LOVE REBORN Episode 15

LOVE REBORN Episode 15

Hi dear friends Akshata,Guru,vp,jaz,moni,Parichari,Ruksy,Rushi,Janani,Reshma,Ishaan,Adejoke,sowmy and Kumud thank you for your lovely comments…Hope all of you are doing good and enjoying life to the most. Here is my next episode for you..Please do read and enjoy….Apologize for being late.Thank you for waiting patiently…Sorry for any mistakes.

Two police man enters the room and Abhishek commands them to take Vinith along with them.
Abhishek: Ruhi, don’t worry Ishithaji is under sedation. She will wake up in less than a hour. Sorry for not disclosing this to you. He is Ashok’s assistant and he came here as per Ashok’s plan. But we intervened in between and caught him red handed. Ishitha is safe now. I didn’t want her to get panic by seeing all this that’s why she is under sedation. She already suffered a lot so it’s not right to give her stress.

Ruhi: Thank you Abhishek uncle for helping us. But where is Pappa?
Abhishek: He is out for some work. Once he is back you can take ishithaji back home.
Ruhi smiled with satisfaction
Abhishek: I am outside only. Don’t hesitate to call me in case of any emergency
Ruhi sat beside Ishitha eagerly waiting for her to be awake…


Raman along with the Police force reaches the go down and save Mani and Shagun. Raman got disappointed seeing Ashok escaped cleverly.
Raman: Shagun, Mani are you alright? Drink some water first.
Shagun was in a dizzy state out of terror and fatigue.
Mani: Raman, we should move fast and save Ishitha. His target is Ishitha and not Shagun. We need to save her without wasting time here. I wonder if it’s already late.
Raman: Don’t worry Mani. She is perfectly alright. Thanks to Abhishek for his brilliance and foresight. He will take care of everything. I need to reach hospital as early as possible so that Abhishek can set out in search of Ashok. You please take Shagun home. Both of you need rest. And please don’t let them get any hint about what happened today. Don’t want to give any tension to them. Ishitha might be discharged today itself. She will be safer at home.
Mani: Yes you are right Raman. After today’s incident me too have the same opinion. It’s better to get her discharged as early as possible. We will go home and wait for you. Take care of yourself and Ishu too.
Raman: Once Ashok is punished for his deeds we can sleep peacefully.


Preparations are going on in full swing to welcome Ishitha. Mrs. Bhalla along with Simmi had decorated the entire house. All Ishitha’s favorite cuisines were made. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer already had an argument about Ishitha’s stay. At last Amma gave up as per the request of Adi and Pihu. Ishitha insisted to stay with Ruhi in her room to revive all their old memories and compensate for their separation for long 7 years.
Ishitha stepped in to Bhalla house along with Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla did her Aarti and welcomed her. Ayu and Pihu rush to greet her and hugged her.
Ayu: Amma, I missed you so much…

He welcomed her with her favorite flowers. Adi take her to the room well arranged for her and made her sit in the bed.
Adi: Ishimaa, you will rest here. Complete rest. No roaming around. Else we will take good class.
Ishitha: ok Baba. Agreed.
Adi: We had recorded all your favorite programs and your music collection for you. So that you will not get bored.
Ishitha: I’m impressed. Thank you. I would love my kids company more than this.
Ruhi, Ayu and Pihu entered
Ruhi: That you will get for sure. Patty had send khichdi for you. It’s good for your health and fast recovery.
Ayu whispered to Ruhi and Pihu

Ayu: See, she will refuse and start making faces now
Ishitha made a grimaced expression and said
Ishitha: But I am not hungry now…
Ayu, Pihu and Ruhi burst out to a laugh
Ayu: I told you na Ruhi didi..
Ishitha: What happened?
Ruhi: Ayu just foretold us that you will refuse and show tantrums for having khichdi
Ishitha tweaked his ear lovingly

Adi: No one will trouble my Ishimaa
They shared a group hug while Ishitha smiled heart fully in the company of her children
Soon they were engrossed in their own world..
Aaliya enters with a charming smile on her face.. Ruhi, Pihu and Ayu throw a teasing glance at Adi which made him shy.. Ishitha looked towards them confused
Aaliya: Amma, seems like you forgot me after seeing your kids.. You know how much I missed you?
Ishitha: No dear. Me too missed you so much. You too are my child only. Come here let me give a huggy to you..
Adi smiled seeing them in an affectionately embracing each other. He thought in his mind
Adi: Don’t worry Once I will make you her Bahu, so that you can stay with her lifelong..
Aaliya blushed crimson glancing at Adi sensing his thoughts

Pihu’s room

Pihu and Ruhi enagaged in leisure-talk
Pihu: Ruhi di I never thought my fav star Ruhaan will one day revealed to be my own sister. It was my long time wish to meet Ruhaan. I want to be like you when I grow up.
Ruhi smiled and said
Ruhi: Of course Pihu. Everything is possible if you have an intense passion to do something. For me music was my life.
Pihu: I remember Pappa saying that you were living with that evil aunty. She is very cruel.
Ruhi: Yes she is indeed cruel. But I feel like everything happened for good. Because of her I become a star. I reached to that height where the children of my age dreamt to reach. So I am happy with my life. Now I got my family back. A cute little brother and sister too. What else I need in this life.

