LOVE REBORN Episode 17


LOVE REBORN Episode 17

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Mani was sitting in the lawn absorbed in thoughts.
Mani (to himself): Am I pondering too much? I couldn’t forget that look in shagun’s eyes for Raman. It’s true that today we reached near the face if death. Is it out of tension or something else? Something is not right. That same emotion I had sensed in the eyes of Ishu all these years. Did shagun start loving Raman? No…. what nonsense I am thinking. She is no more that old shagun. But anything can happen in love. No I can’t let this happen. I will never ever let anyone snatch Ishu’s happiness. No one can come between Raman and Ishitha.

Aaliya whispered in low shuddered voice
Aaliya: Adi door is locked from outside
Adi: What? But how come?
Aaliya: I think Appa went outside. After that encounter with Ashok, Appa seems to be little upset.
Adi: What we will do now?
Aaliya: Shsh….Keep quiet someone is outside. Don’t make noise.
She heard footsteps of somebody passing through the corridor and the sound eventually become feebler and disappeared. Silence prevailed.
Aaliya: You have spare key right?
Adi: No… I don’t have that with me. It’s in Bhalla house only.
Aaliya: Then how come you get inside?
Adi smiled sheepishly and said
Adi: Shragu opened door for me.
Aaliya: Great! Congrtaz Aditya Bhalla you are finished. Patty will not spare you.
Adi: Come on Aliya do something.
Aaliya: ok stay here. Let me get the spare key from Patty’s room. Don’t make any noise for god sake. In between if Appa is back hide somewhere ok. What all strange things you will make me do Adi? Ok stay here. I’m coming.
After few minutes she came with key and opened the door for Adi.
Adi turned and looked back for a while she was still standing there with her eyes set on him…

Shagun rushed out and advanced towards the main gate in haste. Suddenly she was taken aback by someone holding her from behind. She turned back flabbergasted and found herself staring on to the confused face of Mani.
She forced a smile in her lips

Mani: Where are you going late night?
Shagun’s voice faltered out of tension and agony
Shagun: I… I have some work
Mani: What happened shagun? Tell me the truth. You look terribly upset.
Shagun buried her face in her arms and let out a sob
Mani: Why are you crying. Come sit here. Now tell me what happened. Are you worried about whatever happened with us these days? Or again any threats from Ashok? Tell me.
Shagun: I don’t know Mani. Even I am not sure about what is happening with me. I don’t want to be the old shagun. So I am going from here leaving everyone behind. Leaving my daughter behind.
She wept inconsolably carried over by her grief. Mani realized his doubts proved to be true. He felt his heart out to shagun…

Mani: (to himself) she is right in her place. She gave her 7 years to this house and her love to Pihu is unconditional. She deserves to be happy in her life. But not on the cost of Ishu’s life.
Mani: Do you think your daughter will live peacefully in your absence? She may appear to be happy but your absence will indeed haunt her for sure. For Pihu you are her mother who gave birth to her and took care of her all this while. Since her birth she is living with you in your warmth and care. It’s not easy for her to be away with her all of a sudden.
Shagun: I know Mani that it will hurt her and shatter her from within. It is indeed difficult for me to take such a decision. But I don’t want myself to be a pawn to my insecurities. I don’t want to be that old shagun whom everyone dislikes.

Mani: Shagun, you stand in the same place where I were a few months before. It was not easy for me to send Ayu to Raman. I nurtured him with all my love and affection. But still I send him to Raman because he is his real father. I found my happiness in his happiness. I had a choice to be selfish and keep him with me but I never did that. Because later on when he ever knows about it then he might start hating me for keeping him away from his Pappa and his family. I sacrificed for Ishu and Ayu’s happiness and I am happy with my decision. I saw smile in her face which I could never ever give her. Happiness is when we sacrifice for our loved ones and bring pleasure to their life rather than be selfish and blind folded in facing the truth.
Shagun: You are right Mani but we are mere mortals and not Gods. Our mindset is vulnerable to changes and I fear that change.
Mani keep a consoling hand on her shoulder and said
Mani: I know your dilemma.

Shagun looked at him surprised
Mani: Yes shagun, I know that you started liking Raman.
Shagun felt an embarrassment as he uttered that secret she kept enclosed in her heart
Mani: I realized it at that day we were struggling to save our life from Ashok’s clutches. In your dizzy state you were uttering Raman’s name continuously. I read your mind from that emotion I saw in your eyes on seeing Raman. I am not blaming you shagun. It’s normal that after spending such a long time this can happen in anyone’s life. After all once you were madly in love with each other. But one thing you should realize if Raman ever wanted you in his life he would have done that amid that 7 years of time. Truth is that he loves Ishitha and only Ishitha in this life.
Shagun: He never made such an advance towards me ever in these years. He always longed for Ishitha and mourned in the thought of losing her. As a dutiful friend he supported me and it was my mistake to misinterpret his feelings and start falling for him.

