubbing her eyes. She passed her eyes through the room where she spend a considerable part of her life. Amma had kept all the memories intact. Suddenly she realized memories still hurts. She slowly stepped out of bed without waking up her son Aayu who was peacefully asleep beside her.
Raman Bhalla in his office after a business meeting
He is frantically searching for something and messing up all files and papers lying infront of him. He opened a drawer and paused for a while seeing a picture. He found himself staring in to the smiling faces of Ishitha and ruhi.
“Y things can’t always be perfect like in this picture”
His cabin door cracked open and he was forced to reality. Seeing Mihir at the door he hastly put down the picture and back to his normal avtar.

Mihir: “Good morning Bhai, How was your trip?”
Raman noticed that Mihir was not looking to his face as if he is hiding something.
Raman: What is the matter Mihir? You look terrible.
Mihir: Nothing Bhai. All well
Raman: Don’t try to fool me. I know you from that time since you were just a kid. Don’t try to hide anything. Speak up idiot. Did Mihika denied for marriage?
Mihir: Nothing like that. Don’t know what to say Bhai. I myself confused. Can’t say if it is a good news or a bad one.
Raman: Nothing more worse is left to happen in my life. Now I am used to all this mihir. No need for any riddles. Tell me what’s it all about?
Mihir: Bhai, The Australian Company we were dealing with belongs to Mani. I mean Abhimanyu Raghav.
Raman: I know Mani. I have not forgotten anything. (How far we try to escape past will always follow). And for your knowledge I know this already from Mr. Shetty. He talks very high about Mr & Mrs. Abhimanyu Raghav. Don’t know when he got married? Seems like he forgot all of us. I know this news will indeed be new for you. He is now a well established business man with so many companies overseas. It doesn’t matter. Well my concern is only business.
Mihir was in loss of words. At last he made up his mind
Mihir: Bhai, Ishitha bhabi is alive. I met her today with Mihika.
Raman: What? She….She is alive. Is she safe? But….Where were she all these years?
Raman was not in a state to believe his own ears. The memories of that fateful night came to his mind one by one moment by moment. All those harsh words uttered by him. Her cry was still ringing in his ears. Her pleadings when finally he mercilessly left her alone in that cliff….All those sleepless nights he spend cursing himself. He searched for a support and finally sink in to his chair in dismay.

Iyer House
Amma is making filter coffee while delightfully watching her family Bala, Vandu, Mihika and her husband having a good time in each others company.
Bala : Cant express how much I missed you Ishu. You are the one who always saved me from the clutches of your sister. Without you our life was like some barren land. Don’t want to bother you with unnecessary queries and interrogations. I know you will have your own reasons. You can take your time to open up your mind. Finally I am happy that my dear sister is back
Mihika: Ya ya Jiju. Till yesterday I were your sweet little sister and today as soon as you see her , you switch side.
They all burst out in to a loud laughter which ringed through the entire space while Vandu looked towards Ishitha concerned. Suddenly Madhu noticed something incongruous. She moved near the picture nailed in the wall and removed that garland from it.
Madhu: My daughter is safe and sound. Now this is not required anymore
She throw the faded garland in dustbin and proceeded towards her prayer room which remained closed to all these years. She let the doors of her mind swung open bursting out all her sorrows enclosed in it. She enlightened the diya and folded her hands before the same god whom she abandoned several years back.
Madhu: Thank you muruga, for making me fortunate to witness all these happy moments again in my life. Today it’s proved that you never forgot me even if I abandoned you.
Her faith is back along with the light of her life.

Precap: Raman was taken aback by the sudden slap planted on his face while everyone in the family looked astonished thinking who in this world had the courage to slap Raven Kumar.
Their confused eyes fell on the face of Shagun all reddened with anger. She made herself postured between an aghast Ishitha and furious Raman trembling in anger.

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