Pihu: Me too Ruhi didi.. I always wanted a sister who helps me in my homework.
Ruhi: Haha… that I will help you for sure. Come let’s have food first. Let me call Ayu too.
Ayu stealthily enters all drenched being careful, not to draw anyone’s attention
Ruhi: I caught you. So you were playing in rain outside. Look at you. Horrible. Come I will dry your hair. Else you might get a cold.
She made him sit near her and dried him with a towel. He smiled at her and kissed her on her cheeks and said
Ayu: I love you Ruhi Di. You are the shadow of our Amma. She too does the same with me.
Ruhi: I love you too dear naughty brother. Now go fast and change your clothes. I will get food for you and Pihu.

Ayu rushed to his room. Ruhi heard Ayu sneezing. She turned to Neelu and said
Ruhi: Neelu didi please get that vaporizer for Ayu. Ayu sit here and do steaming. Don’t fool me. I heard you sneezing. Pihu keep a watch on him while I serve food for both of you.
Pihu giggled and whispered to Ayu
Pihu: Ayu, you are caught. She is very smart.
Ayu nodded in acceptance.

Ishitha was sitting in her room all drawn to herself. She was interrupted by Raman’s presence beside her
Raman: How are you feeling now?
Ishitha: I am feeling better now. You did well by bringing me home. That hospital atmosphere was really suffocating for me.
Raman smiled and said
Raman: I know. But you are expected to take rest here. Else I will send you back to hospital.
Ishitha: Even Adi was saying the same thing. Is it raining outside?
She asked leaning forward to the direction of the window.

Raman: Yes, You want to sit near the window. Let me help you.
He helped her settle down comfortably in the sofa near the window pane. He leaned over her shoulder and placed a cushion to yield back support to her. Ishitha felt her heart beat faster in its socket feeling his hot breath in her shoulders. She felt a little embarrassed thinking if he can over hear the rhythm of her heart beat. Raman moved back and paused seeing his chain got stuck to her garment. He struggled to take it out while she looks on. They shared an eye lock. Ishitha felt herself drawing towards him. Raman felt to overt all his love but the strange invisible barrier between them refrained him from doing so. He didn’t want to take any move which will arouse a feeling of displease in her mind. He controlled his emotions, moved forward and kissed her forehead. Without a word he turned around to take a leave. Ishitha felt her heart overwhelmed with all her boundless love for him. She stretched her hand and held his arm and made him sit beside her. She cupped his face and made him look in to her eyes.
Ishitha: I am sorry for keeping you away from me.

Raman: It’s not your fault. But mine. I am suffering the outcome of my own actions.
Ishitha: It’s time to break the silence between us.
Raman: You still hate me?
Ishitha: I never hated you. But can’t withstand your resentment towards me.
Raman: I was always like this. Arrogant and insensible but mad in your love. But you stopped yourself from trying to interpret my feelings. Please don’t behave like this to me. I can’t withstand this anymore. You know I love you more than my life.

She saw his eyes welled up with tears. They were locked to a passionate embrace seeking the love they had been pushing aside for long time. He gently moved her hair aside and kissed her bare back. He felt her body stiffened against his. They sat there all engrossed in their own thoughts. The window pane shut with a thud showering the raindrops upon them. They laughed at the sudden interruption. Raman wiped off the droplets from her face and held her close while she rests her head against his chest listening to his heart beat and feeling the warmth of his love. A gentle breeze wafted the fresh earthy fragrance of sand to their nostrils. Together they reminisced all their golden memories- memories for a life time.

Ishitha: Raman it’s heavenly to see our kids happy and safe around us.
Raman: Thanks to you for that. You made it possible. I indeed did some good deeds in my previous birth that I got you as my life partner, But some sins too as god always steals the chance to live peacefully together. Next time while you plan to stake your life, pass that chance to me.
She shushed him by placing her fingers upon his lips and stared at him in annoyance
Ishitha: You will never get that chance as long as I am alive.
Raman: Ok. Don’t get angry now. Next time while you plan to go away take me along with you.
She smiled at him and said

Ishitha: So no intension to let me live peacefully.
Raman: No. Not in this lifetime and for the next 6 lives too.
She touched his nose lovingly and said
Ishitha: Raman, You are so clingy type.
Raman: No doubt I am. Only while you are around.

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  1. Kumud

    awwww so cute love the bond between the siblings

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    the whole episode was sweet and lovely

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  5. Nice story Khushiarvind!!!

    Nice family bond. Mani and Shagun are now save by Raman swifty but to be disappointed to missed Ashok escape.
    Ishu and Ruhi are safe under Abhishek observation.
    Bhalla family get happy that Ishu will be back to Bhalla house but oh god Mrs Iyer non-stopping argument with Mrs Bhalla. Children want Ishu stay with Bhalla house.
    Mrs Bhalla does aarti was so lovely and it seem like to protect her and welcoming her home.
    Children care for Ishu are lovely and Ayu know about Ishu behave and tell sisters. Ishu then made excuse that surprised girls and burst to laugh.
    Aylia enter Raman and Ishu room to see Ishu hugs all children (Adi, Ruhi, Pihu and Ayu) and forget about her. Aww, naughty kids (Ruhi, Pihu and Ayu) watching Adi shy face and Aylia smile face that confused Ishu. Aylia and Adi are slowly fall in love with each other. Ayu come home in drenching and get caught by Ruhi. Ayu get bit scared other people in Bhalla house to scold him but relived from Ruhi did not scold but give so much love like Ishita.
    Raman spend time with Ishu are so beautiful. Ishu had forgiven Raman for his mistake and will love her more. Ishu loves to play in rain but she need to recovered. Ayu is lide Raman and Ishu that loves to play and dance in the rain. Raman want his romance back with Ishu. Raman want Ishu to keep her promise that if Ishu want to leave so that she must take Raman along. because Raman loves for Ishu are much strongest than ever.

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  7. Very very nice part…I loved it…

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