Mani: Shagun just be calm for a moment and recall whatever happened in your life. Both your past and your present. Then it will be easy for you to take your decision. Nobody in this world was much fond of that old shagun. Just have look where you are standing now. With a positive change everything turned out as positive in your life. Now you have a family your children and lot of people who are indebted to you for your selfless services towards them. They love you and respect you. Bhalla family who once hated you now loves you with every piece of their heart. You are now more than a sister for Ishitha, a good mother for Adi, Pihu and Ruhi, a trusted friend for Raman, a lovable daughter for Mrs. Bhalla. All this changes happened because of the positive attitude you brought to your life. Without that you would never had enjoyed all these pleasures.
Shagun: Yes Mani, Your every word is true. Today if I go from here like this then I am cheating myself and all my loved ones who trusts me and loves me.

Mani: Shagun, we have two options in life either to be good or to be bad. And our future enfolds as per how wisely we make this choice. These relations you gained with your goodness, Do you want to ruin this with your own hands or cherish it forever?
Shagun: Thank you Mani for your concern. I realize my mistake and I will never ever redo it. You rushed for my rescue from the clutches of Ashok and I didn’t even thank you properly. You are such a nice person. Ishitha is lucky to have a friend like you.

Mani: Anything for you. Don’t think my actions were out of any sympathy. I genuinely respect you like I respect Ishu. Since long time I know you. I have witnessed all the ups and downs of your life. The way you changed your life is indeed appreciable. And one more thing Shagun you are a self-dependant and strong women. A strong woman needs no one’s support in her life. She is complete and more than perfect in the way she is. She doesn’t depend on the world but people around her depend on her. She has an enormous power to create and destroy. Realize the power in you and utilize it wisely to bring happiness to the people around you. All your doubts and insecurities will be then washed away with the goodness of your deeds. And remember one thing whenever you feel the need of a shoulder of support I am here for you. From today you are as important to me in my life as Ishu. Now go and sleep peacefully.

Shagun held his arms and smiled at him gratefully.
Shagun: Thank you Mani for helping me to come out of my dilemma. You opened my eyes and I am feeling like I get rid of some burden from my mind. Thank you for your support. Please don’t let Ishitha or Raman aware about our conversation and about my folly. I understand my fault and will never repeat it. If Ishitha ever comes to know about it without thinking further she will leave her everything for me. I know her well. She will do it for certain. So I am requesting you don’t let her know about this. She is happy in her life with Raman and kids. I don’t want to be the reason for any misfortune in her life. I have my Pihu and I don’t need anything more.
Mani: Yes Shagun, I assure you that this will always remain between us. You have my word on that. Now return to your home before anyone finds you missing.
Shagun: Goodnight Mani. By the way I forgot to ask why you are here late night.
He let out a smile and said

Mani: May be because god himself wanted to refrain you from your hasty decision.
He winked at her and said
Shagun: Hmmm…God hinted you that Shagun running away from her house. Go and catch her.
They laughed together
He patted her shoulder and said
Mani: Now go. Wait I will come along with you.

Pihu was awake from her sleep with a jerk. She gently loosened Ayu’s arms holding hers and wipes the sweat off from her temples. She stepped out of her bed and walked towards Shagun’s room. She found Shagun peacefully sleeping in her bed. She curled beside her seeking the warmth of her mother’s love. Shagun was awakened by a cold touch and surprised seeing Pihu lying near to her. She held her close and asked
Shagun: What happened baby? You were sleeping with Ayu and Ruhi right?
Pihu: Shagun Mamma I had a bad dream that you were going somewhere leaving me.
She said with tears rolling down her beautiful face. Shagun held her close and kissed her forehead. She dried her tears and said
Shagun: Please don’t cry my baby. Mamma will never leave you. How can Mamma leave my Princess? Come sleep in my lap.

Shagun’s vision blinded with unshed tears and heart filled with boundless affection for her daughter while she made her lay on her lap and passed her fingers through her silky soft hair. She kissed her daughter while Pihu slumbered in her lap
Shagun sensed someone at the door and surprised seeing Ayu standing there rubbing his eyes.
Ayu: Shagun Aunty, did you see Pihu Didi? She was sleeping near me. Now I can’t find her anywhere.
Shagun: Come here Son. She is here only. Come sleep with us.
She made space for him near to Pihu and he cuddled up near to her. Shagun felt a serene emotion filling her heart watching them sleeping peacefully clinging to each other. She recalled her childhood golden memories with Mihir- her brother and the eternal bond they shared with each other strengthened with time.

Bhallas and Iyers gathered together on a hot discussion about the upcoming marriage ceremony of Mihir and Mihika. Ishitha sat near the table amused watching the fight of Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer. Raman came out of the room and casted a glance on Ishitha. He moved near to her after making sure nobody watching them he bend down as if to pick a fruit and in a swift movement kissed Ishitha on her cheeks leaving her baffled. Ishitha blushed and scanned the surroundings to check if their romance caught anyone’s eyes. She saw a teasing smile playing on the lips of Mrs. Bhalla. She gestured her to be silent, with eyes casted down and shyly covered her face with her palms out of her embarrassment. Through the corner of her eyes she saw Raman cleverly scooting from the scene leaving her defenseless.

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